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If you’ve recently remodelled your home kitchen, chances are you are on the lookout for unique serve ware for your pantry. However, if you are budget conscious then the best thing you can buy for your kitchen is serving bowls. 

Now, why do you think serving bowls can help you out?  

Well, we will tell you! 

Serving bowls can be your best friends and the reasons are aplenty! Firstly, the serving bowls are aesthetically appealing and therefore, if you love to cook, these bowls will make your food presentation look good. Secondly, serving bowls are versatile. Thus, you can use these serving bowls for plenty of purposes like breakfast, dinner, and food art. Thirdly, you can add a lot of items inside the serving bowls for creating a balanced diet. 

Therefore, if you are using serving bowls, you do not need to invest in excess dishware. As a result, big-serving bowls can save your money. Fourthly, serving bowls are stylish, easy to maintain, and are ideal for modern kitchen aesthetics. 

Lastly, serving food in these bowls will mean less amount of dishware to do, as these can stock up a variety of items.  

On that note, now that you know why kitchen lovers adore serving bowls, don’t you think you should invest in one. What's more? If you do decide to buy serving bowls, we have some of latest serving bowl trends you can follow up on! 

Serving Bowl Trends all Kitchen Expert Swears By! 

Food Trends: 


  • Serving Rice Bowl Recipes 


There is nothing more delectable than rice bowl recipes. These are gorgeous to look at, if the presentation is done right, and taste even better. The good news is that serving bowls are ideal for rice bowl recipes. These concretely hold all the ingredients categorically, that makes each item stand out from the rest.  

Additionally, you can use the serving bowls for marinating, mixing salads, holding ingredients and more. What's more? Most bowls made of ceramic or glass are microwave approved. Therefore, if you wish to warm up your food, these make it very easy. Now, you can cook and serve a variety of meals in your rice bowls.  

Some of the most popular dishes to use in these bowls are: 

  • Spicy Sesame Rice Bowl 
  • Peanut Tofu Buddha Bowl   
  • Asian Chicken Rice Bowl   
  • The Vegan Buddha Bowl   
  • Steak Fajita Bowl with Garlic Lime Rice   
  • Chicken Fried Rice Bowl   



  • Colourful Breakfast Bowls  


Most of us, prefer to have breakfast in bowls. Now, generally, people eat things like oats, cereals, pudding and others in bowls. But, as you already know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, eating bland food can make breakfast feel mundane. But you can still have healthy food, which is not boring. 

Many millennials are having colourful breakfast bowls to start their day. Now, as part of these bowls, people are having colourful fruits, cereals, oats, veggies and lean protein. These items help the body gain necessary nutrients, which aid in metabolism and improve immunity. What's more? The colourful bowls look appetizing, and bright, which makes a person happy and energetic. 

As part of the colourful breakfast bowl recipes, many people are trying out items like: 

  • Smoothie and berry bowls. 
  • Fruit salad bowls with chia seeds. 
  • Chia and flaxseed pudding bowls. 
  • Mango-pear smoothie bowls 
  • Vegan banana split bowls 
  • Chickpea scrambled breakfast bowl 
  • Quinoa fruits breakfast bowl 



  • Smoothie Bowls


As part of healthy snacking, many people are opting for a smoothie in bowls. These smoothie bowls are incredibly nutritious, very filling and are thicker. As a result, these smoothie bowls are more filling and work excellently to curb unnecessary curbing. 

What’s more? For gym enthusiast and fitness experts, smoothie bowls are the best as these help in building muscles, providing energy and loads of nutrients. Additionally, you can serve smoothie bowls made of veggies, fruits, nuts, chia seeds and more. On that note, here are some ideal smoothie bowls you can try for curbing unhealthy cravings: 

  • Almond Butter and Raspberry Smoothie Bowl 
  • Strawberries 'n' Cream Smoothie Bowl 
  • Pineapple, Banana, and Peach Smoothie Bowl 
  • Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl 
  • Peach, Orange, and Berry Smoothie Bowl 
  • Chocolaty Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie Bowl 
  • Blueberry, Spinach, and Pineapple Smoothie Bowl 

Material Trends  


  • Ceramic Bowls  


A rising trend among serve ware is using ceramic bowls. Ceramic bowls are quaint, strong, beautiful and feature contemporary colours and designs, which are ideal for modern homes. What's more? These are inherently beautiful and the ones featuring hand-marbled textures are the epitome of panache. Additionally, these bowls can be used to serve any type of meals thanks to their versatile nature. Further, these are also microwave-friendly, so that’s a big bonus point for using these bowls! 

What's more? Using these ceramic bowls, one can decorate their food in any way they like. Additionally, you can easily keep these against any beautiful and minimalistic backdrops for clicking artful food images that look flamboyant yet stylish. 

Now, there are many kinds of ceramic bowls you can buy from. But here are picks for popular ceramic bowls: 

  • Eggshell shaped ceramic nut bowls 
  • Indigo stamp ceramic bowls 
  • White marble ceramic bowls 
  • Indigo lush ceramic bowls 
  • Polka dotted ceramic bowls 



  • Mango Wood Bowls 


The next most popular bowl ware trend is using mango wood bowls. These feature a dark and warm rustic look, which are ideal for modern millennial kitchens and tables. You can serve a plethora of items on these mango wood bowls. The main perks of the bowls are, firstly, these are pretty to look at and secondly, these are less susceptible to damage and breakage.  

Additionally, serving tropical dishes in these mango wood bowls, completely cater to food aesthetics. For example, if you live in the warmer continents of India and Singapore, you can serve items like curries, and tropical fruits in these bowls to make the items look good.  

Apart from that, you can also serve traditional desserts like halwa, gulab jamun, ice cream and more in these mango wood bowls. Now, here are a few popular options to pick from when you’re looking to buy mango wood bowls: 

  • Black tribal mango wood bowl 
  • Tribal mango wood bowl with stand 
  • Brown tribal mango wood bowl 

Now, apart from mango wood, you can also buy alternatives like Sheesham wood bowls or terracotta bowls. These feature moderately similar aesthetics and designs and are very pretty to look at. 

Well, there you go! These few points sum up the latest bowl ware trends no kitchen expert can ignore. Now, depending on your needs, invest in ceramic or wooden bowls. Ceramic ones are microwave friendly but, wooden ones last longer. So, invest in accordance with your needs and pick a good website to order your items from. To do this, simply read the website testimonials before hitting the buy button. Among the tons of websites available, if you want a suggestion, you can pick websites like Ellementry. They have the best collection!  Happy Shopping!

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