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Pendant lamps are very popular task lights and these days are used often due to its versatility. People are replacing their chandeliers with pendant light. There is such a variety of designs available in pendant lamps that they can be placed anywhere in the house depending upon their style and design. These lights are not only placed for a better lighting effect but also for decorative purposes. They can be placed anywhere in the house if you are solely using them for decorative purposes. Pendant lamps have the ability to enhance the beauty of any place with some lighting effects. You can use it for kitchen lighting, bathroom vanity lighting, dining room lighting, bedroom lighting, living room lighting, and entryway lighting. Here we share with you a pendant lamp guide for your home decor. You can check out some of the best pendant lamps on Ellementry.


  • Kitchen Lighting: Pendant lamps solve the purpose of task lighting and the kitchen is one of the popular places for pendant lamps to install. It can be done in multiple ways. For example, pendant lights can be installed over a breakfast table, kitchen island or counter table. They are perfect for the work tables in the kitchen and add grace to the kitchen with their stylish designs. It can also be hung near the kitchen window. The mini pendant lamps look graceful and are perfect for the kitchen



  • Bathroom lighting: Pendant lamps also work well when it comes to bathroom vanity lighting. Your bathroom may look boring with the basic bathroom lighting but using some mini pendant lamps can completely change the look of your bathroom. You can place them near the mirror with some other kinds of lighting effects too as pendant lamps won’t be enough if you are using the mirror for combing or putting up makeup. Because for such purposes light should fall directly on your face not from above. 


  • Dining Room Lighting:  Pendant lamps look great in a dining room, just above the dining table. They will also work well in case you have a dining table in your kitchen too. It is important to illuminate the table where different types of cuisines will be served and pendant lamps are perfect for decorative illumination. For a smarter way, one can install dimmer switches where lighting can be adjusted as per the mood and the gathering. For example, you can make the lights bright when there is a formal gathering and it can be made dim when there is a romantic dinner date. For beautiful pendant lamp options, you can visit our Ellementry website. How about a gunmetal round-shaped lamp over your dining table? It will add raw charm to your decor. It is handcrafted and easy to clean. A little warm water, mild soap, and a soft sponge work wonders for them. You can also wipe it with a clean damp cloth. 


  • Bedroom Lighting: Usually in bedrooms, we have table lamps on each side of the bed. It is a common way of setting in the bedrooms. But with pendant lamps, you can completely change the look of your room and can even create more space in your room. Pendant lamps not only give stylish look to your room but help you get rid of side tables and let your room breathe a little more. Using dimmers with pendant lamps in the bedroom is highly recommended as your bedroom is the place to relax and sleep. As per our pendant lamp guide, using such lamps makes your room look lovely and unique. Think about three cylindrical pendant lamps on the side of your bed. You can also mix and match by keeping a table lamp on one side of your bed and having mini pendant lamps on the other side.  


  • Living room lighting: Living room is a larger area in the home as compared to other areas. Multiple lightings are required in this area of the house. Pendant lamps can be used in a variety of ways. You can use it over the centre table, over a sofa or a chair in the corner or you can also place it near the fireplace. It looks more like a showpiece in the living room than a source of light. 


  • Entryway lighting: Whether our house is big or small, we have an entryway in our house and we spend a lot of time and money decorating that area of our house as someone has rightly said that the first impression is the last impression. Pendant lamps can be successfully placed in such places and enhance the beauty of the house. Since a wide variety of pendant lamps are available, one can choose the right one which goes well with the theme of the home decor. 


  • Reading Corner: Many us of have a reading corner in the house where we stack up some books and magazines to read. As it is usually a very small area in the house, pendant lamps work best for such places. A pendant lamp will make that area look graceful as well as solve the purpose of lighting in that area. As per our pendant lamp guide, a gold-metal pendant flat lamp will look gorgeous occupying a small space in your reading area. You can also try using mini pendant lamps, just two to three of them together to fill that space in case you don’t want to go for a single one. 


  • Children’s room: You can also give a tinge of style to the children’s room by just adding a pendant lamp over a bunk bed or a cot of an infant. It will give an artistic flair to the room. These pendant lamps will be useful for bedtime stories reading for the children. A yellow coloured glass pendant lamp of a flower shape will definitely look attractive in your child’s room over the bed or near the window.  

We hope that our pendant lamp guide will guide your path towards beautiful pendant lamps for your home decor. Happy lighting! 

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