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Tons of plastic waste is generated every year which is not easy to decompose and not each one is recycled. All this ends up affecting our environment badly. Plastic bottles are one such product ending up as plastic waste and are not properly recycled. The easiest and eco-friendly solution to this problem is adopting reusable water bottles. Today, we will give you many reasons to buy reusable water bottles rather than to buy plastic ones.

Prevent Water Pollution: Reusable bottles are an environment-friendly option. Plastic is slowly ruining our oceans. Every year 6.4 million tons of plastic land up in the ocean. If we look at our arctic ocean, it is choking because of plastic bits. This is the bigger picture. If we look at the small water bodies like our river Ganga, the problem is no less. We cannot ignore the plastic visible floating on the surface of these water bodies. Hence, the less plastic we will use, the more we will be able to prevent water pollution. 

Save Marine life: Needless to say that water pollution will affect marine life. As we all know, plastic garbage decomposes very slowly. It has been observed that the plastic water bottles and other garbage is being misunderstood as food by marine species and this blocks their breathing passages. This way we kill 1.1 million marine creatures annually by polluting the water with plastic garbage. Buying reusable water bottles and avoiding plastic will help to solve this problem to an extent. 

Save Water: It is also beneficial for water itself to use reusable water bottles because it takes more water to produce plastic bottles than the amount of water we put in the water bottle. Most of these water bottles come from places with limited water supplies. Indirectly, we are investing a lot of water for the water bottles. 

Save Oil: We don't have an abundance of oil resources to waste on plastic water bottles and reusable water bottles require less oil to produce. If we take an example of a single country, the USA alone uses over 17 million barrels of oil to create more than 50 million plastic water bottles. To save some oil, we need to buy reusable water bottles and use them. 

Save Money: Reusable water bottle is a better and a cheaper option as you will be constantly buying water bottles and spending more. Buying a reusable water bottle will not only make your journeys or outings easier but also will refrain you from buying water bottles from outside. 

Save Atmosphere: As per the research, the creation of a single-use of plastic bottles releases 2.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere every year. Some amount of carbon dioxide is good for the environment but as you know excess of everything is bad, excess carbon dioxide will heat our planet too quickly and hamper the good living conditions here. Hence, the use of reusable water bottles will help in slowing down the process of this heating up and will help save the planet.

Protect yourself: The use of plastic bottles affects us not only indirectly by polluting our environment but also directly in many cases. The plastic bottles contain hormone-disrupting chemicals that can cause many diseases such as cancer, diabetes, autism, etc. It is the endocrine-disrupting chemicals that interfere with the body hormonal system and are responsible for various diseases. Hence, the use of reusable water bottles is highly recommended. In case you have any plastic bottles at home, please check the number written in a triangle on them. The plastic bottles labeled with #3, #6 and #7 should be completely avoided. The ones labeled with #1, #2, #4 and #5 are on the little safer side. But why use any kind of plastic bottles when you have the option to use the reusable ones? 

Avoid Landfill: People find it easy to use a plastic water bottle and toss-up. But this irresponsible behavior can lead to landfill. These bottles keep on piling up and take hundreds of years to decompose. It's better to buy reusable water bottles and save your planet. 

Flaunt it: The reusable water bottles come in a wide range of colors and styles. It gives you a chance to flaunt it. Yes, you are reading it right. You can flaunt your water too. If you don't believe, check out a wide range of reusable water bottles on Ellementry website. You will love them. These bottles give a style statement to your refrigerator and your home decor too. A glass bottle with a hand-painted ceramic topper will look very stylish in your hand. Carry it wherever you go and you will never be thirsty. 

Health benefits: Drinking water stored in earthen pot or bottles made up of clay bring a lot of health benefits. Such materials are porous and help to keep water cool naturally. As the clay is alkaline, it helps to keep the PH level of the body in check by maintaining it. It also boosts metabolism without dangerous chemicals which can be found in plastic bottles and containers. On one hand, plastic brings down testosterone levels and on the other hand, clay bottles play the opposite role by maintaining the testosterone levels. It also protects the body from sun strokes and gives many other health benefits.   

Do you still need a reason to buy reusable water bottles? Go ahead and shop for a healthier home for your water storage which can be none other than a beautiful reusable water bottle available in a variety of styles at Ellementry website.

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