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Ice buckets are an excellent addition to any party, as anyone would go crazy for wine with ice cube fillings in a cocktail party. Almost all of the drinks mix well with ice except Champagne. Bartenders consider ice buckets as an essential barware that helps them in offering the drinks to the guests with so much hospitality. It does not matter the number of drinks you serve to your guests. 

Serving them with grace adds so much professionalism to a bartender's job as the presentation skills is much expected. In that line, barware is very much important for attracting the guests in keeping them engaged throughout the party. Keeping the ice handy is essential to run the party smoothly as it not only chills the drink but also provides an enhanced taste to the drink. 

A sure choice to attract the guests by growing their interest to visit your bar regularly. A good bartender is someone who stocks enough amount of ice in huge ice buckets and, keeps it convenient for the customers near the table to make them feel at ease for helping themselves at the parties. This is because running out for ice now and then would be annoying as there is a huge demand for ice in parties. Ice and wines go hand in hand in any cocktail party. That is the reason it is crucial to have enough backups as they make essential barware for parties.

Shop Varieties of Ice Buckets at Ellementry

At Ellementry, we provide you with different types of ice buckets that are made from stainless steel to prevent rusting of the buckets. Buy ice buckets from our store at reasonable prices with free shipping anywhere in India. We have different sizes of ice buckets to fulfil your needs resulting in an enjoyable party experience. 

Everything is eye-catchy and, makes you realize that this elegant barware is the hero of your party in grabbing the attention of guests with its design and performance. Ice buckets with tongs are also a good option to choose to make the pouring of wine hassle-free for bartenders. 

Serve the Drinks Cool with our Unique Ice Buckets

Choose ice buckets either with a lid or without lid based on your needs to rock the party. It is recommended to choose ice buckets with lids in case if you are storing a large amount of ice to prevent melting of the ice and to serve some interesting drinks to the guests filled with ice throughout the party.

A professional bartender is a great mixologist and carries the ice gracefully no matter what. But, for a normal bartender or a beginner in the profession, carrying the ice can be challenging. Ice buckets from Ellementry are bliss to such newbies as it eases the process of carrying the ice with handy bar tools from our store. 

Add more power to your barware by adding unique collections of ice buckets from Ellementry.

Pros of Serving Ice in Ice Buckets

Ice is an essential ingredient to enjoy any cool drink. Add the required amount of ice to the drink and shake vigorously to bring that unique taste. There is a myth that ice is used only for cooling the drink in parties. Apart from that, ice fulfils the purpose of making the drink better one as it melts and adds a nice base to the wine. This also melts other fruit or added flavours in the drink resulting in a delightful wine experience for the consumer. Ice, when melts, has the fine nature of becoming a part of the mix, which is a key benefit of adding it to your drinks.

Get a nice appreciation from the guests for this warm gesture of serving the ice with modern ice buckets. This can cheer your day and adds reliability to you as a bartender, making the clients to choose you for their needed services the next time they visit the bar. Store as much ice as you can as more the ice the more astonishing your party would be.

Types of Ice Buckets to Choose from Ellementry


  • Matt Silver Ice Bucket Large


 This is a chic ice bucket with a compact design to give a classy touch to the bartender's ice pouring skills. The ice bucket comes with a strong wooden base that makes it rest on the table with comfort. It does not leave any harsh impression on the table. The bucket adds so much charm to your bar table, drawing the attention of the guests.

A reliable product from our store that is purely handcrafted and food-safe that is worth buying to make your party even more exciting.


  • Glossy Silver Ice Bucket Large


Choose the glossy bucket that is large enough to store an adequate amount of ice to serve the guests throughout the party.  The metal plate in the bucket helps in reducing condensation of ice in carrying the ice around gracefully. Make sure you clean the ice bucket after use every time to have a sustained life of this charming barware.


  • Glossy Silver Ice Bucket Small


If you are planning for a short time party, then make sure you choose these glossy silver buckets from our store, which are compact. They can fit in any table due to their sizing and add more elegance to your party. A right barware to meet your party needs completely.

This is also handcrafted and proved to be food-safe as per international standards. Enjoy an uninterrupted party with these ice buckets that adds more vigour to your party. 


Purchase stunning barware essentials from Ellementry via online to roll the party tonight by giving perfect entertainment to the guests. Adorn your bar with the best ice buckets from our store that are ideal for all night outs by adding absolute sophistication to your events. You can check out our physical store to see the refreshing ice buckets that would urge you to buy one to embrace your cocktail parties.

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