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Your best friend is getting married in a week, and it is your responsibility to throw her bachelorette party! However, with the party only a few days away, you have a lot on your plate. A classic bachelorette requires good food, décor, music, and liquor stash.  

Now, food and decorations can easily be managed if you hire a good contractor. However, if you already have a home bar, it’s pointless to hire a bartender, right?  

Nevertheless, this isn’t your regular party where you simply mix drinks and serve in a glass. This is a bachelorette and that means all your friends are counting on you to make an impression. Therefore, it's time to utilize your home bar to get the best results!  

But if you’ve not used your home bar for a while chances are it is sitting dry. Well, no worries! All you need to do is equip your home bar with the right liquor stash and bar tools. That's right! Without the right bar tools, your drinks will have no flavour, consistency or meaning.  

What's more? If you do not serve good quality booze, then people might say you’re a prude. Anyway, you don’t have to worry! There are still a few days left, so you can easily find out the right bar tools to buy for your overnight bachelorette party.  

In fact, we have just the right bar tools suggestion for you! So, grab a cup of coffee and give this blog 5 minutes. By the end, you’ll surely be making a bar tools shopping list that will get you the best products at affordable rates. 

So, Let’s Begin! 

  • Glassware 

Glassware is very important when it comes to a bar. Without the right kind of glassware, your presentation game is very weak. Let's be honest, you do not want to serve booze to your friends in a plastic cup, especially for an overnight bachelorette party. You want to make an impression, that your best friend will remember. 

Therefore, you should invest in the right kind of glassware for the party. Now, generally for home bars, you can buy the following glassware - 

  • Beer mugs 
  • Tequila and shot glasses 
  • Goblets 
  • Rum and whiskey glasses. 

However, if you want to buy something a fancier, here are a few trends in cocktail glassware, you can check out - 

  • Coupe Glasses 

The ideal mix of retro and modern glassware, coupe glasses are the best options to consider for martinis and cocktails. These can hold up to 6 to 8 FL, and all you require doing is straining the drink so that it rests below the glasses' rim. 

These glasses are a good alternative to martini glasses as the risk of spillage is less! 

  • Collins Glasses 

If you’ve girls in your group who can drink as much as burly men, then you should invest in Collins glasses. These are ideal for drinking whiskey on the rocks and similar beverages. In general, the Collins glass can hold up to 10 to 12 fl. Oz. Some of the best drinks to suit a Collins glass is a Screwdriver, Tom Collins or gin and tonic. 

  • Geometric Glasses 

Geometric glasses are trending when it comes to bar tools. These come in various shapes and sizes and make a drink look classy. There are many kinds of geometric glasses and most can hold up to 6 to 8 fl.  

These are ideal for drinking whisky, vodka and similar beverages. The most popular geometric glasses are oval, or pentagon shaped. You can buy any of these depending on your home bar’s ambience. 

  • Goblets 

If you have got a themed bachelorette, then goblets can be very handy. For example, suppose your friend is a lover of ‘Game of Thrones’, then you can throw her a ‘GOT’ based bachelorette, where you can use goblets to serve red wine. These retro copper goblets are available online in less than Rs.3000 from reputed online stores. 

  • Cocktail Shaker 

Apart from the glasses, the next most important thing to buy for your party is a cocktail shaker. This cocktail shaker might look like nothing, but this object is the key to making you a mixology expert. 

The cocktail shaker comes in a two or three-piece body. The 3-piece cocktail shaker, also known as the cobbler shaker, comes with a strainer. Thus, this is the ideal pick for beginners. When you pour different liquids inside this cocktail shaker and mix it, the ice and flavours become easy to dilute. 

What's more? Thanks to the strainer the residue of the drink is filtered, and you get a smooth beverage in return. Now, if you’ve plans to mix drinks and fruit pulps, it is best that you invest in the cobbler shaker. 

However, if you’re simply mixing juice, ice and booze, you can also get the classic Boston shaker. This one features a two-piece body with a larger glass and a smaller glass. The liquid or ingredients are placed in the larger glass and then covered with the smaller glass. After that, the mixture is shaken to even out the ingredients and smoothen up the concoction. 

Now, depending on your requirements, either pick a Cobbler shaker or a Boston shaker from any reputed online store

When you’re throwing a party, chances are you’ve decided on an amount of alcohol to buy. Therefore, it is crucial that you invest in a classy peg measurer. 

This peg measurer will help you understand how much booze to pour for making a peg or cocktail. What's more? Thanks to this, your recipe won’t taste odd or bland. Additionally, you will prevent yourself from using extra booze that can deplete your liquor stash too soon. 

Now, for best results, you can invest in a sliver-brass peg measure of 60 ml. These feature classic silver lacquering, which are very pleasing to the aesthetic eye. What's more? These are priced less than Rs.1300 and are a one-time investment. 

  • Ice-Buckets 

Last but not the least, ensure to invest in an ice bucket. When you’re planning an overnight bachelorette, chances people will be drinking wine till late at night. However, it's not possible to keep your guests drinks in the freezer all the time. 

At that moment, a handy ice bucket can help! This ice bucket or wine cooler if coated with an aluminium foil can keep your wine and booze cool for a long while. You can buy these ice buckets online from reputed home décor stores.  

The best ones are made of stainless steel and are priced around Rs. 3390. You can get your favourite ice buckets in contemporary shapes too! There are oval and pendant shaped buckets that look very classy and sassy. 

On that note, now that you’re aware of the 4 things to invest in for an overnight bachelorette, start shopping now! As per your requirements, make a list and buy these products to impress your peers like never before! you can check out online stores for buying your equipment. For example, stores like Ellementry sell authentic equipment. 

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