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What if, on your dining table, are kept little diamonds? Just kidding, we are talking about a little modern designed salt and pepper shaker. They are salt and pepper shakers but, really look like diamonds. Have a look!

Brown table and silver brass salt and pepper shaker! Classic, isn't it? We offer a range of 3 different shakers for our customers, and they can pick what they like. There are three types: ceramic, wooden and brass. At Ellementry feel that they are a necessary ingredient in your table arrangement and that they should be present in beautiful forms. Everything matters when it comes to your favourite table setting, and we'll contribute to that. The salt and pepper shakers are made from brass and are suitable for health too. Our handcrafted pepper and salt shakers are chic and elegant, and they sit nicely at your table.

Ceramic salt and pepper shaker

We offer a range of ceramic pepper and salt shakers that are simple enough not to overpower your other cutlery. Still, pretty enough to get noticed by your guests. Ceramic has numerous health benefits. The clay would have no trace metals or dangerous chemicals leach from the surface to affect the food's flavour or health. There would also be no toxic or harsh chemical coating to flake off into the salt and pepper. The salt and pepper shaker will be lead and cadmium free. The surface is non-sticky, which means, the salt and pepper kept inside won't become sticky or stick to walls of the shaker.

Brass salt and pepper shaker

The brass shakers we offer are beautiful and look like glitter on a wooden table or look like stars on a glass table. As we all know, brass has been traditionally used in our culture, and we intend to use the material with a twist of modernity. Brass is known to increase strength and immunity of our health. Also, it helps pacify pitta (burning sensation, aggression), increases haemoglobin counts, and improve the skin's general condition. Salt and pepper are used regularly in our meal, so you'll get a good amount of health benefits with storing the salt and pepper in the shaker. Brass is also one of the metals that are highly restraint to corrosion, and won't rust easily.

Wooden salt and pepper shaker

The wood used in making the shaker will add to the beauty of the collection and bring additional health benefits. Wood is non-reactive and won't leach harmful chemicals into the food. Wood won't react with acids in foods or leave a metallic taste, like a metal spoon. The wooden pepper and salt shaker highlights the wood's quality and makes a chic addition to a table setting.

The custom-designed salt and pepper shakers that we offer are a delight for all occasions. Not just for dinner parties, but in a calm atmosphere also they can be considered highlights. You can keep them alone on the table or fix them with other collections of the dining set. You can choose which shaker pair best with your collection and buy them at Ellementry.

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The history

In 1989, Dileep Industries was established and embarked on a beautiful journey of entrepreneurship. In 1990, we started as a Trading unit for artefacts, small steps but big plans. In 1993, we set up the first manufacturing unit, and it was wood-based and in 1996 went International. 1997 and 2001-02 were golden years as we won Top Exporters in Woodwares and Ceramics. In 2005-10, we started with terracotta, glass & furniture manufacturing, and continuing with journey in 2018, we started Ellementry.

Our core values and guiding principles reflect in what we make. The beauty, integrity, empathy, and being real is what we imprint on our products too. We try to make blend desires and necessities. Our products are shaped with culture, rooted with wisdom and adapted to modern sensibilities. We are forever thankful for our nature and our products being handmade completely justify that. They are environment-friendly and sustainable. There is a seamless blend of elements that our products have, and you can feel it when you touch it. When you keep them in our plates or salt and pepper shaker, safety of your food is a guarantee that we take, and no, we never lie!

The six pillars of the craft

Our vision is to inspire better living by eliminating the need to choose between form and function. So we have designed our products in a way that they fulfil the need for both form and function. We liberate people from the use of ugly things! Our creations are timeless; they are inspired by old traditions but still fit in the contemporary world. The designs of the products are driven by beauty and governed by conscience. The roots are definitely remembered but not restricted to! We customize the product to fit into today's relevance.

  • Our products are handmade, and we are proud of that. It is a celebration of the imperfections of handmade goods and our artisans. They breathe life into our products and products function.
  • Our products are safe, and you can be sure of that! We take every assignment very seriously and make the products with care.
  • We are thankful to our Mother Nature for providing us with raw materials, and we intend to give back to her. The products that we make are, therefore, sustainable and not harmful to the environment.
  • There is a fusion in every product, be it ceramic jar or brass salt and pepper shaker. We believe that enhances beauty and utility, and we try to embed these two into our products.
  • Our creation celebrates our roots. Our culture has taught us what not, and taking inspiration from it to design our products is no harm. We intend to blend tradition with modernity.
  • Last but not least comes to form a function. That which looks good adds to the beauty of the kitchen, but what about the product's functionality? We believe in this ideology, and our products are designed that way. The form and function stand true to every creation, and you can see that on our website and when you buy.

You can see the various textures and designs that we have on our products and decide for yourselves. They just don't add to the beauty but retain their core purposes.

You can visit our website and see for yourself whether we are worthy of establishing your new homeware collection!

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