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Just like crockery, choosing drinkware is an essential part of the cutlery on any table. Each occasion is an invitation to use from a wide variety of drinkware available to us in the twenty-first century. Before the 19th century, the use of clay and wood were used for making bowls and mugs for everyday use. Glass became affordable for the middle class in the late 1860s. Since then, a wide variety of drinkware has been bought and sold to find space, particularly in bars and restaurants.  This article aims to provide its audience with a guide to select one of the finest drinkware especially crafted for special occasions. 


In India, storing water in the earthen pots ‘matkas’ is an ancient tradition. It kept the water cold naturally during summers. It is one of the drinkware available to us since the inception of civilization. The use of terracotta and clay have for years played a dominant role before the invention of utensils from the iron and steel and eventually, from plastic and glass. 


In order to provide your home with an aura of our Indian traditions, we shall explore the use of a variety of drinkware available at which promises to bring back the memories that we had left in the past. 



    1. Eat healthy in food-safe containers.


Nowadays, all of us have become conscious of our health, and we tend to add a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables to our drinks. From adding slices of lemon, cucumber, and mint leaves to your water, we instantly prepare refreshing waters for our guests. When throwing a big party, you simply cannot be serving water all the time. To begin with, for any occasion, your ceramic water jugs are just the right choice for your buffet table. The terracotta jugs reflect the texture of an earthen brown that helps us to stay connected to our soil. These jugs and glasses can add colour to our drinkware collection. Moreover, jugs are just the perfect choice for any dining table. Another great buy to your drinkware collection would be the glass water bottle with a beautiful ceramic stopper which are ideal for refrigerators. You can find a wide range of food-safe exclusive handcrafted products that will fit both your home and budget. 



    1. A Fusion of handmade and sustainable with form and function (Ideal for get-together)


The Carafe is a water container without a handle used specifically in the United States of America for serving water. The Carafe is popular amongst households as it revives culture, and is handmade from sustainable material. Carafes are available in a wide range of colours. They are perfect for a lovely summer brunch for serving lemonades and juices.  


(i) Drinkware = glasses


Glasses are the life of the drinkware. At Ellementry, we have a wide range of glasses that will turn the look of your table. Short cylindrical tumblers can be used for serving water and the taller ones for milkshakes and beer. For those of you who are always looking for something different to add to their home, around amber glass tumbler would be a perfect fit while choosing drinkware. 


(ii) Coasters


One of the essential parts of drinkware is coasters. You have to have quality coasters to protect both your furniture from spill marks and your drinkware from scratches. Ellementry's wooden coaster collection is beautiful and durable that will perfectly complement your glasses and jugs. The wooden coasters are hand-painted and adorned with bright shades of red and yellow. You can even go for ceramic coasters when choosing drinkware. They will provide yet another edge to your love for antique in form yet, elegant in design. 


The use of ceramic, terracotta, and glass is age-old. It is not just good for your tables but is also beneficial to your health. Drinking water from the ceramic or clay pots can help in:



    1. Boosting your metabolism: Storing water in plastic bottles is unhealthy as it contains harmful toxins. Water stored in jugs, glass bottles, or glass dispensers are devoid of harmful toxins. Clay pots are known to improve digestion and boost metabolism.


    1. Cooling properties: Water stored in clay pots has healing properties and benefits the body. Water stored in the earthen pots provides water that is naturally cold and soothing.


    1. Clay is alkaline and therefore, maintains the pH balance of the water. 


    1. Consuming water stored in clay pots can be good for the throat and helps to prevent sunstrokes during summer as the water is rich in nutrients. 




Terracotta, ceramic, and clay can be used for all occasions. However, clay can be avoided during winters as it has natural cooling properties. Products made out of sustainable materials will not only provide your home with a different set of drinkware but also contribute to the lost art. Since the invention of glass, the art of using clay, ceramic and terracotta for pottery or drinkware has declined drastically. In addition to saving a declining art form, you get to additionally support the livelihoods of those people who are trained in the given art form. By reviving the Indian art, we can hold onto and glorify our traditions and culture. Clay and ceramic are used not only for drinkware but also for pots and bowls. 


These bowls are toxin-free and hence, hot food can be served in them unlike in plastic which is carcinogenic in nature. The increased use of plastic today has led to a declined use of clay pots and glasses. Plastic is non-biodegradable and harms the environment. However, clay pots and glasses are biodegradable and eco-friendly. They can be used in the microwave. 


Ellementry's six pillars are to build handmade, sustainable, and food safe cutlery which is top-notch in form and function fuses utility and beauty by reviving culture. Our range of clay, ceramic, terracotta, and glass drinkware are worth a buy as these products not only add a touch of uniqueness to your home but are also a way to restore our lost traditions. With the increased use of plastic products due to its low price and durability, we have forgotten the essence that these materials hold. They not only promote our health but also help us understand our traditions and culture better. The colourful handcrafted products are suitable for almost anything and everything from a Sunday brunch and a high-end dinner. For each occasion, there is suitable drinkware ready to set the table and give you a sense of connection. 


To browse through an added range of the products in clay, ceramic, and glass for choosing drinkware items, visit Based in Jaipur, the pink city, we bring to you colour and elegance to your kitchen, with carefully handcrafted pottery to provide you with the finest for your fines

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