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Embellishing the house with several different accent lighting to bring in some depth and character is well and good, but utterly useless if you don't know how to install them in the house. There are several different accent lighting options available from pendant lights to false ceiling light strips. 

Out of all the options, pendant lights are the most luxurious ones that transform the space with minimal effort. The pendant light is also one of the only lightings that don't take up the wall or floor space as it is suspended directly from the ceiling, so it's perfect for small rooms with not a lot of floor space to work with when it comes to decor

There are several different kinds of pendant lights in various shapes, designs, and sizes available in the market. The newest trends in pendant fixtures comprise a cluster of them acting as task lighting over kitchen islands or dining area, entryway, study space, etc. 

The type of light bulbs used in the pendant lighting is customizable to space and its requirements. It can be warm or cool or multicoloured, smart light, etc. The pendants also can be found in many different styles with different finishes on the shade like metal, glass, plastic, ceramic or even wood. 

Pendants with beautiful metallic finishes in different design styles are available on Ellementry. So it will be easy to find a pendant light that is perfect for the room, and it's more convenient to shop online than roaming the streets trying to find great light. We offer various kinds of pendant lamps and even table lamps if hanging lights are not your thing. We also provide instructions that would help to install pendant light

There are many things to know before tackling the installation process and here are some of the issues you should take into consideration:

  • A pendant light typically hangs 12-20 inches from typical 8-foot ceiling height and for each extra foot of height an additional 3 inches has to be considered. 
  • If lights have to be closer to the target area, then estimate the hanging height to be 30-36 inches. 
  • Installing a dimmer switch and connecting it to the light will be useful later on. 

Apart from this prerequisite knowledge, there are other steps people are required to take before the installation process. 

If sufficient prep work has been done before the day of the installation, then it makes things way more comfortable. 

  • Remove the contents of the pendant light from the box that it came in and the fixtures.
  • Remember to cut off the power supply at the moment of requirement. 
  • Remove and set up all the pieces that come with the furniture and unpack dem.
  • Ensure that all the hard work that you put in to fix it, it is worth it.
  • Be sure to remove the old light fixture before setting up the new one by removing the wire connectors after making sure the power is off using a voltage tester. 
  • After disconnecting the old wires, the next step is to remove the base and then trim pieces. 
  • Light fixtures can be quite heavy, so it's best to make sure to anchor it on a beam or support to secure the installation. 
  • Once all these prep work has been completed, finish by tightening all the screws in the electrical box. 

Now it is time to Install pendant light in the space. Here’s a step by step guide for installing a pendant light:

  • The first step would be to connect all the wires hanging from the junction box with the wires from the light fixture. Get help from someone to hold the light fixture while you remove the insulation tape and tie the wire ends together to join them. 
  • Make sure to screw on the wire nuts and secure them on tightly to the base.
  • Always connect the ground wire, which is either green or bare copper, to the ground screw by wrapping around it in the junction box. 
  • Straighten out the look by pushing all the wires in the junction box. 
  • Now we can prep the mounting brackets along with the screws for the next step which is to mount the fixture.
  • Screw and secure the fixture in the bracket to make sure everything is sturdy and won't fall apart. 
  • With the general placement set up, it's time for the finishing touches like installing the shade or dome of the pendant, inserting a light bulb of your choice, etc. 
  • Check if the light works and that the fixture has been appropriately secured by turning on the power. 

When installing any pendant light, it's crucial to ensure that the fixture doesn't disturb you in your daily life activities because otherwise, it won't be worth it. 

Often installing a light fixture by yourself will be cheap, but there are a lot of factors to consider when calculating the overall cost of installation. 

If you do the complete work of procuring the light fixtures and installing, then you save nearly hundreds of dollars on the whole, so it's essential to think about the bigger picture. 

However, if you don't have the confidence that you can install it by yourself, then you can enlist the help of a friend to help you out, or if you are entirely sure that you can't do it for them, it's ok to hire a professional handyman to get the work done. 

Visit Ellementry to buy chic and stylish pendant lights.

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