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There isn’t anyone in the world who says no to cheese! In fact, there is a saying popular among millennials that there can honestly never be too much cheese. Thus, this year, if you are planning to throw an epic thanksgiving dinner, it's time to learn some cheesy treats for your guests. 

What’s more? You can serve these delectable cheesy dishes in a cheeseboard too! So, without wasting more time, let’s get started on the ultimate cheese platter, that does justice to Thanksgiving dinner. 

Beginning with: 

  1. Fried Chicken and Waffle Sandwich 

The fried chicken waffle grilled sandwich is a real winner when it comes to a cheeseboard platter. This one packs a succulent filling on the inside filled with creamy cheese and soft chicken bits. Packing a flavour of a buttery and spicy mix, this one has tons of creamy chicken nuggets and soft cheese encrusted in nutty flavoured bread. 

To make this item, you need to stock up on some chicken nuggets, frozen waffles and cheese. Once you do, find the recipe online and follow the simple procedure to make this dish. Once done, cut it into bite-sized pieces and serve it in your cheeseboard. 

The wooden texture of the cheeseboard coupled with these fired waffles will give off a delectable aura, that no one can resist. 


  • Apple and Cheddar Stuffed Pork Chops  


Almost every Thanksgiving dinner begets a good pork chop. These chops are succulent, delectable and oh very delicious. The item for today is apple cheddar stuffed pork chops. To make this irresistible delicacy, you need breadcrumbs, diced apple, raisins, cheddar cheese, pork chops and apple juice. 

The flavouring is sweet, savoury and very delectable. The procedure involves baking the pork chops and mixing all the ingredients to create a succulent filling for the pork chops. Now, open the pork chops and put the filling inside and bake for 45 minutes. 

Once done, the aroma of sweet-smelling delectable stuffed pork will fill your nostrils. You can take these and place these chops on your cheese board and serve to your guests with condiments. 


  • Turkey Cranberry Brie Sandwich 


If you want to cook something less maintenance, then this turkey cranberry brie sandwich is a big-time winner. This one is very easy to make. 

To make this, you will need smooth brie cheese, turnkey and cranberry sauce. Start the dish by taking a large baguette and stuffing it inside with cranberry and cooked turkey meat. Next, follow the recipe online and bake it to give the baguette a soft crunchy feel. Once done, cut this baguette into 10 small pieces and then put a party skewer on each of these pieces. 

Now, place these small pieces of baguette on your cheeseboard and serve it with some delicious veggie dips for extra flavouring. 


  • Cheddar, Ham and Pasta Bake 


Cheddar cheese pasta and ham is all-time comfort food, especially for Thanksgiving! Now, if you are to make this scrumptious dish, you need to stock up on some mushrooms, beer-based cheese sauce, breadcrumbs, ham, flour, butter and food mix. 

The entire dish involves mixing all the ingredients to form a dough. Then baking this dough for 45 minutes will result in a succulent mouth-watering cheesy pasta, that will soothe any food lover’s heart. 

What's more? The flavouring of this dish is buttery, cheesy and very creamy. So, forget about those pounds, because you only live once. Once done, present this baked dish in your cheeseboard and enjoy a fulfilling and delectable meal. 


  • Blue-Cheese Walnut Steak 


Ahoy, there meat lovers! For this delectable and utterly scrumptious dish, you will need sirloin steaks, small rib-eye steaks or filet mignons. Once you have these, pat the meat dry and coat these with rosemary and garlic sauce with salt mixture.  

Next, mix some blue cheese, walnut, rosemary and parsley and make a paste. Following that use your choice of meat and cook it as you like. Make sure to add an ample amount of blue cheese and the mixture on the top. 

Once done, cook for 25 minutes and soon your perfect steak is ready to be served. For best results, put this dish in your cheeseboard and serve. 

Most importantly, make sure to add some mashed potatoes with a tarragon dressing and some fiery greens for optimal garnish. 


  • Baked Beefy Nachos  


 For starting the grand thanksgiving dinner, you can serve crisp and crunchy baked beefy nachos. For this grand dish, you will need delectable pub-styled nachos, along with veggie toppings like onions, cucumbers, potatoes and peppers.  

Additionally, you will need refined beans, cheddar cheese, tortilla chips, beef sauce, salt and pepper for the perfect garnish.  

The entire dish will take you around 20 minutes to make and to prepare this, you need to mix all the ingredients together and bake for 20 minutes. Once you bake, the cheese will melt on the top and the sauces will saturate to radiate a crisp and delectable feel. 

Serve this as you wish on your cheeseboard with some cherry tomatoes and herbs for garnishing! On that note, ensure to invest in some good-looking cheeseboards to make you dish stand out. You can buy these cheeseboards online from any reputed home décor websites. For instance, Ellementry! 


  • Scrambled Eggs With Queso Fresco 


Do you want to enjoy the best thanksgiving breakfast? If you do, then you are in for a treat! This yummy scrambled eggs with queso fresco are something no gastronome can ignore.  

To make this dish, you will need an assortment of spices, scrambled eggs, along with Queso fresco, which is a soft-tasting, utterly fresh cheese that adds a crunchy flavour, creaminess and softness to eggs.  

Mix the spices and the Quesco fresco to the cheese and add the scrambled eggs to it. Now, lightly cook this over some olive oil to enhance the texture and flavouring. Once you do, take your cheeseboard and place a healthy amount of scrambled queso fresco on it. Add some thyme, parsley and sever it warm! 


  • Cheesecake! 


No cheese recipe would ever be complete without cheesecake. To make this delicious dish, all you need is milk, buttery graham cracker crust, flour, cream cheese, sugar, baking powder and a pinch of salt. 

Follow, the easy online recipe and mix all the ingredients together to create a dough. Take this dough and make it in a microwave for the mentioned time. Once, done, you will be greeted with a fluffy and delicious cheesecake. 

Now, serve this cheesecake with a dollop of cranberry or strawberry jam! Also, do not forget to buy a wooden platter or two for serving this piece of heaven. 

For information on platters or cheeseboards, you can check out several online websites. However, for the best collection, websites like Ellementry are quite well known!

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