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Jars have traditionally been known for preservation purposes typically for pickle and related food items. Pertinent to the airtight facility of storing available content in jars, they tend to be the most chosen option for food preservation, keeping the food items fresh for a longer time. Jars are available in all shapes, sizes, styles, and designs to meet different needs and purposes. Right from peanut butter to jams, from spices to pickles, jars are excellent storage options for all of these.

However, it is essential to know about the various other segments where jars can be used to serve multiple functions flawlessly. Not just from the reuse/recycling point of view, but you can use them in numerous other ways. Learn to use jars beyond the scope you know, here are the top ten ways to do so:

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  • Wind safe holders

    The airtight feature of jars makes them the first choice for preservation. But little did we know that this feature would make the jars appropriate for various uses like wind safe holders. Lighting up candles inside a jar would save them from blowing away by wind and give an exotic touch to the entire arrangement. However, in this case, one must ensure that the glass is heat-tested and suitable for placing candles; otherwise, it may result in the glass cracking. Wind safe holders in the form of jars also reduce the risk of fire and are also excellent decoration pieces.

  • Terrariums and Planters

    Jars can be used as an incredible means for modern plantation trends. In this case, the only requisite is the ability to drill through the glass bottoms to make way for the drainage. For those who love to watch those tiny plants and flowers growing steadily and capture each moment of it while making up for a fabulous decoration through planter or terrarium arrangements, jars are the best takes. These jars also let you create your personalized encapsulated tiny worlds with lots of specifications to add to it.

    From your personal space at home to your offices and gardens, terrariums and planters are the right fit for each of these places.

  • Sewing Kit

    Use jars as sewing kits; it is super convenient and classic. The jar's glass lets the user see through the constituents, thereby making it easy to view sewing supplies and the tiny needles. It is quite organized and convenient to hold onto the otherwise much-scattered sewing supplies. Turning the jar lid into a pincushion can make it even more useful. Jars are the right fit for everything from pickles (achaar) to sewing supplies, speaking of the diversity of uses that they can serve.
  • Cooking and baking kits

    Homemade food or chocolates, in particular, can be a fabulous gifting option. But what do you put in to make it look even more presentable? And right again, jars are the answer. Surprisingly, according to the latest patterns, a lot of gifts and chocolate shops are indulging in using jars as decorative gift holders. Many homemade chocolates, sweets, and other food items can be kept in jars and wrapped beautifully to gift to your loved ones. They make up great presents that leave a large room for variations in decorations, as you wish. You can also gift empty decorated jars as storage options to your friends and family members, helping them keep up with decorative kitchen trends.
  • Storage for kitchen items

    Lots of kitchen items like spices can be easily stored into old jars for a systematic and easy arrangement on kitchen shelves and drawers. Choose jars of matching sizes and shapes to fill them with similar kinds of items to make it look more alluring and impart an organized look to it. You can easily label them using markers, thereby making it easy to categorize and locate. The main benefit of using jars is that you need not hide them in drawers or covered shelves, even if put openly on racks or display, they will not look disorganized; instead, they will give an exotic look to your kitchen décor.
  • DIY beauty products storage

    Doing it yourself is the new fad and indeed a much useful one! You can save on a lot of items if you put in some innovative efforts to make them yourself. Particularly for beauty items, we all are moving towards natural, home remedies for flawless hair and skin. Storing these homemade DIY products can be a daunting task if jars weren't at your rescue. Glass jars are transparent to provide you with easy access and clarity of the product thus stored. Another positive point is that they are airtight and would not let your products go stale. You no longer need to worry about safe storage options; the jars lying idle in your storehouse are the answer.

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  • Flower vase

    Flowers are an evergreen option to decorate your spaces. Not only do they impart positivity but also help embrace a sense of natural beauty in the room. These jars can be decorated in a million numbers of ways to meet your requirements and can cost you so much less than those vases available in the market. It's time you DIY and saves on a lot of money besides creating exclusive décor items for your flowers.

  • Jars as baking utensils

    You can make your personalized bakery items and or the much-loved lasagna in glass jars. These let you make edibles in unique shapes and sizes and help you use the jars for multiple purposes and enhance their utility. Make sure to confirm that the glass is suitable to be heated and to be used as a cookware. Innovative bakery items await you!
  • Takeout option

    Jars can not only be used for storage but can also be used for serving purposes. You can load up jars with soups, sauces, coffee, noodles, tea, etc. You can also pre-decorate the jars to enhance your dinner's look and impress the guests with your creativity. Playing with sauces on the jars' inner surface to design the dishes is another impressive thing to do with it.

Do consider these multiple uses of jars the next time you go jar shopping. Also, do not forget to check for the exceptional quality and variety of jars at

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