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So you have finally decided to pay attention to your dining table. Hopefully, not after receiving a terrible comment during dinner with your friends and family at how outdated or tarnished your table looks. If that isn’t the case, then it will never be because these items that we are suggesting for the dining table are going to save you from being in that embarrassing position ever. Today, we will show you why these items are essential for your dining table. You must visit Ellementry to check out some of the best table linens to keep your table clean and trendy.

A Multi-Surface Cleaner: If you are looking to restore freshness, the first item you need in your dining table is a multi-surface cleaner, preferably one containing Apple cider. Apple cider has proven to be a powerful cleaning agent with activity against some common house-hold microbes like Staphylococcus aureus and E.coli. Although, when used alone apple cider is not an effective alternative to commercial disinfectants.  It can be used in the period before you purchase items for your dining table. All you have to do is mix I cup of water with a half cup of vinegar, and there you have a good cleanser. Apple cider is not only a tough stain and dirt remover but can get rid of any persisting odor. This cleaner can be used for glass, marble and wood surfaces. They can also be used for other surfaces like floors and faucets. In addition to a sparkling surface, they provide your home with a neutral refreshing scent.

Coasters: Are these items necessary for your dining table? Of course, and they have been around since the 18th century where it played an integral role in England’s dining table etiquette. Today, the most common reason they are used is that it protects the table surfaces from watermarks. Instead of wasting time to wipe away those marks later, why not prevent insidious watermarks by using a coaster. Coasters can also protect your hot tea or drink from leaving a burn on your table surface. An alternative to a coaster in protecting your table surface from a burn is a Placemat. Placemats can be used together with coasters to prevent injury to your table surface. When looking for items for the dining table and ways to revamp your home, it’s good to consider that the little details are what make the difference in your home life.

A good place to start looking is of course Ellementry. We have some of the best coasters and placemats for you.

Scented Candles: I promise that all of these items are must-haves, but a scented candle is a must, must-have if you are not just looking to keep things clean and stylish but want to create a particular ambience at your dining table.

These items come in different scents, and you can have your dining table smelling like citrus or the salty seaside. They are also very useful as aromatherapy and can have a calming effect. I recommend everyone to try a scented candle and if this item becomes your thing then welcome to the fragrance obsessed club. Placemats go hand in hand with scented candles, it’s prudent to use them because they prevent scented candles from ruining your table surface with wax or burn.

Now I am going to solve the major complaint people have regarding scented candle which is cost.

You are lucky because there is an affordable alternative here on Ellementry.

Placemats: If you’ve ever wished a scratch or burn on your table would disappear, or wondered how you could make them less obvious, then you are in need of a placemat.

In the first place, these underrated gems can prevent you from tarnishing the surface of your table. They lift the table beautifully and serve as a cushion for any wear and tear while bringing in their charm and beauty to your dining room. They also help reduce noise that occurs when placing a ceramic bowl or cup on the hard surface of your table.

Also, placemats can keep hideous marks on your table away from prying eyes. If you keep getting questions about a certain stain or scratch then it’s time to go shopping for placemats. They can be made from cotton, lace or silk and when matched with other table accessories like tablecloths can change the appearance of your dining room.

Most people prefer handcrafted placemats because they are more eco-friendly and sustainable like the one from Ellementry. It is made of cotton and can indeed, make your table look beautiful.

Flowerpots: Another item you need for your dining table is a Flowerpot. I didn’t say a flower but a flower pot also known as a plant pot. Flowers are naturally beautiful and I have nothing against them, they are known to spice up and add beauty to homes and offices but not when you put them in a drab plastic container and call it a day. If you are going to put your favourite plant or flower at the centre of the dining table you have to be ready to invest in a beautiful ceramic plant pot so your dining table decoration does not look like it was forced or an afterthought while you went out on grocery shopping. If you are wondering is it really worth it? Yes, a purposeful reason to get flower pots is that growing a plant or flower has been shown to boost mood, productivity, and creativity while reducing stress and fatigue.

Once you purchase these items you would be ready for a lovely dining room experience with family and friends. So go ahead, and don’t let anything stop you. Other items that you can buy for your table are of course classy table covers, runners, glass water dispensers, ceramic bowls, etc. The list is long. However, only you can decide for yourself and as per your budget, invest in things that seem more important than others to you. Visit Ellementry today to see different items and varieties.

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