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You are born with the genes of a baker and hence, it is not surprising that baking is your favourite pastime. However, recently, your family tasked you with baking and decorating their tables for a grand upcoming soiree. 

Now, this can be a bit of a chore. While you have the prerequisite skills of a baker, you do not really know all there is to about presentation. But, do not worry about that! We might have just the thing to aid you out. 

Today, we bring to you a plethora of cake décor stand ideas you can use with a cake stand. However, for that, you need to invest in a good-looking cake stand from any reputed online store.  

(Note: It does not always have to be food on the stand.) 

Anyway, keeping that aside, let’s start this blog! 

Cake Décor Ideas for Kitty Parties and Soirees 

  • Bring the Garden to Your Tables 

A good and creative idea with your cake stands includes decorating it with flowers and fruits. For this, you can buy a two-tier cake stand made of wood. Now, once you buy your coveted cake stand, you can try this design idea. 

Take some floral flowerpots (small size) and line these up along the base layer of the cake stand. This will give the cake stand an outdoor vibe, which will make the stand look fresh. You can use petunia, roses, mint or even lemon plants to add some floral scent.  

Now, on the topmost podium of the cake stand, you can place some minty tarts, or even citrus fruits to make the cake stand look gorgeous. This is unique, and a creative way to make use of your cake stand. 

  • Jar ‘em’ up! 

Who said cake stands are solely for sweets and savouries? If you are willing to get creative, you can do a lot with your cake stands. Right now, we have the perfect idea for you! 

When in parties or soirees, often people love the use of aromatic candles. These aromatic candles are ideal for setting the mood and relaxing the mind. Hence, you can present your aromatic candles in your cake stand. 

For this, you will need aromatic candles made of rose, lavender or sandalwood along with a few jars. Take the candles and follow all required safety precautions before putting these inside the jar.  

Once inside light up the candles and keep these jars artfully on your cake stand. For this décor, it is best if you invest in a mango wood cake stand. You can get this variety from home décor websites online. For example, Ellementry! 

  • Crockery Works Too! 

Crockery is another thing you can keep in your cake stands. This will make the cake stand look picturesque while making your table look stylish. Simply invest in marble or wooden two-tier cake stand and you can use this idea. 

Take a few glass jars filled with condiments and place these strategically on the top layer of your cake stand. Next, in the second layer, add a few bowls, with spices, and a cup that holds the necessary forks, knives and spoons. 

Once you arrange these, the set up will look classy and feel grand. You can place this cake stand, as a stylish centrepiece in your table, which is also very functional. 

  • Layer Up with Muffins and Tarts 

Okay, let us not completely disregard food and eatables! The whole purpose of cake stands is to flaunt and feature yummy bites. Therefore, if you have a one-tier or two-tier cake stand, you can use this to decorate your delectable muffins and tarts. 

For two-tier cake stands, use the upper layer to place some eye-catching muffins. You can add strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, blueberry and other flavoured muffins to make the presentation look spectacular. In the lower stand, add lemon tarts or chicken pie tarts to make the cake stand look colourful. 

For this presentation, you can use a two-tier mango wood cake stand. However, if you are using a single-layered cake stand, you can either bake a cake and use it, or you can layer it up with muffins and tarts in an artistic way. 

Either way, ensure to buy a good-looking cake stand for this purpose. To check out the ones mentioned above, you can visit websites like Ellementry. 

  • Go Christmassy! 

If you are throwing your soiree in and around Christmas, then this décor idea is perfect for your cake stand. For this idea, you will need a two-three tier cake stand and some Christmas decorations. 

You can use, fir leaves, candles, colourful Christmas balls for a cost-effective yet minimalistic design. Take the fir leaves and place these carefully on both the layers of the cake stand. Now, take the lighted candles and place these on top of the fir leaves.  

However, if you are concerned about safety, you can use led bulb candles for safety. After this, take two to three coloured balls and place these atop one another to form a triangle. You can place these balls along the edges of the cake stand. 

The result will be spectacular and gorgeous, and you will instantly impress your guests with your unique creativity. 

  • Floral Jars 

For the floral jar decoration, you can easily use a one-tier cake stand to finish this one. Therefore, you can take an Aurora cake stand and use this for your décor ideas. This one requires glass jars and some nice artificial flowers. 

You can take the glass jar and attach the flowers carefully inside the jar. Next, place the jars atop the cake stand and use ribbons and flower balls to decorate the base. 

  • Savoury Delights 

Last but not the least, savoury delights are another good option for decorating cake stands. You can make chicken pie tarts, vegan cupcakes, veggie delights, pork chops and more for your savoury snacks. 

Now, depending on the size for your cake stand, decorate it accordingly with your delectable tasty savouries. You can place the tarts and poppers on the bottom while adding the condiments section on the top layer of the cake stand. 

Now, depending on your requirements ensure to buy the right cake stand for your occasion, you can go for any kind of cake stand, be it one-tier or two-tier ones. Just make sure to buy these cake stands from reputed online sources. You can order ones from Ellementry for good quality cake stands. 

Well, there you go! These 7 ideas are perfect for decorating your cake stand during a soiree. So, why don’t you try these out! You can even invest in your creative ideas and decorate the cake stand by self-improvisation. Happy Hosting!

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