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It is universal that placemats are used by people of all the countries for their dining table. Protecting your wooden dining table from children, pets, sunlight, dust or direct heat can be a challenge. But using placemats can save your wooden table from or sorts of harm. Today, we will share with you how placemats can save your wooden table? You must head to Ellementry to check out some of the best placemats.

Placemats Are Heat Resistant

Temperature plays a pivotal role when it comes to wooden tables. Avoid placing a piping hot dish on your wooden table directly as it will harm your table. Also, do not let the sunlight fall directly on your interior wooden tables because UV rays may fade or bleach the wood. There is a need to maintain a room temperature of 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity level of 50-55 per cent to protect the wood from drying out. 

Placemats can come to your rescue when it comes to maintaining a certain temperature. We usually have placemats beneath our plates to protect the table from the direct heat. Directly placing your hot piping dish on the table can affect the wooden table badly. Placemats can save your wooden table by creating an additional layer in order to maintain the temperature. 

Cleaning Made Easy With Placemats

Placemats can save your wooden table from the dirt and food that drops while eating. It makes cleaning super easy as most of the dust, dirt or food residue will be absorbed by placemats. So if you or your husband is a messy eater, don’t you worry! Placemats are there to help. They are easy to clean and wash too especially cotton placemats. They are like clothes. Wash them with detergent and iron them. And you are good to go. If you are willing to buy placemats for your wooden table, you can check out at our Ellementry website. They will not only avoid stain and condensation on the table but also will give your table a beautiful lift. 

Placemats Can Reduce Noise and Scratches

Placemats help to reduce noise and clatter associated with glass, metal, and ceramic cutlery when in direct contact with a wooden table. Moving your dishes, a vase and cutlery across the table can also bring scratches to your wooden table. Placemats can save your wooden table from these scratches. Use a cotton or linen table cloth with table placemats and enjoy a scratch-free and noise-free meals. Cotton placemats are the highly recommended placemats to buy as they are soft and convenient to use. But plastic placemats are not generally recommended as they can be noisy.

Control Liquid Spills With Placemats 

Can you imagine your children enjoying juice on your wooden table? We understand that if the liquid spills left unattended, it can harm the wooden table by damaging the wood finish and the wood itself. Hence, We recommend those placemats to buy that can absorb a liquid spill. For example, cotton or linen placemats. The plastic placemats or any other material cannot hold liquid and cannot protect your wooden table. It is better to choose a porous material for your placemats in order to avoid damage. 

Placemats Can Protect From Weather

If you have a wooden table outdoor in your patio or garden, then it needs extra care. A fresh coat of paint, stain or water repellent sealant is a must. The more layers you have on your table, the more protected it will be. Placemats will add a layer along with a table cloth that can protect the table from harsh sunlight, storm or any other bad weather conditions. It is always recommended to keep your outdoor wooden table under the shade, if possible and it’s better to store in your garage when not in use. 

Placemats Aid Sanitation

Placemats can not only protect your table from dust and dirt but also, can protect you from harmful germs. It can help to improve life by proving a sanitary sound barrier between your table and food irrespective of the fact that you are eating out or at home. As there is growing work from home culture. More and more people not only dine-in wooden tables but also use it for work. This creates the need for thought regarding sanitation. Placemats can save your wooden table from germs sticking in as table mats are easy to clean and also you from germs (if any) from the table.

Placemats Can Save Your Table From Looking Dull

Many people believe that placemats can add beauty to your table. It can actually hide the scratches or stains of your old wooden table. If you own a very old wooden table and you still want to keep it with you because of the wood quality or any memory associated with it, then placemats can make it look beautiful. Beautiful placemats and attractive table covers can do wonders for your table. Some of the placemats to buy can be silicon or cotton placemats. Think about a floral print placemat with a pink table cover that will look very subtle and amazing for a dinner party or tea party. 

In short, using placemats have become a norm because of its various benefits.  Placemats can save your wooden table and can do much more which improves life. It’s not just a table accessory to use but a lifestyle that is required to inculcate. Buy them as per your home decor theme in order to enlighten the look of your house and the dining area. Visit Ellementry today.

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