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If you are a social media addict, chances are you spend more than 2 hours on Instagram each day. Honestly, why wouldn’t you! Instagram literally sells dreams. It showcases food, lifestyle and travel images, clicked in an aesthetically appealing way.

Some people also use Instagram to post ephemeral content and thus, it instils major FOMO among millennial and Generation Z.

Now, one of the core sections of lifestyle, and hence, there are tons of people posting blogs and pictures on decorating homes, using DIY means to make homes look artful and so much more.

Therefore, if you fall into the category that is obsessed with the Instagram lifestyle feed, then this blog might intrigue you.Today, we are going to countdown certain Instagram friendly tips to decorate your home. With these tips, you can make any room in your house, look like art. Whether it is minimalism, abstract or noveau, these DIY tips will transform any boring space and make it look flamboyant.

So, without wasting time, let’s learn the DIY tips for home décor for turning your home into the epitome of panache.

  1. Fairy Lights on Curtains or Walls

    Fairy lights are small LED lights, which look glamorous when arranged in sequence. These can make even a mundane room, glow. For example, if you have a small room, with plain boring walls, you can install fairy lights on the walls or on one side of your curtain.

    This will make the room shine, and dimly lit. You can then place a few glasses of wine, a few cushions on the bed, with a laptop streaming Netflix and click some aesthetically appealing images. The entire set up will look dreamlike and thus, it will be a good way to showcase your room on your Instagram feed.

    What’s more? If you have wall art, the fairy lights will work to amplify the wall art you. You can also add a handmade lamp or vase, from websites like Ellementry, to give your room an ultra-fashionable vibe.

  2. Keep Spices in Big Transparent Containers

    Another form of art is clicking images of a well-stocked kitchen. Now, how to make a boring kitchen shelf attractive is by using transparent jars.

    You can stock up a plethora of spices and lentils in these jars and arrange these in sequence on your kitchen cupboard. The entire set up will look extremely pretty, beautiful and will also cater to the aesthetic eye.

    Thus, if you use the right lighting and click some fantastic images, you can post it on your Instagram feed. This will make the feed look pretty and you will also get loads of likes for your innovative images.

    You can also do dim light photography, with the spice jars, featuring the above-mentioned fairy light for dream sequence photography

  3. DIY Wooden Shelves for Photo Frames

    In our generation, we often store our pictures in our cell phones or our social media feed. Gone are the days, people simply take Polaroid and freeze them.

    There is a rustic feel to adding photos and this is why we have a good photo idea for you. You can click a picture within a picture sequence.

    For this, you need to a wooden rack and attach it to your wall. Ensure the wall is properly coloured in any shade possible. You can go for grey, or yellow, depending on the mood you wish to create.

    Now, once done frame some Polaroid and hand these above the wooden rack, and click some nice pictures of these. The pictures will undoubtedly look fantastic in your room, and even give it a stylish edge.

    The best part is that these are very much Instagramable and thus, you can post these in your lifestyle feed with the right hashtags for exposure.

  4. Acrylic Paint for the Walls

    Wall art is a cheap way to add some life, colour and texture to your boring home walls. This is why this year, why don’t you opt for painting your home walls to add some beauty into them.

    What’s more? Painting the walls is one of the best ways to spend time with your family. It also will bring to the surface whatever, creative skills you have.

    Additionally, wall paint on boring grey or white walls will only work to heighten their features and make your room look warm and pretty.

    This is why you should opt for wall art if you wish to make your room or bedroom Instagram friendly. You can draw pictures of fairies, birds, abstract art and so much more. Once you do, you can add little details like a lampshade, or a wall clock, which feature minimalism.

    This way, when you click your image against this beautiful backdrop, your room will look authentic, real and feature a personal touch, which can describe your personality.

    Additionally, for your Instagram feed, this type of room will also look very fashionable and hence, you can get many followers.

  5. Rack of Shelves

    Adding racks of shelves beside your bed is also a good idea to glam up your bedroom. You can have a fluffy bed, with cover and some cushions to give it a homely feel.

    Now, besides your bed, you can ask someone to attack racks. Total 3-4 racks in sequence can be placed, and you can keep tons of attractive accessories on these racks. For example, you can keep books, scented candles, an alarm clock, a few potted plants and so much more.

    These will make your racks look authentic, minimalistic and very pretty. What’s more? If you have fairy lights in your room curtains, it will look absolutely phenomenal in the dark.

    Thus, clicking images of this room will also make your social media feed look good. Not to mention, this innovative touch to your bedroom, is great for your lifestyle feed.

  6. Circular Mirror to a Plain Wall

    One of the best ways to decorate a plain wall is adding a circular mirror. This circular mirror adds a touch of drama and panache to the walls and hence, it will make the plain wall look fun. You can also add some cupboards or drawers under this mirrored wall to give your room some extra layering or texture.

    Thus, when you decorate the room in a minimalistic way and click its pictures, it will look simple, classic and elegant.

    On that note, these home décor tips are ideal for turning your home into a double-tap paradise. So, follow these now, and make your room Instagram worthy. For more such décor blogs and ideas, you can check out many décor websites. For example, Ellementry.

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