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A water bottle is mostly something not a lot of us put a lot of thought into, but this ignorance might bite us back in the future when we experience dehydration and other health-related issues.  

To avoid dehydration, most people would buy single-use plastic bottles of water from convenience stores. However, it leads to a whole array of problems due to hormonal imbalance from exposure to the BPA compounds from plastic.

Not only is single-use plastic water bottles harmful to the health of a person, but it's also extremely detrimental to the environment as plastic pollution is becoming a huge problem. 

So it's essential to choose a water bottle carefully to avoid all the health problems as well as the environmental impact. You can check Ellementry for healthy and stylish water bottles.

Here are some of the reasons one must choose water bottle carefully for their daily use.

  • Environment issues

Single-use plastics have been the heart of the rising plastic pollution problem so any step taken to avoid single-use plastic like water bottles would prevent a lot of trash from going to the landfill or worse than the oceans.


  • Health reasons


When you bring water in your steel bottle or glass bottle, the chances of being dehydrated drastically reduces and there won't be any risk of BPA chemicals leaching into your system.


  • Controlled quality and no risk of unknown components in the water bottle 


Since you are the one refilling your water bottle, you can control what type of filtered water you drink. Rather than depending on corporate companies for our water bottles or drinking the unsafe tap water, it's best to get a proper filtration system and bring your water bottle around everywhere you go. By doing this, you also reduce the risk of drinking foreign pathogens from the water available outside. 


  • Money-saving


Buying bottled water every day can make a dent in the wallet over time which is something that is not really necessary and can easily be rectified. Buying a reusable water bottle will cost you way less overall rather than buying bottled water every day. 


  • Long-term use


The cheap single-use plastic on the water bottles available in the grocery store can be reused, but the only problem is that it starts to fall apart in a few months. So it's best to get one of the above mentioned reusable water bottles that would last you indeed a long time. 


  • Aesthetically pleasing


The commercial water bottles are so conventional that we always glance over it and never appreciate it whereas the reusable bottles come in so many different styles and colors that you can find one that fits you. 


  • Track the water consumed 


Most people nowadays due to their busy lifestyle forget to drink adequate amounts of water for being adequately hydrated, so by keeping the reusable bottle right in front of them, it would remind them to drink more water. Some reusable water bottles also come with measurements on the bottle, which helps the person track their progress. 

Here are some of the alternative to a single-use water bottle to help save the environment: 


  • Glass water bottle

Glass bottles were the norm back in the days before the boom of the plastic revolution. It's coming back now, and with more people opting for alternatives, the glass bottles are becoming increasingly popular. Glass doesn't have any BPA layer, thus safe to use. Still, the most commonly known disadvantage is that it can break easily. To make it less fragile when used as a water bottle for both hot and cold liquids, people have added silicon sleeves to the outer bottom region of the container. This silicon layer can prevent it from shattering to a certain extent. There are many types of glass water bottles available online on sites like Ellementry that has glass bottles with a ceramic lid or wooden lid. 


  •  Metal water bottle 

Metal water bottles have a sleek appearance to them that attracts most people when it comes to reusable water bottles. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, so choose the one that suits your needs. These bottles are incredibly sturdy and don't break easily. 


  • Terracotta water bottle


Terracotta bottles are the perfect choice for someone who doesn't travel much and wants the most natural route possible to drinking water. The clay part plays a significant role in keeping the water cool during summers and adding a fresh earthy element to the water. This type of water bottle, however, is not suitable for the average person who travels to work or school as terracotta is an extremely fragile material that could crack or break easily. Such terracotta bottles can also be found online on Ellementry. 


  • Copper water bottle


Copper is widely known for its health benefits, even being a trace mineral. In Ayurveda, water that is stored in these copper bottles is known to balance the three doshas in the body and improve the quality of the water. Besides these potential health benefits, it could also function as a beautiful decor element in whatever space it is in. 


  • BPA free plastic reusable water bottle

Although the point is to stop the use of plastic, sometimes it's the most convenient option as it is lightweight. In this case, get one that is reusable and doesn't contain any BPA coatings that could leach into the water. 


  • Insulated Stainless steel water bottle 

Insulated water bottles have two walls that maintain the temperature of the water or liquid inside the bottle for a longer time. These bottles are ideal for people who want to take hot or cold fluids along with them without getting burnt while holding it. 

As we have observed, all water bottles have different benefits and it is really important to choose one carefully after reading about all the benefits. Visit Ellementry today to check out the stylish bottles.

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