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For any occasion or daily decor, the centre of attraction is table decor of the room which is surrounded by the guests and hosts. It’s been a tradition since ages to decorate the table with numerous decorative items and centrepieces. In the past, most of the decors were handmade and were from nature. But today there are different technologies available and they are creating various artifacts that make rooms elegant and beautiful. Here are some of the best ways to gain the attraction of guests and impress them. 

First, cover up the table with linen

The initial step in decorating a table is covering it up with some beautiful cloth that gives it an elegant look. Place some table cloth and above it place a runner that adds some different look to it. Napkins and placemats can be used for setting up the dining table for special dinners. Table cover, runners, placemats, and napkins from Ellementry can help you in decorating the table for special day.

Moving forward, let’s explore the kind of table centrepieces you can buy - 

Metal artifacts centrepiece

Tables need some special attractions and using metal pieces can bring everyone's eyes to it. Different metal shapes and decoratives can be used as table centrepieces and can be placed in patterns to give antique look to the table when the room setup is vintage. Antique napkin holders can be added from the collection of Ellementry to make a dining table a spot of attraction for guests.

Vintage centrepieces 

A family dinner is the best time to set up the table with the old family heritage and heirlooms as table centrepieces. The vintage look can be given to the table with the clock pieces from the grandparent's room. Old wooden artifacts and decors can help in decorating the centre table to give it a vintage look.

Wood slice table centrepiece for natural aura

If the dinner needs a natural beauty, place a wooden log slice with flowers and metal artifacts. These slices can also be arranged as platters. This table decor is the best approach for giving traditional and natural essence to the room.

Petal garland as a table centrepiece

During weddings and big family dinners, it is difficult to add multiple table centrepieces as table decor. So here is the idea for decorating long tables with nature's supplies. Decorate the table with petal and flower garlands. In any event, flowers are the most important decoratives that show the love of people towards nature and when they are put on the table as a table centrepiece, they give a refreshing look.

Wild flowers as a token of nature

In the old days when people decide to have outings, they had dinner parties in the woods. Outings in the woods and forests are for those who have a special love for nature. But today artificial and decorating flowers are used table centrepieces to give table decor a natural touch. While some wild flowers can be placed on the table and make the table look like traditional wood or forest parties. 

Light up the table with candles

Setting up a table for a romantic night? Light it up with beautiful candles and t-lights. Candle lights add shimmer to the night and make moments full of love. Different types of candles can be used as a table centrepiece for decorating the table. Wax bowls and t-light holders from Ellementry can help in adding a shimmering touch to your romantic evening. 

Wooden cutlery holder as a table centrepiece

Cutleries are considered as an element of dining set but their holder can be the best centrepiece for decorating the dining tables. Every kitchen had a number of cutlery sets but some are special like the old silver set from your mother's kitchen or wooden cutlery holder. They can be used as table decor. Ellementry offers a wide range of cutlery products that act as a table centrepiece for the dining table to impress your guests. 

Replace flowers with potted plants

Flowers are traditional but to decorate a table with trendy look, replace the flowers with pots with indoor bonsai and succulents as a table centrepiece. These are not colourful but are best for the dining tables as they do not occupy a large space like flowers. They do not block the view of the guests across the table. Green indoors serves best for houses with less space for a garden. 

Lamps to light up each corner of the room

On the corner table of a room, different candles and t-light holders can be placed which act as the centrepiece and light up each corner of the room. Lamps of different shapes can be placed on the tables as table centrepiece from the collection of Ellementry. 

Eco-friendly papier mache box 

Made from old newspapers, a papier-mache box can work as a centrepiece to impress your guests. It will fill anyone with curiosity as this art form goes back to centuries. This is both eco-friendly and sustainable. You can either just keep it empty or fill it with candies or mouth fresheners. You can check out a lightweight papier mache box on Ellementry at a very reasonable price. You can also use these boxes on other tables of your house such as a dressing table or side tables. 

Some DIY centrepieces for guests’ attraction

It is not feasible to buy expensive table centrepieces every time. So use some items from inside the house as unique table centrepieces to decorate the table. 


  • Mason Jars with colourful fillings

If empty mason jars are simply using space in the cupboards then they can act as a beautiful table centrepiece for the centre table and dining table both. Add some fillings like colourful pebbles, thermocol balls, and sparkling confetti. Mason jar can be decorated with threads and used as a table centrepiece. Candles in the mason jar can be a beautiful centrepiece for the candlelight dinner to create a romantic environment.


  • Old containers for flowers

Some boxes and containers are always placed aside by us as they have minimal use. Use these containers and boxes as a table centrepiece and put flowers for guests or candies and nuts for kids in them. They serve multiple purposes. Ellementry has a collection of boxes that can be used as table centrepieces.


  • Wine bottles with LED to light up romantic dinner

Old wine bottles can serve the purpose of a beautiful table centrepiece. Both empty and filled wine bottles can lit up the romantic dinner in many ways as they are best table decors. Fill the empty wine bottle with LED lights and place them as a centrepiece of the table to give your room and dinner table a flickering view. Paint the wine bottles with glass paint and place them on the corners of the table as decor.


  • Old perfume bottle vases


Decorating a table with flower vases is a traditional way but add some twist to it and attract your guests. Instead of using traditional large vases, old empty perfume bottles can be used for decorating the table as flower vases. This is a way of minimizing waste and making the best use of these empty bottles. 

So these were a few centrepieces that can add charm to your table and impress your guests. You can decide if you want to go with DIY methods or want to buy fancy centrepieces form the market. On Ellementry, we have ways to help you with both. Check out table decor products to know more.

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