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Interior Design and decorating the house can be one of the most challenging parts of getting a new place or even freshening up an existing area. The massive impact of a design element is mostly dependent on the key pieces that give the room it's purpose like a sofa in the living room, a table in the dining room, etc.

These basic furniture items don't have to be basic; most designers nowadays are coming up with new innovative furniture styles and models to fit any space from a tiny house to a grand villa. 

It does not take a lot of money or expertise to make the home look more impressive than it was before. Several furniture trends are well suited for everyone's wallets and need less looking after. Let us look at some furniture items that can make your home look its best and exceed its potential in 2020. You must checkout Ellementry to buy the latest and trendy furniture items.

Biophilia themed design

Going environment-friendly is no longer just an emergency. It is one of the coolest furniture trends that are surfacing in early 2020 and expected to get incredibly popular among great interior designs in the future. Biophilia based decor is the love of the environment combined with the most intricate furniture craftsmanship which creates unique furniture items that make the house look good while being blessed by nature.

This trend is not just visually stunning, but also it is necessary for today's environmental crisis as it helps reduce the usage and manufacture of plastic furniture items. This undoubtedly is a positive trend that we could get behind. A beautiful twine wooden bench representing the same style is available on Ellementry. 

 Geometricism- geometric designs

While geometry is a quite complicated subject to master, it does a terrific job at making a house look sophisticated, clean and classy. Geometric patterns have always been in trend, and they have never looked better than what artists are creating with them now. 

Geometric patterned floor, tiles, ceilings, wall paint, furniture, etc. are all prevalent and are in. It is easy to see its popularity rising amongst other furniture trends. There is a good demand for geometric furniture these days.

Floral upholstery furniture 

Floral printed furniture is climbing up the popularity ladder gradually. Old floral designs are generally about pink-coloured skins that covered an armchair. Today it is more about abstract the way floral fabrics covering the furniture are designed. There is more purpose for them to make the furniture stand out of a room than to look bright.

Floral themed accent furniture is a great concept to try on a living room, library or anywhere that is a spot frequently used in the house where people get together. Overall, 2020 seems like it has an excellent place for this theme.

Dark / Black themed furniture 

Black is a statement. It is the representation of elegance, sophistication, and class. It is a bold color and is in trend today as a double coloured trend. Full black in a room makes it look small and disorganized. Matte black finish on chairs, tabletops, are pleasing to look at with a dash of a subtly bright color like a shade of beige or something faintly blue.

Lighter colors make the black look more vibrant, and the room looks bigger and brighter. It is a look designed for people more refined in taste. The future of interior decor looks more radiant than ever with matte black on the furniture.

Sculptural accent furniture 

Sculptural art is a very new concept that plays with geometry and abstract constructs that focuses on furniture in a room. Its emphasis is to make the furniture pop and make a good conversational piece while being utilized for its designed purpose. This is a very new-age trend and creates an aesthetic of its own. 

It is currently trendy in major cities and would fit well in a spacious living room. It can really accentuate the design aesthetic of a room if matched well with its surroundings.

Art deco style 

This style is not a new trend, as it has managed to be in style for several years in a stretch. Why this furniture trend won't die is mainly due to its adaptability. It can fit well with any room of any design style since it is generally a painting of some sort. It is only essential to keep in mind to keep it clean and devoid of environmental ageing or damaging factors, and it will serve to be a great decision in the years to come. This style is bringing back the 1920s trend back, and it's here to stay. 

French design 

French designs are timeless in the trend timeline, and not just toasts. They have been there since the early 2000s and still considered as a trend to follow everyone who goes for a more sophisticated look to their homes than a regular style.

It is generally composed of rounded furniture and mild tones of white and yellow. Adding a wood peg table is a good idea to go with this trend which is available on Ellementry so check out their website.

Industrial furniture 

Furniture with hints of metal accents in the legs or armrest is an excellent example of the new trending industrial vibe. This style is perfect to use in a bachelor pad. A metal side table that is the appropriate style available on Ellementry. 

So these were a few furniture trends that would grab everyone's attention this year. Designers are betting on these ideas and will continue to promote them. If you are planning to give your house a new look with the latest furniture items, this is the right time. Visit Ellementry today and check out some cool furniture essentials.

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