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The very fact that our mother earth has had a few rough times is not hidden from anyone. With unpredictable climate change, escalating pollution rate, un-decomposable trash in the ocean affecting marine life, deforestation, declining wildlife population, we, indeed, have less time to limit the irreversible damaging changes of the environment on civilisation. 

Ellementry, an exclusive brand for handcrafted and eco-friendly kitchenware, is perfect for adopting nature-friendly approach in life. 

Change starts from within.

eco-friendly kitchenware

The phrase can be seen vividly visible in people's action as they have now started using environment-friendly products of every kind. This strengthens the fact that the impulse to Go Green is spreading faster than the morning glory.  

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An environment-friendly approach has been seen in customers' buying habits. They prefer products made from terracotta, granite or eco-mix, that are eco-friendly and organic. Businesses have realized this shift in customer's opinions and have adopted an eco-friendly approach in their manufacturing process. 

Ellementry, however, is one such brand that laid its foundation on the eco-friendly approach. The brand offers some exceptionally designed and handmade kitchen wares, décor products. The brand is deeply rooted in the country's culture and gives a traditional tint in their modern approach by their beautiful handmade imperfections. 

Each product offered is a piece of art on its own as the product you choose is one of its kind. It is made by a true artist and hasn't hurt Mother Nature in any way. Each product adds value to your lifestyle and your eco-friendly outlook towards everything. 

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Each product designed and patiently crafted is an impression of love for the environment.  

Terracotta Water jug with lid: This piece-of-art is your handy Matka which you can keep and flaunt on your dining table as well. These beautifully handcrafted jugs come with a lid.

They retain the natural cooling of water, just like a traditional Matka does and are 100% sustainable. To add more to your style, terracotta glasses are also available to compliment your jug. These products add to your emotions and feelings for your culture.

Terracotta bowls: It's time to bring culture and tradition to the table. The terracotta serving bowls, complemented by the cutlery set are ideal for serving all kinds of food items. These are especially handcrafted by true artisans, keeping in mind ecological sustainability. They do not include any kind of harmful chemicals or elements. These are good to go to serve dessert or snacks to the guests.

Wooden salad bowls:  When you are going green for your body then why not for the environment? Our beautifully handcrafted wooden salad bowls complement your healthy lifestyle. Their perfect size and shape make it easy to mix the salad and convenient to serve.

The bowl comes with a lid. These are washable and go excellently well with your healthy lifestyle. You may even consider our wooden salad bowls as a perfect gift for your health-conscious friends. 

Baking dishes: Do we all not hate the moment when you bring the food out of the microwave, and it is half cooked. It spoils the vibe. Our terracotta baking dishes are perfectly ideal for long cooking on low heat.

It also distributes the heat evenly to the surface. These handcrafted terracotta bakeware product by Ellementry are so beautiful that you can take them out from the oven and bring it to the table to serve. These define the term elegant luxury in every way. 

Ceramic bowl: Have you ever desired to taste luxury? We present you handcrafted, ecologically sound ceramic pasta bowls. Now eat your authentic Italian pasta in style in the ceramic bowl.

Their ideal depth makes it easier to serve the right amount. Its' elegant design goes well with your distinguished choices. The best part of these bowls is that they are microwave friendly.

Ellementry is one kitchenware brand that is devoted to serve nature. The utmost importance is given to attention-to-details while designing and handcrafting the products. Any product you choose will only be yours.

There would not be any second of it. It is your one-stop destination for all thunique, environment friendly and beautifully handcrafted kitchen wares which are also a perfect gifting idea to your friends or family. 

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