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Water is the prime necessity of everyone’s life. Having a glass of water every hour is very important for good health. But many people do not like water and are unable to have the required amount of water for the whole day. Water bottles are a good solution for all those who do not have any habit of drinking water at regular intervals. Water bottles also define the personality of a person who is carrying it. So when you decide to buy a bottle always remember whether it will suit your personality or not. 

There are different types of bottles that are made of different materials and are of various designs. Metal bottles, glass bottles, and plastic bottles are available in the market and they all have different purposes. Some of the best stylish and chic bottles are also available in the market that can add charm to your personality. You can check out these bottles on Ellementry.

Mason Jar

Hectic schedules and less time lead to a poor schedule and diet. In this type of schedule taking food and drinks at a particular time is quite difficult. Many people who want to manage their work and health try to gather some essentials that help them in having their food at any place. Mason jars are generally used for carrying soaked foods like oats, smoothies, etc. Mason jars are also the best to water bottles for all those who love to have a sip of iced teas and green tea as a water substitute. 

These bottles are used by people whose work life is equally important to that of their health. Carrying a mason jar with healthy foods-sludges shows that a person is a workaholic and health freak equally. Mason water bottles and personality have a link for food and work lovers. 

Blender bottles

A fitness freak always loves to spend most of his free time in the gym or on the running track. After a strong and tiring workout, you need some refreshing drink or protein shake to get your body relaxed. To have a sip of water with supplement throughout the workout and after a workout, or for a protein shake, you need a bottle that helps in easy mix up of the supplement. Blender bottles and the personality of a gym freak are correlated. If you carry a blender bottle, it will make you look sporty.

Sports bottle

A person with a jersey or a number on his T-shirt shows his passion for sports. Many people have a special passion for sports and also understand the need for a healthy body. For all sportspeople, it is important to sip water from a water bottle to stay hydrated for long. Sport water bottles and the personality of a sports person reflects better through their sports bottles on their backpacks. 

Stainless steel bottles

Hot weather demands cold water all the time. For some people the temperature of the room does not matter, they just prefer to have cold water all the time irrespective of summer season or winter season. Plastic bottles can retain the temperature of water for a short duration but stainless steel water bottles can help in an even better way. Stainless steel bottles can retain the temperature of water for approximately 48 hours. All cold water-loving people must carry stainless steel bottles with them. These bottles are best for those who are frequent water drinkers and need a reusable durable water bottle. They indicate a solid and stern personality.

Terracotta water bottles

Terracotta water bottles are not commonly carried as they are fragile in comparison to other types of bottles. But people who have a special affection towards earthenwares and want to make their life simple, carry a terracotta bottle with them. The material keeps water cool for a long time and adds a soothing smell to the water. The person who is carrying a terracotta water bottle loves simplicity and can mold easily with the living conditions just like the molds of terracotta water bottles. A wide range of terracotta water bottles are available at Ellementry that can make your personality more reflective. If you carry these bottles, it also indicates that you care about the environment.

Plastic bottles

Plastic water bottles are commonly available and reusable water bottles. But these are a threat to the environment as these can be seen piled up in the landfills and sometimes cause danger while recycled. Plastic bottles are not recommended for longer use because of their manufacturing components like BPA but these are best for people who do not want to invest in water bottles every day. Plastic water bottles must not be a part of daily life as this does not positively define personality. 

Infusion Glass Bottles

Health is wealth and food is life, but sometimes junk food causes an imbalance in the nutrients in the body. It is recommended to detox the body to eliminate harmful components from the body and retain the activeness in the body. For all those who love to drink water in any form to cleanse their body must carry an infusion water bottle. They can plan up their detox diet easily with infusion water bottles. Various fruits and vegetables along with spices can be added to the bottles and sipping water regularly to detox their body. Water bottles and personality of a person are related so if you choose these bottles for yourself, you will be refreshing for your surroundings. Buy glass water bottles from Ellementry and stay hydrated all day long. 

Water bottles and personality are complementary to each other, the type of bottle carried by a person shows his personality is true. This article is helpful to all those who love water bottles and want to know how water bottle can define their nature and personality. Visit Ellementry today to buy stylish and chic bottles.

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