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One of the most trending things among millennial homeowners is investing in a home bar. Now, you might think the idea of a home bar is fancy and costly. But having a home bar has plenty of advantages. 

Firstly, you’ll get to socialize and host at-home parties that are loved by all. Secondly, if you have a mind to relax and enjoy a peaceful languid night to yourself, nothing screams bliss apart from a home bar. 

Apart from this, you can pick your drinking partner, or enjoy a romantic wine and dine with your spouse with customized music. In short, a home bar is one of the best investments to make to use your home space optimally.  

What’s more? Having a home bar automatically makes your home look gorgeous and beautiful. Further, if you have an in-built home bar, your house automatically costs more in the retail market. However, investing in a home bar means you need to cater to the bar tools along with the architecture. 

Therefore, today, this blog will discuss 5 essential bar tools no home bar is complete without. 

So, Let’s Begin: 

1) Glassware 

Having the right glassware is a prerequisite for bars. What's more? You need to invest in the right kind of drinking glasses to enjoy a beverage best. After all, you do not want to drink beer from a cocktail glass, right? Therefore, ensure to stock up on beer mugs, wine glasses, goblets, tequila shot glasses, and whiskey glasses

Among these, you can also invest in - 

  • Rock glasses 

Rock glasses are ideal when it comes to muddling and mixing drinks. For best results use the 6 to 8 fl. Oz for mixing drinks. Just serve the concoction with ice and you have a good drink up your sleeve. 

  • Coupe Glasses 

Coupe glasses are also characterized for 6 to 8 fl. Oz. However, these do not generally need ice to compliment a drink. All you need to do is strain the drink in the glass so that the liquid rests below the rim.  

These glasses are good replacements for martini glasses that tend to spill liquid if moved accidentally. 

  • Collins Glasses 

If you are planning to drink a lot then it is best that you invest in the Collins glass. This one has the capacity to hold 10 to 12 fl. Oz and is ideal for college after parties. You can drink several beverages like the Tom Collins, Gin and Tonic or Screwdriver in these Collins glass. 

2) Cocktail Shakers  

The pinnacle of barware is the cocktail shaker. Without this shaker, you are mostly a college student mixing booze in a cup. Thus, if you want that authentic ‘bartender feel’, you should invest in a cocktail shaker. 

This cocktail shaker mostly comprises of a two- or three-piece body. The two-piece bodied cocktail shaker is called the Boston shaker. This does not have a strainer and comes with a bigger glass and smaller glass. The liquid once mixed needs to be strained before serve. 

The 3-piece cocktail shaker is known as the cobbler shaker. This one comes with the two glasses along with a strainer. The cobbler shaker is the best item to invest in if you want smooth drinks. 

You can also go for handcrafted metal cocktail shakers like copper cocktail shakers. These are aesthetically pleasing to look at and add a touch of panache to home bars. 

3) Bar Spoon  

One thing you should remember to invest in is the bar spoon. The bar spoon is quite different from the regular spoons. For example, if you are using regular spoons to mix your bar drinks, the stirring procedure can damage the delicate bar glasses. 

What's more? The wide mouth of regular spoons often hampers the consistency of a drink. In comparison to that, the long handle along with smaller head helps in creating a circular motion around the mixing glass. 

This dilutes ice and improves the consistency of a bar drink. 

4) Ice Bucket or Wine Cooler 

The wine cooler is another crucial bar tool that a home bar should own. After all, when you are throwing a party and you want to move your drinks to the lawn, it’s a bummer if the drink becomes too warm. Therefore, at that time an ice bucket or a wine cooler can be handy. 

Now, there are many kinds of wine coolers or ice buckets available in the market. However, people generally choose to pick stainless steel ice buckets and for good reason. 

Stainless steel buckets tend to prevent the ice from melting too fast. What's more? If you layer up the bucket with aluminium foil the ice will stay frozen for a long while. 

Now, when you’re adding ice in a bucket ensure they are consistently cut. For example, rectangular pieces of ice look firm and aesthetically appealing too. On that note, if you’re considering buying ice buckets online pick ones from a genuine shop. Good ones generally come under Rs 3,500 in the market. 

5) Muddlers and Juicers 

Summer is around the corner and that means the cocktail season is knocking at the door. Now, as you might be aware many cocktails like pineapple mojito, pina colada, Strawberry Berryoska and others tend to use a lot of tropical fruits. 

However, when you’re crushing or mixing these fruits to extract juices, a muddler can be handy. Moreover, the best muddlers to get are wooden ones. These have blunt handles and provide a ‘no-slip’ grip. Therefore, when you're using a wooden muddler, you can press these as hard as you want to extract juices. 

Apart from these muddlers, at the time you need to extract a lot of juice from fruits. Therefore, the best way to do is by using a juicer. However, when you’re investing in juicers, find a reputed kitchen store that sells authentic products. 

Well, this 5 barware are very essential when it comes to a home bar. So, once you are done with the architecture and interior, invest in these tools to make your bar concrete. 

However, we’re not done yet. To complete the bar, you also need stable spirits. 

So, here’s a short note: 

When it comes to bar spirits you do not need to splurge on the best wines and priceless liquor. Some of the best bars of today simple use good branded wine, scotch, rum, whiskey, gin, vodka, tequila and brandy.  

Therefore, you can pick items like: 

  • Bushmills Black Bush Irish 
  • Bacardi 8 Rum 
  • Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon 
  • White and Red wine 
  • Belvedere Vodka 
  • Blended Scotch 

Apart from that, stock up on some fruit juices, sodas, fresh fruits and you’ve got your own mini bar customized for your home. Isn’t that exciting? Thus, invest now, and find a good home décor website to order all your bar essentials now! 

Well, now that you know about all the things a home bar needs, that’s a wrap! Simply ensure to invest in a good barware store for buying your bar essentials. For best results, you can check out websites like Ellementry! We hope you enjoyed and liked this blog. Cheers!

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