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We all have different cupboards and almirahs in our house that cause trouble with their installed hardware. The knobs and holders are the main hardware components that either get loose or get broken. Fixing them is not easy and paying huge bucks to the carpenter every time is not a solution. Other than this issue, we also want to put some new knobs on our doors with the trendy look but it is quite difficult to align them perfectly for long life. Various cabinet hardware can be manually installed at home with proper instructions. Do follow given ideas to install cabinet hardware. Do not forget to check out the stylish cabinet hardware items such as knobs on Ellementry. 

To install cabinet hardware some essential cabinet hardware items are required- 

All these materials are required for the perfect installation of cabinet hardware. Some of these items are known to you but you might lack the idea of their use. Some of the important points to keep in mind while installing cabinet hardware with the available cabinet hardware items are - 

Measure the door stile

For installing cabinet hardware or knob first step is to measure the overall length of the stile on which it has to be fixed. As there is no specific position for the knob to be fixed on so it can be fixed anywhere at the top or bottom or even at the centre. If positioning the knob at the top or bottom it is recommended to place it above 2.5-3 inches from the edge. 

Use a template

The knob can be positioned at any position by making a hole. A hole can be done with a drill machine but making two holes in a line is not that easy. When you have to install cabinet hardware or knob at different positions but in a linear manner, it needs to be perfect. A better way of making a hole with perfection is by using a template. 

There are ready to use plastic templates available in the market that can be used for making holes in the door. If you have to install cabinet hardware within the home then use a cardboard made template. Draft a design on the cardboard and make holes with the nails. 

Mask unused holes

When you use a plastic template it has many holes that might create confusion while marking a hole for installing cabinet hardware. To avoid any kind of confusion or incorrect marking you must cover up or mask the holes in the template. Use a tape to cover the holes. This cabinet hardware item is of great importance. 

Mark holes in the door

Cabinet hardware item like knob or door pull needs to be attached carefully and for that perfect marks must be there on the door. Place the template on the door according to the dimensions and edges. With the help of finishing nail mark a hole on the cabinet door. This hole is of great help as it will help in avoiding slipping of drill on the surface. And also that it’s not easy to mark hole directly on the cabinet with the drilling machine through the template. 

Time to drill a hole

Second final step to install cabinet hardware is drilling in the cabinet door. Adjust the depth of the drill according to the thickness of the door. A precaution that must be taken while drilling is to save the cabinet. Keep the door open while drilling and complete drilling.

Knob to be fixed

Finally, it’s time to install cabinet hardware i.e. knob of your choice on the door. In case of drawers for fixing a knob on the door, a small screw will be used. Place the knob at the front side of the door and tighten the screw from the backside of cabinet doors. Your cabinet is ready with the best cabinet hardware item.

There are certain points that you should keep in mind before preparing to install cabinet hardware. As we go for the process of cabinet hardware installation we need to gather some special cabinet hardware items. These cabinet hardware items ensure the cleaning finished look of the cabinet. 

Install cabinet hardware with adhesive

Install cabinet hardware at the appropriate spot is of priority. But if you mark the hole for drill at some wrong place then covering up the fault is very risky. To avoid such mishappening use adhesive putty to temporarily install cabinet hardware. 

Hide holes of old knobs

If you are changing the cabinet hardware item just to match it up with current interiors of the house. These old holes diminish the charm of the cabinet. But there is a solution to this problem, use some matching putty to cover up the holes. Apply the putty on the surface and give it finishing with the help of nail paint. This is a handy way of improving the texture of the cabinet surface. 

Some metal plates can also be used for covering up the holes but they are not feasible for all types of cabinets. 

Make sure the strength of rectangular knob

Rectangular knobs are available with a single screw that might not be sufficient for the cabinet hardware item. To ensure the strength of the knob apply some glue on the two edges and stick it to the door of the cabinet. Install cabinet hardware on the door with super glue to ensure its long term fixing. 

All these tips might prove helpful to all those who believe installing cabinet hardware themselves. Install cabinet hardware with the available inhouse cabinet hardware items. Visit Ellementry today to buy some classy and chic knobs for your doors.

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