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The year 2020 is all about living with style and comfort. This journey starts with your living space. The trends for home decor this year include comfy fabrics, bold colours, nude colours, a hint of rustic and elegance at the same time. Your furniture fills your space the most, and accessorizing your furniture creates all the difference. This combination enhances the look of the piece and defines the mood of the room.

For you and your guests, here are some accessories to buy for your Furniture in 2020. You must check out Ellementry for some of the best furniture accessories.

  • Japanese style table lamps

Styles from Asia are adopted for their aesthetic, meaning, and simplicity. The Japanese table lamp is made of rice paper, which gives it a soft look. It is a minimalistic piece of accessory that can provide a smooth look to the room. It is perfect by the side of your couch, or while hanging. Accessorizing the table with this lamp will help you keep the furniture clean.

Further, the room will have a neat and polished look. Some idea of this is the Asano lantern. This lantern is hand made in Japan. It also consists of bronze metals attached along with bamboo fittings. Such elements give it more of a traditional look. 

  • Cutlery stands

These are the perfect furniture accessory for kitchen tables and dining tables. These can also add to the look to the main table in the living room, say while serving guests. The functional utility is that it helps to organize cutlery so that you find all of it in one place when you need it. The designs trending this year are metallic looks, floral, as well as rustic.

Ellementry boasts of its wooden cutlery stand. Another unique one offered by them is the grey paper mache cutlery stand. They come in floral as well as stable wooden patterns. These are perfect for organizing and styling your furniture. 

  • Wood knobs

People who are bored with their traditional door and closet knobs and pulls can buy something exciting this year and replace the monotonous old designs. Wood knobs available at Ellementry are your best choice to glam up your furniture. These knobs come in different colors and suit any kind of furniture just perfectly. This will add aesthetics to not only your furniture but your overall house decor.

  •  Sun headboard

This furniture accessory is genuinely godly. The sun headboard is in the shape of the risen sun against the wall. This piece gives an elegant look to the bedroom. Adding more lighting to the room will illuminate the look. A point here to take care of is the paint and the material. This design is made of metal and has a golden hue color. So you enter the room, and the look is sure to impress you every time. And yes, you will be living there.

  • Woven rugs

Woven rugs are back this year for sure. The knit gives a comfortable vibe to the room. The soft material will make you want to walk with bare feet. The rug against the couch in the living room will make the guests comfortable. Rugs can change the way your furniture looks.

A knit rug with vibrant colors can bring a joyful vibe while a plain knit rug with soft colors is perfect for the bedrooms — mats against the furniture complement the mood of the room, and the entire look. Knit rugs are a homely sight for the eyes. Hand-woven rugs are the trendiest furniture accessory. 

  • Floor pillows

Too much furniture together gives a cramped look to your room. The right furniture complements each other. Therefore, furniture for furniture is also something that has to be kept in mind. And thus, have a new style – floor pillows. These are bigger in size, comfy, and soft. These can provide extra space for seating without taking too much space.

Guests will enjoy sitting on these comfy furniture accessories. These can give an informal vibe to the room. Floor pillows can be stacked one over the other or can be kept beside the couch or near the table. It just makes everything a fun gathering to be.

  • Ruffled pillows

Ruffled pillows are in contrast to the "less is more rule." But you can't have enough of these!

These are soft and comfy. Colorful ruffled pillows can give a more joyful and playful vibe to your couch or bed as one can enjoy the texture while relaxing. The pillows can bring up the look of simple furniture, like a simple chair or a plain couch. This arrangement will help you amp up the furniture look without spending too much on the sofa or other furniture accessories.  

  • Cloche 

This accessory is handy, high in utility, and it looks amazing. Well, not an empty one, of course!

This furniture accessory is a signature on the dining table or when you have a lot of guests over. This is an effortless accessory, right on your table. Store your bread or cake in it for the party. It makes Furniture look more and more welcoming. Ellementry offers cloche, which is made of glass and wood or glass and marble. The cloches they offer can have a flat plane bottom and also an elaborate stand design. The clear glass gives a beautiful look. The sight is lovely and delicious.  

Your Furniture may be simple, but your accessories can surely make a difference to the scene. These are some of the accessories to buy for your furniture this new year. Accessories can be simple, subtle, and intricate, and they are jewels for when you amp up your living space. You must check out Ellementry for some of the best furniture accessories.

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