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When you start decorating your house, the first question came to your mind is how to bring maximum light to your house. There are numerous modes and types of lights available in the market that add special attraction with light. Lights as pendant fixtures are recently trending and greatly appreciated. Pendant lights drop down from the ceiling giving each section a different look. These are easy to accommodate and can be used in any corner of the house. But there must be a clear understanding of how these will help in bringing light to your house. You can check out Ellementry for the best lights.

Over a table

The table is the center of the hall where different activities can be performed like dinner, family discussion, coffee/tea, etc. Thus, hang a fixture from the ceiling and let it create some focused light on the table. The purpose must be known while deciding the light distance from the table. In general, it must be 28-30 inches high from the surface of the table. 

The pendant light can be fixed with a dimmer that can facilitate the light intensity. The hanging pendant light can be in a series or can be a large pendant with dimmer to manage the light intensity according to the task. For dinner lower the intensity and for tasks like reading and gathering the light can be kept bright. 

Pendant light for dining table

Dining time is the best time and most probably the only time when a family gathers. The light you bring to your house needs to bring positivity and spread happiness in each corner of the house. On a long dining table, a series of small pendant lights can be used while for small or round dining tables a large drum style pendant light can work better. 

The pendant lights add spread effectively over the table and make dining special. Metal pendant wide and Metal pendant flat from Ellementry can be the best choice of pendant light for your dining table. 

Trending way of lighting the hallway

The entrance of the house or the hallway needs some special look. The entrance of your house poses the first impression on the guests and welcomes harmony through that. It must be decorated in some special way to bring light to your house. Hanging fixtures in a linear manner will spread light through the hallway. 

Hang some round pendant lamps from the collection of Ellementry in your hallway and spread spotlights throughout the hallway. 

Kitchen platform with focus light

The most important segment of the house that brings health and harmony in everyone’s life is the kitchen. It needs special attention while deciding how to bring light to your house. The kitchen serves multiple purposes and requires light for making each process easy. On kitchen platform focus light is highly recommended as it helps in cooking and other kitchen chores easy. 

Pendant lights with a clear focus are best for the kitchen. The light must provide sufficient task light and should hang above 28-30 inches from the platform. Bell-shaped pendant lights are best for kitchens and serve their purpose effectively. Ellementry have a different metal bell-shaped pendants that suit your kitchen best. 

Living room with light in the center

Chandeliers are the center of attraction of any living room. People use to hand large-sized chandeliers to bring maximum brightness and light to the center of their house. But these are a traditional mode of bringing light to your house. If you want something trendy that will provide light in the center of the living room then add some wide pendant lights. 

Wide pendant lights can be hung in the living room that adds a trendy look and spread light throughout the room. The wide pendant lights are available at Ellementry which are perfect for trendy living rooms. 

Bedside light for cozy environment

Entering the bedroom is the happiest moment after a tiring hectic day. After a hectic day all, you need a coffee, a good book and some soothing light to relax. Earlier, for beside side wall lanterns were the only type of light that could spread some coziness through the light in the room. But these days, adding narrow pendant lights are best for creating a relaxing environment in the room. These pendant lights can be fixed with dimmer to adjust the light according to the mood and work. For reading, light can be increased and can be dimmed for relaxing. 

Narrow shaped pendant lights are available in the decor collection of Ellementry that add special attraction to your bedroom. 

Light on mirrors in the bathroom

It is very important to get ready in perfect light. Bathroom lights are generally of low intensity and do not serve its purpose in full. People prefer to have perfect light in the bathroom to get a perfect look. Mirror lights are generally fixed at some angles on the mirror but that only provides the light that is required for makeup. 

For light to get dressed perfectly fixtures can be added in the bathroom. Pendant lamps with bell and narrow shapes are best suited for bathrooms. Ellementry has the best pendant lamps for the bathroom fixtures. 

All these tips will help you in bringing adequate light to your house with perfect shaped pendant lights. The pendant lights are perfect for almost every room and corner of your house, so add some beautiful metallic pendant lights. Check out the Ellementry website for trending pendant lights for your house decor.

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