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Social media is something all of us escape to. It is used for sharing thoughts, sharing memes, sharing talent and today, it is also used as a vital part of getting to know about the latest offerings online.

But, there is another thing social media is quite insanely famous for! That is food blogging. Food bloggers or lovers of food from all across the globe, share multiple images, cooking tips, videos, recipes and so much more on social media.

It’s like; people do not even watch cooking shows anymore, as any recipe you want is out there on the social media platform. This is why, if you are a new home food blogger who is currently thinking to enhance and flaunt your social media page, you need to step up on your home recipe game. Now, this means, you need to showcase, some innovative meals, presented fashionably.

Thankfully, today, you have come to the right place! We are going to talk of some of the most fashionable recipes out here; you can try for amplifying your social media food page.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s quickly review some of the best fusion dishes you can pick for social media.

Starting with,

  1. Mexican Indian Fried Rice

    When it comes to the social media feed, showcasing some spiced up the rice in beautiful serve wear is enough to get the likes streaming in. this is why we bring to you the Mexican-Indian fried rice. This one is extremely easy to cook, and can be made in the home with some regular ingredients you can find in the supermarket.

    To create this Mexican-Indian rice, prepare some brown rice in your rice cooker and set it aside. Now, mix some sugar crystals along with sriracha in a bowl and set it aside. Next, sauté some nicely sliced bell peppers, serranos, black pepper and garlic in a pan. After that, add the sriracha mix along with the brown rice in the pan and also mix the vegetables.

    Once done, cook it on a low flame and add some cooked chorizo, soy sauce and sesame oil and then give a final whisk. Now, take out your best serve ware and place some of this rice on it with a poached egg. Click some images in a nice backdrop and post in your social media feed.

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  2. Chicken Avocado Kebab with Pineapple Salsa

    Avocadoes are the perfect diet food and are used in almost everything. Thus, these are often flaunted in social media with a string of recipes attached to them.

    Well, today’s recipe is the Chicken Avocado Kebab with Pineapple Salsa. Now, to make this recipe, you need to mix shahi jeera, mint leaves, green chillies, and garlic with some chicken. Once you are done, chop some pineapples, and add lime juice, salt, black pepper, green chillies, along with some pepper powder.

    Now, make tikkis out of the blended chicken and fry these in some olive oil. After these are nice and crisp, serve these with some mint and chaat masala and pineapple salsa

    Just ensure to use good food-safe serveware from Ellementry. Also, look up some tips online to amp up your presentation skills. With good presentation, such fancy meals will undoubtedly be liked by the netizens.

  3. Golgappe Shots

    The next most fancy thing you can show off in your social media food feed is the golgappe shots. These are crunchy, tangy and look very fashionable if arranged in the right manner.

    To make these golgappe shots, you need to mix some grounded mint leaves with lime juice, black salt, and coriander. Once it is done, take a green tea bag and seep it, and then add ice cubes, lime juice, apple juice as well as mint leaves to that bag and seep once more.

    Now, ensure that you have some fancy shot glasses in hand, for the next part. Take the shot glasses, and pour the juice in the glass.

    After this take a breadboard and serve some ‘chatpata’ golgappes to make the presentation social media worthy.

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  4. Fluffy Apple Jalabis

    Jalabis are the universal favourite of Indians. Mostly eaten for breakfast, these are also eaten during festivals. This time, give your plain old jalebis a little twist and offer people some fluffy apple jalebis.

    To create this apple jalabis, you need to slice some apples and boil these in water and sugar. Once done, add saffron to the mixture until it dissolves and this syrup starts to thicken. Next, mix some yeast with water in a bowl to get a thick batter. Let this rest and then add rose essence to the syrup. Now, dip these apple slices in the yeast batter and the syrup and fry well.

    You can serve this apple jalebi with a dash of ice cream. This will make the presentation look good, and therefore, social media-friendly.

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  5. Cheese Jalapeno Kachodis

    The classic Indian kachori makes up a grand meal and many social media food bloggers love this fluffy item. But, this time, we are giving the classic kachori a little mix. We are presenting cheese jalapeno kachoris.

    To make these cheese jalapeno kachoris, you need to make some kachoris with seed, salt and ajwain. Once done, make small balls and put these at aside. Next, cook some paneer, ajwain, salt and pepper and add these inside the kachoris with jalapeno and shredded cheddar.

    Once done, fry these and serve in fancy serve ware for the social media.

  6. Lavender Kheer

    The sixth and final recipe for the day is lavender kheer; to make this utterly succulent dessert, you need to boil milk in a pan. Once done, add sugar and rice and keep it in a low flame. Now, stir as this will help the sugar melt and aid in reducing the rice to half. Once done, take the pan and let the kheer cool.

    After that, add some thandai, whipped cream, lavender essence, and some wild berries. Give it a stir and let it chill. Once it is nice and cool, add some lavender flower on top of this kheer and serve it for social media.

    Also, you can serve this kheer on a beautiful mango wood bowl, and present it in a minimalistic landscape. This will undoubtedly enhance the social media presence, and you will get tons of likes.

Well, there you have it! These 6 dishes are ideal fusion recipes to try out for social media netizens. So, without a worry, try out these dishes today. You can also check out websites like Ellementry for classic serveware.

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