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We are currently living in an era where everything is created with the help of machines. The human interaction is at the least. However, there was a time when India was known for its handmade crafts and products. The market for those items was different.


People from far and wide visited our country to buy the work of the gifted craftsman. Times changed significantly. Machine-produced products became popular. But now the ball is rolling again. We are finally heading back to our roots. The love for imperfection in handmade products is reviving again.


People now want a simple napkin holder box or an entire serveware collection to be handmade. Ellementry is one such handmade products seller that uses artists not machines to craft its products. This is why you notice that every item is a blend of mind and soul.


Serveware and Tableware


There is a fusion of sense and sensuous that attracts the buyers. Machines are not our artists. Artists are. Every product is a blend of mind and soul, it's a fusion of sense and sensuous. 


Also, when we talk about our handcrafted products, it is not just admired for its imperfections. There is more attention to details. Consumers who choose such goods are also contributing, supporting and empowering local artisans and crafters. But everything always comes down to one thing.


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How exactly are we gaining benefit from such products? Why should we buy handcrafted items at a higher price when we can buy machine-made products at a lower cost? 


Various benefits come with a handmade product. When you get familiar with it all, you would surely enjoy the handmade perfection.


Food safe and environment friendly serveware


Environmentally Friendly

The benefit of buying handmade kitchenware items is that they are environmentally friendly. It takes less energy and the use of natural resources when items are crafted using hands. Even if the products are mass-produced, there is less use of energy. The mass production assembly line of handcrafted products does not affect the environment in any severe manner. 


Empowering Artisans

People often complain that our nation is not standing as strong as other countries. It happens because the talent of our people remains untapped. So, when handmade products such as cutlery and crockery are purchased, it creates jobs for the artisans and strengthens the country.


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As handmade items come from small businesses, you are leading to their growth as well. Ellementry has been empowering local artisans for a long time. Here, the artists get a platform to showcase their talent and flourish in the wake.


More than 4000 artisans work at Ellementry full time. In a way, ellementry is trying to re-contextualise Indian craft for contemporary living and put the craftsman at the forefront through ellementry.


Bring Home High Quality

Handmade products are better! They have some imperfections, and that’s what makes such products more desirable. The food or drinks consumed in such items tastes better. The earthy scents and purity of the utensil add a nice flavour and aroma to the edible products. It also leads to many health benefits.


The products offered by Ellementry are crafted keeping in mind the world-class food safety standards. Every item is 100% food-safe, irrespective of its design, pattern or material used. You can cook, serve or consume anything edible from the products. 


Meet Your Distinctive Needs

People are getting competitive by the day. They want the very best thing for their home. They are leaving no stone unturned to meet their distinctive needs. Handmade products are perfect for such individuals. This is why ellementry offers products that meet utility and beauty effortlessly.


Every product is at the epitome of form and function. As the culinary, kitchen and decor items are made by hand, you can be sure that the chances of the same item being available are scarce. This happens because no two things can be made the same when using hands. Also, a home lined with handmade products and imperfections is a home that is distinct from the rest. 


Easy To Buy

Several people avoid buying handmade products because they don’t know where to buy them. Luckily, we are living in the era of the internet. There is no need to step out of the house to purchase handcrafted items. By visiting sites like, one can buy their desired handmade products with the utmost ease. 


Purchases That Makes You Feel Good

We often purchase many products that are made at the cost of our environment, nature’s resources, wildlife and more. Not many think much of it but it is high time that we do. When you buy eco-friendly dinnerware, you get something to be proud of. You are contributing to the environment and empowering local talent.


The money you paid will protect the environment and small businesses rather than destroying them. Sharing your experience with friends and family will also encourage them to buy handmade products. 


So, the next time you plan on buying things for your house, think of handmade products. You can also shop for such items from the comfort of your home through ellementry. The website has a wide range of products that are all handmade.


Every product is locally sourced and empowers the Make in India initiative. No machines or materials are used that could harm the environment. We empower our local craftsmen, taking their gifted art, passion and talent to several homes across the nation. 


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