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The craving for soul-burning hot food calls for Mexican cuisine, soothing and flavour-rich food calls for Italian delicacies, and delicious fast food calls for American food. But, Indian cuisine takes more than one flavour to define itself. From the simplicity of South Indian cuisine to the North Indian cuisine's spiciness, Indian cuisine gives room to a wide variety of flavours. Indian food is a popular choice of fusion cuisine for people who look for a combination of flavours in their meal. If you're still wondering what makes Indian cuisine a popular choice for fusion cuisine, this post will clear your mind.


Indian cuisine mainly consisted of honey, vegetables, fruits, and a selected type of grains in the earliest recorded history. With the following centuries, the definition of Indian cuisine changed multiple times before its current definition. It sees a lasting influence of the cultures that ruled and traded with the native land. It is not just one, but eight thousand years of history is reflected in the flavours of the Indian cuisine we know of today.

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Majorly, British and Portuguese rulers affected the countries' regional cuisines during their rule in the 19th and 20th century. In the following years, globalization changed the game for many Indian dishes and added a hint of Western culture into it. For example, the streets of Indian food stalls now serve dishes like Chocolate Pav Bhaji and Pav Bhaji Pizza which is the strikingly delicious combination of the western cultures with traditional Indian cuisine.


In addition to this, Indian cuisine is rich with different Indian states' colours and their cooking styles. Currently, India is the largest democracy in the world. Rightly so, the taste of the Indian cuisine contains the history, story, and a hint of the lifestyle of the cultures preparing it.


Take, for example, the Gujarati Indian cuisine. The famous snacks in the cuisine include dishes like Dhokla, Jalebi, Farsan and Thepla, which show their community's love for easy to make sweet recipes. Similarly, the spicy North Indian dishes like Paneer Tikka Masala, which is served with an Indian flatbread like Roti or Naan, reflects the glamorously hot lifestyle of the North Indians. We can rightly say that from the famous Bengali sweets to the nutritious South Indian food, Indian cuisine absorbs the flavours of many cultures before becoming one amazingly hearty unit.

Why Indian Food is a Popular Choice for Food Cuisine

Fusion cuisine made in Indian style requires a strong foundation of the right utensils to be cooked. Because the right type of utensil adds the food's correct flavour and makes the recipe richer in taste, acknowledging this lesser-known fact, Ellementry allows exploring the fusion of Indian flavours to its customers. With the precisely crafted kitchenware products that project the unbeatable amalgamation of precision manufacturing and artistic creativity, you'll have the edge of impressing your guests and incorporating a rich flavour that genuinely reflects the fusion of Indian cuisine. The following recipes epitomize the idea of fusion cuisine that makes Indian food versatile.





      Chilli Paneer Vegetarian Wrap




As long as the name sounds, its preparation time is much easier and less time-consuming than we expect. The Indian filling of chilli paneer is most popularly graciously wrapped around hand-picked lettuce that adds a crunchy yet delicious flavour to this recipe. Combine some amount of water with tomato puree, soy sauce, and chilli garlic sauce. Whisk these ingredients in Ellementry's Teal Metal Bowl. The easy to clean teak bowl eases the process of whisking and couples as a serving bowl if need be.


Cover the base of a cooking pan and allow it to heat on high flame. After sautéing the chopped onions and green peppers for a while, add paneer cubes and sauté until all the ingredients turn crispy and brown. Stir-fry after adding ginger and garlic as per your taste requirements and pour the sauce of this mixture. Mix the ingredients properly until the sauce, and the paneer cubes are well combined. At the final step of the recipe, distribute this mixture over individual lettuce wraps, and your delicious fusion recipe is ready to be served. Serving them over Ellementry's Teal Metal-Enamel Fusion Platter will increase the appeal of the dish.

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      Chinese Pakora




The variations of the fried vegetable fritters, locally known as pakoras, are a famous Indian snack choice. Clubbing them with the increasing demand of the Chinese spiciness and flavours, the Chinese Pakora is the perfect recipe to add some variation to your usual routine.


To prepare this snack, add the grated vegetables of your choice like carrots, green peppers and cabbage. Mix them with finely chopped ginger, Schezwan sauce, black pepper and red chilli powder, and salt as required.


Use the Pink Metal Enamel fusion Bowl by Ellementry to mix every ingredient properly. The bowl's sturdiness allows you to have a firm grip over it and combine the ingredients as required. Over this mixture, add gram flour, corn starch and all-purpose flour. Mix them thoroughly and keep the bowl aside for some time.


In a pan, heat some oil and allow it to boil. Take small portions of the batter and allow them to rise in the oil as they get cooked. Toss and turn the pakoras frequently to ensure that every side turns golden brown and crispy.


Drain the excess oil by soaking them over a couple of tissues and serve them in Ellementry's Linea Ceramic Serving Bowl. The aesthetic appeal of this dishwasher-friendly bowl will enhance the flavours of the Chinese Pakora even before your guests eat it.


If you're preparing a chutney on the side, serve it in the Pink Enamel Fusion Bowl of small size. Ellementry has added a touch of the contemporary design to create this versatile bowl. Once you're done, serve this dish in the sleek and stylish Teak Wooden Tray by Ellementry. The rustic appeal of this teak tray complements the ceramic base of the serving bowl. This reflects the fusion of your dish, just like a serveware ideally should.


Fusion recipes have a beautiful story to them, and their dependence on cultures inherent to those of another is what makes them truly beautiful and flavourful. Ellementry brings to you recipes that combine the best of flavours and ingredients to create the best of fusions! Try a hand at these recipes, and you won't regret your decision! Bon appétit!

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