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“What is sustainable living?” You may ask.

It is nothing more than a simple practice of reducing individual and societal environmental impact by making personal changes. Such an act asks every individual to make positive changes in the way they live. The changes made can bring about a substantial impact on the environment.

This way, we can move towards reducing carbon footprint, making the environment better by the day. Opt for more handmade products and materials that are sustainable. If you need the motivation to jump on board, then is what you need. 

Ellementry is all about creating sustainable handmade products. The raw materials used by the company do not have a severe impact on the environment. Ellementry understands what people of today want. This certainty reflects in their products as they handcraft beautiful and useful products to coexist with nature happily.

 Kitchen Cookware Items

Every item listed on the website is at the epitome of form and function. From cookware pot to bakeware products, all products are designed and made by gifted artisans. They aim at creating a sustainable environment in which every being can thrive. That’s why sustainability is at the heart of their products.

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Right from materials and process to designing and delivery of the products, nothing comes at the cost of the environment. They make use of cloth bags and handmade boxes to pack your ordered products. 

A lot many people shy away from following sustainable practices in their home. They think that they will not be able to use decorative things in their house. When your everyday products will be pretty and useable, will there be any need for decorative items? Maybe not! Even the kitchenware and serveware products are crafted in such a way that they eliminate the need for unsustainable decorative products. Listed below are some sustainable product ideas that you can buy from

Cane Craft Side Table With Removable Trays

Are you in search of a furniture piece that is a seamless blend of form and functionality? Then cane craft side table with removable trays is an apt product for you. This oak wood table comes with two removable trays. You can place it beautifully in your living room. 

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Line it up with snacks and when the guests arrive, pick the tray and offer the nibbles to everyone. They will not be able to hide their amazement. You can talk about your sustainable approach and encourage others to follow the same. Accordingly, shift it to other rooms to enjoy both, a bedside table and a tray to enjoy nibbles in bed. 

Doyen Side Table

If you are a fan of minimalistic designs, then you will admire this doyen side table. It is a perfect fusion of mango wood and cane has a very subtle appeal to it. The furniture piece is also extremely useful. It won’t sit like a showpiece beside your bed. 

You can use it to keep your books, magazines, craft material and more. The top of the table can be decorated with a decor vase with your favourite flowers in it. The two shelves below are well spaced to meet your different requirements. 

Akoda Grey Ecomix Cutlery Stand

Make your kitchen or dinner table look stunning with akoda grey ecomix cutlery stand. This stand works both as a piece of utility and a piece of art. It is completely hand-painted. 

The product is spacious enough and speaks volume about sustainability. It gives an impression of an elegant nest. The design is further complemented by the use of recycled materials. You can also use it as a pen holder or any other item. 

Another amazing thing about this product is that when you will order it online from, it will come in a handmade reusable engineered wood gift box. You can also utilize the packaging box in various innovative ways. 

At you will witness an array of amazing products that are perfect for your home. You can jump right into the sustainable bandwagon with its items. As every product is handmade, of sustainable material and offers both form & function, you will be delighted with your every purchase. 

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