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Some things require extra attention and care. Unanimously at least once in our lifetime, we must have experienced the disheartening feeling of losing a precious hard-earned treasure because of its delicateness. Glasswares are part and parcel of our kitchen, establishing a paramount place in our kitchen as they serve multiple purposes. The aesthetic beauty offered by them demands VIP treatment and the task to preserve these perishable antique pieces for the future generation is quite challenging. These fragile pieces can be protected if we follow some tips and tricks for storing glassware. Here are some tips offered by Ellementry.

Tip  no .1 Segregation of storing glassware to avoid overcrowding 

Segregating the most used and occasionally used glassware for storage. Occasionally used glassware should be kept at a different place as they are the least used and can overcrowd the place. Overcrowding can result in hitting and creating pressure on the most delicate parts of the storing glassware, which can cause cracks and breaks in the glassware. This not only saves space, but we can protect our dearest and most expensive treasure by storing glassware in a safe, isolated place. A simple rule of thumb is to never give the glassware a chance to fight.

Tip no.2 Storing glassware within arm’s reach.

Glasswares that are part of a routinely occupied kitchen or occasionally used glassware in the cupboard should be placed at the middle shelves. If storage is at the top shelves and not within arm’s reach, then there is a risk of falling and breaking while tip-toeing on picking it. This ensures that it is minimalist used when only required. This also ensures that children have limited access to the storage area; hence they can’t change the storage conditions of the storing glassware checkmated by you.

Tip no. 3 Maintain space of at least 1.3 cm between two glassware 

The thinnest glassware such as wine glasses with the rims and stem requires baby care and attention. It's very crucial to maintain adequate spaces and gaps( at least 1.3cm) between them so that there is no chance of hitting and creating pressure on such parts when storing or accessing this glassware. The risk should be understood and implemented in such cases. If you live in an earthquake-prone area, then consider winding grip-textured mats on the cabinet shelves and clasping the storage arena to the wall. 

Tip no .4 Paying attention to storage temperature when storing glassware

Scientifically some glasses are temperature sensitive and can lose colours or even break, and this should be kept in mind when selecting storage for storing glassware. So if you don’t want your treasure to break or change its colour, make sure to check the storage instructions on its label. It should also be noted that glassware can crack if the environment is too hot, cold or humid. So the temperature of the storage should be kept consistent when storing glassware. Opting the cabinets with glass doors for displaying antique objects eliminates the risks. A simple rule of storing the antique glassware on level shelves away from the UV and sunlight can help retain the originality of the dearest hard-earned antique treasures.

Tip  no.5 Extra protection and care with specialized packing material for storing glassware for a long term

Humorously this trick is for the moms who consider storing glassware for their daughter’s endowment as their responsibility. Original packaging, along with the bubble wraps works best for storing glassware for ages and moms now can invest in the adage “old is gold”, with any worry. Other options are cardboard dividers. It is equally important to fill vacant spaces in the box with foam popcorns once the glassware is stored inside the cardboard box to ensure that the storing glassware does not move from the storage. Foam popcorns are the cushioning or supporting materials used to prevent damage to perishable objects and are priced from Rs 500 to Rs 3000. They offer trouble-free storage for ages. Make it a practice to place plates and bowls sideways in the box as edges are stronger than the centre. Wine glasses should be placed upright as the rim is weaker.

Tip no. 6 Labeling and minimizing stacks in case of storing glassware.

It might be a common practice to save space but should be given a left swipe at least for non-occasional regular days. Storing glassware sideways should be a common practice as it is the safest way to minimize pressure at the delicate areas like the centre of the plate. On special occasions, when most guests are expected, it is preferred to cushion the bottom plates by using paper padding. This can be done by evenly cutting the paper plates and inserting them between the two plates. This prevents scratching of the bottom plate due to the pressure from the top plate. Remember to keep the stacks low to minimize pressure on the bottom-most glassware. Quilted bags can be used to store some glasswares, but it hides the beautiful display. Personally storing glassware sideways displays the beautiful treasures at its best. Labelling the contents in the boxes and a big no to stacking for storing glassware for the long term is a rule of thumb to be practised that can definitely protect your dearest pieces in the boxes from cracking and can save your antiques for ages. So if you plan to stack packed heavy boxes over one another to save the space, then the idea should be dropped as it can lead to unnoticed cracking of the stored glassware at the bottom-most. Proper labelling, as well as tagging with fragile-tag on the top of the boxes, helps to save your treasure.

Tip no.7 Considering earthquake-proof storing of glassware

The risk should be understood and implemented in such cases. If you live in an earthquake-prone area, then consider winding grip-textured mats on the cabinet shelves and clasping the storage arena to the wall. 

Why shop from Ellementry?

To extract the best from the glassware it is equally important to shop it from a trusted brand to ensure that the best quality is offered. Ellementry is one such brand to rely on for high-quality quotient guaranteeing the quality of the product. They are experts in making glassware, and they believe in what looks good, does good, and what does good, looks good. Its roots are based in nature, and they have learned the art of fusion from nature. Their products are an amalgamation of form & function. When Purpose marries beauty, then the perfectly blended brew of desires and necessities is born. The six pillars celebrating love for mother nature, deeply rooted in each of its products are handmade, fusion, sustainability, form and function, culture revival and food safety. One such beautiful glassware offered by them is handcrafted and sustainable glass cloche with a marble base oval which doubles the charm when placed on the table and is perfect for serving pastries and cakes apart from keeping them fresh. Another high-quality aesthetic product offered by them is aqua deep glass carafe which is an elegant handcrafted drinking jug perfect for your workstation. Visit for some amazing deals.

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