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For a healthy life, it is very important to stay hydrated all day long. It is not easy to carry large tumblers for water every time, but some reusable bottles can serve the purpose well. Reusable water bottles minimize the use of plastic bottles and reduce the deposition of dump water bottles. Carrying your water bottle reduces the littering of plastic bottles everywhere. 

To stay hydrated all day you need filtered water and a water bottle to carry it. Other than plastic water bottles there are numerous water bottle options available like glass bottles, metal bottles, insulated water bottles, etc. But selecting the best water bottle from all the options is very difficult. It’s time to resolve this problem to make life easier. 

Plastic Bottle

Plastic water bottles are most commonly available and used reusable water bottles. Plastic water bottles are generally manufactured with base material like polypropylene and copolyester. These materials are lightweight and durable. But most people don't prefer plastic water bottles for their regular use and the reason is that they found some unpleasant taste and smell in fluid when they are stored for a long duration. 

Plastic bottles contain BPA and thus are considered to cause hormonal imbalance in the human body. Production of plastic water bottles is highly efficient and low cost. Thus their selling cost is also very low and thus affordable to all. But most of the people around the world are not aware of the health hazards associated with plastic water bottles over glass bottles or metal bottles. These days some manufacturers are producing BPA free bottles and mention the levels of the chemical over the bottle itself. 

Glass Bottle

The next option for water bottles or reusable bottles is glass bottles. It is highly recommended bottles as they do not alter the taste of the fluid contained. Other than water most of the fluids, food beverages and other food supplements like sauces are stored in glass bottles. The only reason to store such food supplements and water in glass bottles is to avoid change in taste. Since it does not have any chemical component in its manufacturing thus has no health hazards. 

There are only limited risks associated with glass water bottles like it is prone to shatter and cannot withstand variable temperatures. But there is a type of glass that can bear variable temperatures and do not shatter or break at all. The naturally manufactured glass bottles are cheap but not as compared to metal and plastic water bottles. Ellementry offers a variety of glass water bottles for all who prefer glass bottles over other types of bottles. 

Metal Bottle

Metal vessels and bottles have been in use for ages. In ancient times, most vessels used for storage and cooking were made up of metal which generally is steel, iron, copper, and brass. The purpose of storing and cooking in metal vessels are prone to release some metallic element into the food prepared. 

Metal bottles are the best type of reusable water bottles as they do not shatter easily but they can differ the taste of fluid contained. As mentioned different metals are used for manufacturing water bottles but most commonly used are copper and stainless steel and also aluminium. All three metal water bottles have their property along with some merits and demerits. 

The most preferable metal water bottle is stainless steel because it is corrosion resistant and does not affect the taste of fluid contained. Stainless steel is derived from iron thus has a higher level of strength against shattering and change in shape. These water bottles have a longer life in comparison to that of glass bottles and plastic bottles. Metal water bottles are expensive because of their energy-consuming process. Steel bottles are easy to recycle and thus have higher chances for usage over other metal or plastic or glass bottles. 

Aluminium water bottles are the least preferred and bought water bottles. The most important reason for which people avoid usage is aluminium is reactive with acidic liquids. To avoid the reaction manufacturers coated the inner side of the bottle with some kind of enamel and mostly BPA. Not only this, aluminium bottles tend to get dent once they strike to some hard surface or fall on the ground. These are cost-effective as compared to other metal bottles because of their maintenance. 

The third type of metal bottles that are most widely used as water bottles is copper bottles. These water bottles are highly recommended type of water bottle as the metal adds some healthy components to the water after storage. It is known that storing water in a copper bottle adds metallic nutrients that help in digestion, boosts the immune system and decreases the healing time as well. Copper water bottles are best for improving joint health, thyroid condition and increase iron absorption. 

Terracotta Bottle

Terracotta bottles are best for naturally cool water and long travels. These water bottles are not used because of only one reason i.e. their tendency to break down with a single strike. These are the best kind of bottles in terms of manufacturing and recycling. These are made up of soil, thus non-reactive in any condition and can easily be recycled. The cost of production is also low in comparison to glass or metal or plastic water bottles. Buy some terracotta water bottles from Ellementry for earthy cool water. 

All these bottles have some merits and demerits and the choice depends on your needs. This article will help you in deciding the best bottle for you according to your health. We would suggest you give glass bottles and terracotta bottles a chance as they are reasonable and not unhealthy for you. They also enhance the beauty of your kitchen as they come in different styles. Visit Ellementry today to check out these bottles.

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