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Open shelving has become quite popular in the past few years. There are hundreds of cabinet designs available in the market. But open shelves as a cabinet design leads the race, as they offer a sophisticated and spacious look to the room. So what is open shelving? It is a concept that includes cabinets sans doors. Be it a kitchen, living room, or your study room, open shelves can enhance their aesthetic value to another level. 

It's a concept that offers a perfect blend of style and practicality to any area installed. It is less time consuming, as you don't have to keep opening and closing the doors now and then while working around. It is also an excellent option to show off your exquisite crockery and other collections to your guests. Experts claim that open shelving has played a vital role in improving the overall household efficiency. It is an innovative way to instil fresh and modern ambience in your home. Let's understand the contribution of open shelving in a household.

A great idea to increase your storage options

Closed upper cabinets tend to give a claustrophobic and tight look to space. They can cause inconvenience and end up full of clutter and random stuff. A constant chance of hitting your head against the opened doors is another drawback of closed cabinets. On the other hand, open shelves designed by Ellementry, offer larger spaces while multiplying the storage options for you. Closed cabinets have partitions that obstruct proper space utilization. Whereas, open shelves are simple and without any barriers! It allows you to store lengthy items, which was never an option with your lower closed cabinets.

It’s quite easy to organize stuff now!

The desirable look of open shelves is the highlight of this concept. They also give you an option to organize your stuff in a cleaner and better manner. Be it your latest dishware set or your expensive glasses; open shelves are a perfect place to keep them safe and shining. Since there are no doors to hamper your flow of work, you can swiftly keep back the stuff on the exact place from where you took it. It can be a great advantage when you have guests at your home and looking out for something or assisting you in tidying up. 

Get a cosy look with open shelving

Are you tired of the same old damp and closed appearance of your household? If yes, then you should try open shelving to experience an uncluttered and cosy ambience. It is an excellent opportunity to let the artist within you take the lead. Use your creative skills to craft an authentic and fresh look for the room. For instance, you can opt for live-edge shelving for a rustic look or corner shelving for an organized look. You can also utilize them to create a visual impact through height. Arranging items in random order will give an elegant look. 

Maintenance will never be an issue!

The best thing about open shelves offered by Ellementry is that they are super easy to maintain. You can get rid of dust and stains with a simple wipe off, that too only once in a week. Make sure you clean your sticky bottles every time you keep them on the shelf. Tossing your stuff is a great idea to experiment with the colour combinations, plus you can also prevent the shelves from stubborn marks. If you reside in an arid or dry area, go for natural tone shelves that don't highlight much dust particles.

It’s Inexpensive!

Installing open shelves isn’t a costly affair. If you are looking forward to giving a fresh look to your space, these shelves can be a perfect and economical solution which you can have. They are budget-friendly, easy to maintain, and durable. The installation process is also quite easy and can be finished in a single day. This concept is capable of making a huge statement when done in the right manner. Open shelving is not only economical but also a bright addition to all those dark and dank areas in a home. 

Versatile concept

Open shelving is one of the most versatile household concepts so far. They can perfectly fit in any style of architecture, without much ado. A single installation can transform the overall décor and vibe of a space. They can add the much-needed charm, which was missing in the area previously. Whether you own a monochrome dish collection or a colourful range of cutlery, displaying them in open shelves can offer a welcoming and warm look to your kitchen. On the contrary, you can also use them in other rooms to create equivalent effects. 


Home is where we tell our stories and express our emotions through the things we select to surround ourselves with. Ellementry believes in nurturing those stories and keeping it alive because this is what makes you in a happier space. Open shelves have undoubtedly made a robust comeback in the Indian homes. They are a perfect medium to display antiques, vases, leaning paintings, books, and greenery. 

The current generation’s urge to get back to their roots can be fulfilled with a smart mix of ancient and modern décor ideas offered by Ellementry. These shelves look appealing and are manageable in terms of usage and maintenance. If you are also looking for a smart option that can enhance the overall efficiency of the household, an open shelving idea can be the one for you.

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