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With DIY centrepieces ideas, you can enhance the look of your table with minimum cost and time. You can use almost anything! From a plant from your garden to the books in your house. All that matters is the colour combination and how things get organized. If you think you like creativity and you want to attract your guests then these are the ideas for you.

1)Baskets: Well, you may find this ordinary but you can make an attractive table centrepiece. There is a variety of baskets available in the market from wooden basket to a metal one. The first step is to choose your basket. You can check out our metal baskets at Ellementry website. Always choose your basket in relation to the colour of your table and the things you are going to put in it. Add a ribbon or fresh flowers on the edges or handle of the basket. There are varieties of things you can add to your basket:

  1. Fruits: Try to be innovative and use just one or two kinds of fruits for fruits basket.  For example just strawberries in a white basket. The Red and white colour looks great together and gives a fresh feel. You can also use a variety of fruits but they should be placed correctly. Make sure to decorate the basket well. 

  1. Eggs: Hand-painted eggs look great. You can simply paint them or make designs of your choice. Such baskets are used especially around Easter time. All you need to do is take a wooden basket of your choice. Add a colourful cloth to it. Add some fillers (Optional). Put some hand-painted eggs in it. It will look wonderful table centrepiece. 


  • Flowers: Flowers are something that never goes wrong whether they are artificial or original. Original definitely look better but these days we get artificial flowers in the market that look so original. You can try any of them. Use different colours of flowers or flowers of your choice. You can also experiment with different flowers as per your mood. 

2) Candles: Gone are those days when candles were just for cakes. The range of candles available these days in the market makes them one of the best DIY centrepieces ideas for decorating the table. 


  • Candlesticks: The Best DIY centrepieces ideas to decorate as a table centrepiece is put the candlesticks in the candlesticks stand. Candlesticks stand looks beautiful with antique furniture. You can also try innovative ideas with candlesticks. For example, take a colourful quarter plate of your choice available in your kitchen. Stick four candlesticks of a contrasting colour on it. Add some artificial flowers in and around the plate as shown in the picture below.  


  • Candle Jars: This DIY centrepiece idea is all about the arrangement of Jars. Candle jars can be arranged in multiple ways for table centrepieces. One way is the arrangement of similar jars in a straight line on a wooden tray. You can also use various colours of these jars. On Ellementry, you can buy some great looking jars for the minimal price range. 


  • Tea Lights on Inverted wine glass: A very simple DIY centrepiece idea for house parties and more. Invert the wine glasses and cage fresh flowers without stem preferable a rose under the glass. Put a tea light on the top. You can also use any small candle but its diameter should not be greater than the wine glass base. This way you can create a table centrepiece by simply utilizing the wine glasses at home. 


  • Cage the candles: Cage the candlesticks or other candles available with you. They can be caged in multiple ways. You can use the candle holders, any antique pieces, small empty jars, lanterns, etc. You can check out some lanterns pieces on Ellementry’s website. These look beautiful on a dressing table. 

3). Plants: How about having greenery as a centrepiece? Plants as table centrepieces not only looks good but also helps generate some fresh air in the house. You just need to use them creatively. For example, putting a plant in an old kettle. You can also make plants platter. Take a round piece of marble or a round tray. Add two different kinds of plant pots to it like cactus and a flowering plant. Then add a decorated candle. You can also add more things such as pebbles, marbles, etc. 

4) Balloons: Balloons can also be used as table centrepieces. Make a bunch of balloons of your choice and tie them with a bunch of books and let them float in the air. It’s a perfect table decor for a birthday party. It is one of the best DIY centrepiece ideas. There are some other ways too. Like Fill up the small water balloons with air and put them in a tall glass jar. Place the jar as a table centrepiece. It will look colourful and lovely. 

5) Candy Jar: Candy Jar is another wonderful and attractive centrepiece for the decoration of a table. After all who can ignore the colourful candies. You can keep multiple huge size jars and can decorate their top with flowers or toys at home. For example, stick a small hot wheels car at the top of the jar. It will act as a holder to open the jar. You can fill the candies of your choice. If you don’t want to make it look colourful, you can add toffees of the same flavour and colour. 

6) Wine Bottles:  New and used, both kinds of wine bottles can be used as table centrepieces. New bottles always look good with some designer wine glasses. You can also decorate them by putting them in a metal bucket or placing them on a wooden tray. Used bottles can be decorated in many ways. Like they can be covered with jute rope by sticking the jute rope all around it or you can simply paint them. These go perfectly with a study table or dressing table. 

These are some of the innovative DIY centrepiece ideas. We hope you will try them and make decorate your table. Happy decoration! You can visit Ellementry for buying some of the items that can help you make better DIY items.

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