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A wine cooler is an essential storage unit for your bar due to the numerous benefits it provides concerning your wine. However, there are many mistakes you could make right from installation to cleaning and, many more. Let us examine the common mistakes you could do while buying a wine cooler. It is important to avoid these mistakes to have a well- built cooling system.


  • Buying a Wine Cooler that does not Lock


Wine cooler with a lock is required to keep the chiller less reachable for kids to preserve the wines in proper temperature. If you make the mistake of buying a non-locking unit, then there are chances to suffer from wine spillage and, anyone accessing your wine cooler anytime to withdraw drinks that makes the system a big mess. A locked wine cooler comes in handy for the guests who want to preserve the wines for a long time.


  • Buying a Wine Cooler of Small Size


A smaller cooler may be compact but, always go for a larger unit if you are looking for storage of 20 wine bottles. A large wine cooler would be spacious enough to store many bottles also, preventing them from any kind of collision or damage. For a bulk number of wine units for your upcoming party, don't make the mistake of buying a smaller system just because they are cheaper. Always buy advanced wine coolers to help function desirably according to the needs of the main cooling unit.


  • Flipping the Wine Chiller Upside Down 


This can be a major mistake one can make leading to the malfunctioning of the wine cooler. Avoid flipping it upside down in case of craziness as this can affect the performance of the cooling system. Don't tilt the system after transportation to move it inside your house. Take help from someone if you are relocating your wine cooler to a new place or buy the coolers that come with free delivery at a home step along, with installation services to avoid any potential risks to the wine cooler.


  • Unnecessary Exposure to Excessive Heat


Wine chillers are sensitive to the sun and, so are the wines. Direct rays from the sun can damage the wines by altering their natural taste. Excessive sunlight can also damage the cooling unit's exterior coating. Also, more the chiller is exposed to sunlight there are chances for temperature dropping that results in more power consumption. 

This may be even led to the verge of suspending the cooler from functioning normally. To overcome this problem, get your wine installed in a dark place with minimal sunlight or no sunlight for the productive functioning of the coolers. If sunlight is inevitable in your place, then look for a wine cooler with UV-resistant door so that your system does not suffer a breakthrough due to the sun exposure.


  • Installing the Wine Chiller Close to the Wall


All types of wine chillers need to have a considerable distance away from the wall. Wine chillers do generate some amount of heat and, this warm air needs a space to disband since the main aim of having a wine chiller is to chill your wine bottles. Wine coolers come with inbuilt vents and, the major mistake you can end up making is to install your wine chiller against any wall that slows the cooling operation of the system. This makes the cooling system to work harder and, consume more power ultimately. At the same time, the cooler starts to overheat altering the temperature inside the fridge and, even lead to the cessation of the wine cooler operation. So, give the cooler a 5inch space in the back and, between any adjacent walls and avoid keeping it in any closed setup.


  • Frequently Opening and Closing the Door


Wine coolers are precarious to temperature changes and, frequent opening and shutting down of the system can lead to this problem.  Apart from the risk of your wine bottles to get damaged, the wine chiller must perform harder to maintain the hot or cold air you let in. Letting warm air into the cooler leads to condensation problems which is a thick layer of fog inside the cooler. 

Another mistake you can make is keeping the doors of the wine coolers open. If you fail to close the door tightly after drawing the wine bottle, then the wine cooler won't be vacuum shielded and, it becomes difficult to give the cold air. Then you may end up at the risk of owning a wine chiller that is consuming more power and, failing to keep your wines chill.


  • Setting the Wrong Temperature


Different types of wine require different temperatures. If you desire to render a cool and taste, then you need to set your cooler to the temperature that is suited for the wine. Many wine coolers have a calibration setting within it so you can adjust the temperature accordingly. 

The main factor to consider before calibrating the temperature is to consider the humidity outside. Based on that, you can set the cooler thermostat lower. Adjusting the temperature for specific wines is easier with dual-zone wine coolers because they come with two separate cooling areas with independent temperature controls. If you want to store two different types of wines, then avoid making the mistake of buying a single zone wine chiller.


  • Missing to Clean and Maintaining your Wine Chiller


Cleaning is mandatory for the effective functioning of any system. You need to wipe in and out of the wine cooler to keep it performing without any complaints. The first mistake can be missing to clean the chiller as soon as you purchase it. Cleaning the internal surface of the cooler with a soft cloth and lukewarm water ensures that nothing affects your wine quality. 

Make sure to clean the condenser every six months to eliminate any kind of dust in the system. Avoid using harmful detergents for cleaning the external surface of the chiller as it can destroy the lustrous finish on your chiller. Also, avoid making use of ignitable liquids to clean the chiller as it may be hazardous to the system and, you as well.


Above listed are the basic mistakes anyone can make in buying and maintaining a wine cooler. Be proactive in preserving your wine cooler from damage and, service it regularly to appreciate the efficient operation of the system.

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