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There is something refreshing about tea light candle holders. Its uniqueness can make you stare at it for a long period and yet not knowing why! These candles have become one of the primary aspects of interior designing and you will find it across many houses in your neighbourhoods. 

You can use these candles as per your convenience and the best part is it will make your interiors look great on all occasions. These candles are designed in such a way that it will hold small candles and will entice the mood of the surroundings. Whether you are planning for a romantic dinner or festive celebration, using these candles will certainly work wonders for you.

If you are looking for the same, Ellementry will assist you with beautiful tea light candle holders which are inexpensive and according to your décor needs. You will never have to worry about pricing while purchasing these types of candles because these are affordable with a lot of variety as per your mood and occasion. If you are confused about the different types of tea light holders, we will make things easier for you.

Different Types of Tea Light Candle Holders :

You will find different forms of tea light candle holders in different online portals and offline outlets. So, to make things clear, we will help you understand the different types of these candles which will make it easy for you to choose while making a purchase, take a look:

  • Glass Holder –You will find these holders the most attractive. These are designed with the use of mirrored, plain, or coloured glass. This type of holder brings out the magic of multiple effects while being lit. You will be able to relish the beautiful light through the mirror and enjoy the serene setting. At Ellementry you can find the same with a base made of black and white marble. 

  • Ceramic Holders- Different shaped and coloured ceramic holders are available online. These give a very royal and vintage vibe to your house. They can be used daily or at gatherings. They are sure to add a unique charm. You can always find these types of holders anywhere in the market. They are much available online and offline. If you are too worried about the quality, Ellementry will help you with it. With us, you will be able to avail these types of candles of different shapes, styles, and colours without any glitches with quality. 

  • Mirrored Holders – If you are a fan of dim light while having a romantic dinner, opting for mirrored tea light holders can just be perfect for you. This type of candle is specially designed to help you relish the beauty of minimal light. The light of the candle reflects because of the mirror glass and looks cool and fun. You will find these candles being used in restaurants. They play a huge role in making the atmosphere pleasant.

There are many other customized tea light candle holders in the form of printed holders, image print holders, and more. With Ellementry, you will be able to purchase these different types of candles matching with your dining linen, dinnerware, and even barware. These candles will never fail to entice your décor buds and give your spacing something new to relish. 

How To Select The Right Tea Light Holders?

With different types of light holders available, it certainly adds to the confusion. It becomes difficult to decide which type of Tea light holders will perfectly gel with your occasion. Choosing the right type of candles is important as it will certainly add a soft glow and warmth to your décor. These wax-filled beautiful holders are perfect to be used anywhere or any corner of your spacing but it needs to be matching with the surrounding. 

Ellementry has the exceptional selection of these tea light décor holders designed with the use of unique motifs and materials. To help you out, below mentioned are few of the ideas which will help you to make your decision while making the purchase, take a look:

  • Centrepiece: If you are looking for tea light holders that can make a perfect centrepiece to your dining or patio, then going for ceramic holders can just be a perfect choice. You will be able to get the ceramic holders matching to your cutlery, dinnerware, platters, and eventually gel perfectly with your décor. It will make the entire dining ambience fun and twinkling!
  • Date: If you are having a romantic date to celebrate your anniversary, well opting for glass tea light holders, can do justice to your occasion. Not only it will make the atmosphere even more soothing and loving but also entices the setting with its delicate appearance. You can also check the scented glass tea lights to add the aroma.
  • Celebration: Whatever be the occasion, your home décor is incomplete without the use of tea light holders. You can use the customized ones for these occasions. Yes, you can get the tea light holder designed according to the occasion like you can have a picture of the bride and groom on it or also have a unique festive design that gels with the entire interiors.
  • Interior décor: To use tea light holders, you do not have to wait for something special to happen. Yes, you can use it according to your tableware, barware, serve ware, linens, or even shelves. So, it becomes a perfect partner to your home décor and gives ambience something fun and quirky to look upon. 

In this way, you can choose tea light holders according to the occasion. Give your interiors something to flourish and glow!

Will Pricing Be A Reason To Worry?

As you have got your choices clear, you might be thinking it will cost you a lot. Well, the answer is no. You can always purchase from a wide spectrum of sensation tea light holders available at Ellementry at a very nominal range. These candles are good enough to make your table look occasion-ready and give your home a relaxing light matching with all the styles. 


Tea-light candles will help you get a warm vibe to your home which will make the entire ambience a lot more relaxing and fun. You'll always be able to purchase tea light candle holders from Ellementry designed according to your style and needs. So, give your special occasion a touch of glow by getting these beautiful tea light candle holders now!

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