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A kitchen is said to be the central hub of the house which is in action most of the time. It witnesses many tasks from homework, to list-making to proper meal preparations. For all these things to happen effortlessly you need the right amount and type of light in your kitchen. Lighting in the kitchen comprises of an array of patterns from accent to ambient to task lights. Every place in the kitchen must have the designated pattern of light to maximize the use of that place. You can find numerous patterns of pendant lamps for your house at Ellementry at marginal prices. Lighting comes in four basic forms and all of them can be mixed and applied to your kitchen.

Task Lights

With the help of task lights, you can illuminate a particular area properly so that you can work safely. Places in the kitchen that must have task lights are cabinetry and over your island so that you can safely prepare your meal or read recipe or spot an ingredient on a shelf. You will use task light over your island depending on whether it has a cooktop or is a workplace or just a place to hang out. If your island is a workplace then you can go for a combination of recessed downlighting and hanging lights. If it's just a place to hang out, you can go with a dimmer version of task light like a simple mini pendant lamp.

Ambient lights

This is the main source of light in your kitchen apart from natural light. It fills the lack of natural light. It should be cast in kitchen as evenly as possible from your ceiling. For this kind of lighting, you can use a combination of lights such as chandeliers, pendant lights, recessed lights, and flush mounts. This type of light brightens the entire area rather than targeting a particular spot.

Accent Lights

These lights are used to highlight the favorite areas/spots in your kitchen. These lights are generally put under the cabinet and on a particular object and area that you need to accentuate. Putting accent light under the cabinet fully illuminates the counter space. Common under cabinet lighting are strip lights and puck lights. If you have a beautiful painting or decor object in your kitchen and want it to highlight you can always put an accent light to focus it. Common kitchen accent lights are:-

  • Recessed This - This light can work anywhere but it is used especially when you want to highlight an open shelf and glass cabinet.
  • Over cabinet- These lights are placed between the ceiling and cabinets. They are used to provide even illumination to emphasize kitchen decor and architecture.
  • Toekick lights- These lights provide an illuminated pathway to differentiate the kitchen from other rooms of the house.

Decorative Lights

These lights are totally used for decoration purposes. For these lights, you can select from n numbers of pendant lights available in the market that glow softly and add in your overall kitchen decor. You should visit Ellementry to select from a wide range of pendant lights for your kitchen at nominal prices.

Let us tell you about a few styles of pendant lights that are in trend nowadays.

  • Pendant Lights With Visible Wires - These chic lights come with long hanging wires with them. These give a stylish and modern look to your kitchen.
  • Cage Lights - These lights come with oversized cage pendants with a silver or golden polish. They provide sufficient light and a royal look to your kitchen.
  • Dandelion Chandeliers - These pendants consist of crystal and metalwork that gives a classy, gorgeous and yet modern look to your kitchen.
  • Slim Steel Fixtures- These types of pendants lamps goes with almost all types of kitchen decor. These pendants are made of steel and they provide a modern smart look to your kitchen.
  • Industrial Bulb - In this type of pendant lamp, a large bulb is suspended in a simple case. This type of light gives a subtle and smart look to your kitchen.
  • Modern Lamp Shades - These are contemporary pendant lamps that are available in various materials. They gel up with almost all designs of the kitchen. These are tried and tested pendant styles to give a modern and trendy look to your kitchen.
  • Multiple Edison Bulbs - This is an unusual design which comprises of a series of Edison bulbs put in a glass cage. This pendant light provides bright light on the area above which it is hung. It gives an unconventional and smart look to your kitchen.
  • Concrete Pendants - In these pendants, the shade is made up of concrete. They go well with rustic as well as contemporary kitchen decor.
  • Antique Pendants - These types of pendant lamps come in period design. They are available in metal and glass. These types of lamps give a classy look to your kitchen.
  • Massive Pendants - These lights come in huge sizes. They blend well in big size kitchen. They brightly illuminate the area they are hung on. They leave a big influence on your kitchen and home decor.
  • Flush Mount Cluster - A flush-mount light is typically a dome-shaped light fixture that's mounted flush to the ceiling. A semi-flush-mount light is more decorative, and the base of the light extends just below the ceiling. In Flush mount cluster pendant, a group of flush mount lights is brought together to form one pendant lamp.
  • Long hanging pendants - These types of pendant lamps come with long wires. They are perfect for a kitchen with a high ceiling.

You can always visit Ellementry for buying lights for your house at nominal prices. Before selecting any type of pendant lamp for your house you need to keep in mind a few points. 

Multipurpose Light

If you can not accommodate too many pendant lamps in your kitchen you should always go for a lamp that serves more than one purpose. Many such pendant lamps are available nowadays that work both as task light and ambient light. Always keep in mind the purpose for which you need the light and then select the appropriate lamp for your house.


Before finalizing any pendant lamp for your house always keep in mind till which height you want your lamp to hang. This depends on for what purpose you need that lamp. Task lights should not be placed too high otherwise they will not provide sufficient light on the targeted area. They are usually hung 30-36 inches above the counter. Too big pendant lamps above the counter can interfere in the conversation so most people go with slim design pendants. Use long narrow opening shades for bulbs so that if they are hung higher the bulb is not exposed to anyone. Decorative lamps can be placed higher so that their light remains subtle and provide elegance to the kitchen. The general rule to select a pendant lamp is that it should hang 12-18 inches below the ceiling for the room with a height of 8 feet. For rooms with height higher than that we should add 3 inches per foot in length of the pendant. Pendant lamps with decorative chains can be hung a little below so that the maximum of the chain is visible.

Decide The Style

You should always decide for a pendant lamp that blends well with the overall decor of your kitchen. In open-plan kitchen, the lamp should complement the decor of the other part of the room. A mismatched style lamp can leave a negative impact on your room decor. When you are going for a mix-match theme select pendant lamps with something in common like finish or color or any other factor so that they can relate at some level. At last, there should be a theme in the overall decor of your house.


No matter how beautifully you decorate your kitchen/house, without proper lighting it will never leave an impression. Installing a perfect pendant lamp in your house will not only provide you with the required light but will also add an extra feature to your house decor. Nowadays several style pendant lamps are available in different materials, select the one that best suits your purpose and decor of the house. You can always find trendy pendant lamps on Ellementry at marginal prices. 

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