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Kitchens today are bustling hubs filled with families and friends cooking together, catching up, celebrating traditions and rustling up delicious meals. Cooking spaces as a way to bond is fast becoming a favourite with many families. The concept of sharing, caring and working together is more relevant today than it was a few years ago. Kitchens are the soul of any family and have evolved to become sophisticated spaces to suit modern lifestyles.

With elegant designs come elegant utensils, utensil holders and cooking aids. Clean open spaces without clutter, well-defined workspaces and well-placed cabinets offer the modern family a chance to relax, breathe in the aroma of the warm cooking pot and unwind after a long day with a favourite hobby - cooking.

Utensils and utensil holders are a chef’s tools by the aid of which she can create delectable dishes and still maintain a spotless, immaculate kitchen.

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How utensil holders can be used to improve the appearance of your kitchen

A cluttered kitchen with utensils spread all over can be hard to work. It is not the peaceful ambience you would require to make a meal or get creative with recipes. With kitchen utensil holders you can organize your items by size or frequency of use to maintain an orderly workspace. Most utensil holders are beautifully designed to add to the aesthetic value of the kitchen. At Ellementry, every utensil holder we make is a work of art, crafted uniquely to blend in with modern kitchens. Our creations are made only of natural materials that mould into beautiful shapes and sizes. Wood, ceramic, bamboo, jute and terracotta add a rustic touch, reinforcing our connection with Mother Nature.

Our holders are not just beautiful; they are intuitive. We blend form and function seamlessly to create products that are sustainable, do not come at the expense of the environment and have a definite purpose.

There are many types of utensil holders you could choose from available ones. Smaller holders for knives, forks, peelers, graters, spoons, ladles, can openers, tongs, pizza cutters and nutcrackers to larger holders that store cooking vessels, pans, plates, bowls, dessert plates, carving knives, lids and more.

Our artists create each holder with care, love and attention to minute details like form and texture. We believe that every holder is designed for its purpose and ensure that it is crafted to do just that - fit accessories for easy access, save space, organize the kitchen and add to the decor.

What to look for while choosing a utensil holder


The vital aspect to consider while picking out a utensil holder is the design. This is our forte. We, at Ellementry, blend traditional utensil holders with contemporary designs to create the perfect container for your accessories. You could choose from a variety of designs like the conventional round holder to the more trendy flat holders for a different visual appeal. Another aspect to consider is the finish. You could have bright and colourful holders to add cheer to a bright kitchen or a more subtle finish for a formal look.

Our artists breathe life into each holder we make to create art, beauty and utility. Each product is fashioned to suit a specific taste, to belong to home and serve its purpose for generations to come.

Form & Size

The size of the holder depends on the type and number of utensils you will store in it. Holders mustn’t be too unwieldy or too small. At Ellementry, we create utensil holders that are right for you. Sizes that fit well with your kitchen, without taking up too much space or looking ungainly with vessels piled on. Typical holder sizes vary from 7-inch diameter holders that hold up to twenty vessels to smaller ones with a 6-inch diameter or less for spoons, forks and other cutlery.

Another feature of our holders is that they are not designed to be too tall. Such holders fit well under-mounted cabinets and do not crowd a kitchen space, making for an open, airy, spacious look and feel in the kitchen.

Utility & Features

Our philosophy is founded in form and function. What looks good, does good. With beautiful style comes utility. Our utensils holders are crafted with a twin purpose - to add beauty to the kitchen and serve a specific purpose, that of organizing any kitchen.

Our artists understand the needs of the modern chef - quick and easy access, smart dry solutions and sustainable. Models that rotate make for easy access, while models with holes help dry accessories faster. Our models, made from natural materials, are safe for daily use, non- toxic, easy to clean and durable. Our utensil holders are made only from sustainable materials that do not damage the environment, can be easily transported, are sturdy and make for gorgeous gifts given their intricate designs, premium finish, unique forms and perfect sizes. Each design is singular in its conception and created for a specific purpose.

Types of utensil holders

There are different types of utensil holders to help you organize your utensils. The first kind of holder is the utensil crock that is typically flat with a cylindrical body, weighted bottom and a wide mouth. This type of holder is used to hold spoons, ladles, knives, forks, cutters, corkscrews and other items that are in everyday use. We make utensil holders from natural materials like wood and ceramic. Our crocks are often fashioned out of glass and wood for tasteful, artistic home decor that is easy to clean and maintain.

The second type of utensil holder is the utensil rack. For those who require more cooking space, the utensil rack is ideal. It is hung from the wall and the accessories are suspended from hooks. These hooks come in different sizes and numbers to fit different utensils like ladles, graters, scissors, lemon squeezers, and others. You can even store your mittens, hot pads and dish towels on the rack while cooking.

The third type of utensil holder is the holder set designed to organize different sets of accessories like a spoon, fruit and vegetable holders, paper towel holders, dishcloth and teacups. These holders generally have unique features and are custom made to suit certain types of kitchen accessories. They look and feel sturdy and can be very aesthetically designed to blend in with the colour scheme and design of the kitchen - classic, traditional, modern or contemporary.

How to select the best utensil holder for you

The best holder depends on the kitchen design, colour scheme and requirement. If you are looking for more working space, a wall-mounted rack is ideal. If you are however looking for a handy, easy to reach holder to put in and take out accessories quickly, a crock is more suitable.

Holder sets are best suited to kitchens with small dining tables for added utility and aesthetics. Other factors to consider would be material - ceramic, bamboo, wood and glass are all great for look, form and function. Bamboo utensil holders are known for their health benefits since they do not absorb water making it easy to store and dry kitchen vessels and accessories.

Our kitchen utensil holders are designed to create beautiful spaces you can work in, to make a flavorful meal for your loved ones and cherish precious memories of family and friends.

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