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Crafting a cocktail is an art and, the skill needs to be mastered by every host in this modern world to organize a splendid party.

Throwing a versatile cocktail is the simplest way to impress the guests that can be achieved by being passionate about stirring and mixing the drink to give that heavenly taste.

There are certain things to be practised well before getting into the actual process of cocktail making. Ensure the below prerequisites are properly arranged before you are good to go.

  1. Gear up Your Cocktail Tools

Keep the cocktail shakers in handy to avoid any stress during the cocktail preparation. These are obligatory bar accessories for blending the cocktails like a pro and, are very helpful to the hosts too. Practice once before the previous night of the party especially if you have a two-piece cocktail shaker. Other accessories that need to be stocked in the bar are jiggers, blenders, corkscrew, bottle openers, and ice tongs.

Check our website Ellementry to buy some basic come striking cocktail tools that will help you to the job without any interruption.

  1. Have Some Seasonal Fruits

Make it a point to buy fruits of many kinds that are fresh. These can help to make some lemon or grape juice for your guests and serve them as starters.

  1. Stock Up Sugary Items

Stock sugary items like honey, sugar syrup always in your cupboard to give a sweet touch to your homemade cocktails. Add them, in the end, to give a savory taste instead of running down here and there to grab them at the time of actual need.

  1. Store Loads of Ice in Buckets

It is ok to serve cold drinks and beverages at the party to the guests as they would prefer them more.

Warm drinks would be boring for the guests. So, get some ice bags with cubes that are readily available in the supermarkets. Keep them accessible to the table so that the guests can help themselves by adding it if needed. Store as much ice as possible as this is the best way to excite your guests and throw an awesome cocktail party.

  1. Maintain the Balance

Making a cocktail involves so much professionalism as it requires a balance to be achieved between sweetness and sourness.

Too much sourness may spoil the taste of the drink. In case you are uncertain, add too much sweetness to the drink as it can be managed with the sugary taste. Sweetness is more convincing than sourness.

  1. Avoid too Much of Eggs

Adding too much of eggs spoils the taste of the drink. You need to ensure you use only 10-15ml of the egg for every glass of alcohol so that it doesn't overpower the taste of the drink.

  1. Have all the Barware Ready

Barware is important accessories to rock up the cocktail party for the bartenders with so much fun and frolic. Of which, glasses are very important to serve your drinks to attract the guests with an amazing look.

Some must-have glasses in your table are cocktail glasses, rocks glasses, and highball glasses.

  1. Make Use of Measuring Units

A professional bartender is someone who can be a great mixologist in blending the best amount of alcohol with juice with their vast experience that delivers the classic taste. If you are a beginner, use jiggers to measure and pour the alcohol into the glasses until you get to know better.

There are various sizes available in the market like 1 ounce, 1 and a half ounce to simplify your job.

  1. Blend the Mixture Well

After you mix the drinks it is important to shake it well to provide the desired taste to the guests. Shake actively for 30 seconds so that the mixture blends thoroughly and is good enough for serving. Hold the cap tight and, avoid having eye contact with the guests during this time to avoid any unexpected spill.

  1. Keep it Classy

Too much of garnishing would divert the guests that it may deceive the look of alcohol. Your drinks are the show stealers of the day and let them do the talking. Choose impressive glassware from the collection of glasses available at our store to pitch the show by captivating the guests.

Also, serving alcohol in these glasses can promise a unique and real taste to the drinks. Make a decoration that is simple and neat so that the alcohol grabs the attention of anyone in the table.

There are a variety of cocktails that can be served to the guests at the party. Below listed are a few of them that are worth mentioning.


  • Caipiroska

A very simple to make a cocktail with just three ingredients- like, vodka, and sugar. Spray some mint leaves to add some aroma to the drink.


  • Mojito

Mojito is a rum-based cocktail that has the rich essence of mint and lemon. Beat the heat this summer by serving your guests this refreshing cocktail.


  • Cosmopolitan

A sure charmer and a popular cocktail made and served exclusively for impressing girls. Cranberry, lime, and little vodka makes this drink an absolute one.


  • Bloody Mary

Prepare this cocktail filled with a vodka base along with tobacco and slashed tomatoes to make it an excellent drink for the guests.


  • Twisted Whiskey Sour

A perfect drink to grace the get-together events or a casual hang out with friends. This recipe gives the traditional drink an improved taste with the juicy flavours of fruits like orange.


  • Pina Colada

A unique cocktail that will brighten your cocktail party with the soothing taste of creamy coconut and pineapple blended with ice and rum.


  • Sangria

Uplift your cocktail party with this stunning drink that reflects the exact mood of any occasion. This red wine is filled with fruits and liquors and, can be served in any stunning glassware from our store Ellementry to give the refined taste.


  • Margarita

This is one of the classiest cocktails among all and, can turn your party into a grand success. It has got all the goodness of tequila, like, and sugar in a single streak.


  • Screwdriver

A rejuvenating cocktail with a blend of vodka and orange juice added as the key ingredients to deliver the flawless taste. It is an extravagant drink to be included in any party that can be served as a starter to rock the party as it progresses.


Make any cocktail party a lively and grand one by planning it well beforehand and, stocking the bar with all needed accessories to make the bartending job more relaxed. Serving a cocktail as a pro comes with experience and practice which is an accepted fact.

You can plan it in your home in the comfort zone to make invincible cocktails that would throw a splendid party by uplifting the spirits of the guests. Embrace the guests and, let them go awe in your servings that are both visually appealing and tangy to make the visit to your party all worth it.

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