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If you are arranging outdoor dining for some guests or with the loved ones then you must consider the lighting to be one of the most important arrangements. There are so many types of lights available in the market but if you want to stand out in the crowd then you must do something unique to impress everyone around you. So for that, we have given here the top 12 ideas for making your outdoor dining decoration desirable and memorable. On Ellementry, you can find many outdoor lighting items that you can use to add extra charm.

  1. Handmade Candles

Arranging a dining space with candles may seem a very cliche idea. But if you can arrange them in a unique manner and also if you can use some nice looking handmade candles with different personalized shapes, then it will look divine. Nowadays, different shapes of candles are available. If you are arranging a dinner for your kids, you can choose to have your outdoor lighting with cartoon shaped candles. If you want to arrange outdoor dining with your spouse then you can choose to have a romantic themed candle like a heart or some roses. You can also get these shapes done by personalization. 

  1. Portable LED Ball Light

If you want unique outdoor lighting for your party then portable LED ball lights are also a very good option for you. These are one of the must-have items in outdoor dining if you want to decorate it with a touch of modern technology. These lights are waterproof and shockproof in nature. You can also recharge them and the whole system is completely cordless. You can put the ball anywhere you like and also it is portable in nature. That is why you can move it anywhere, anytime you want. So it will be a great idea if you can decorate your outdoor dining with some portable LED wall lights to amaze everyone. 

  1. Sconce

Sconces are actually brackets with ornamental designs in it. Earlier it was used to fix candles on the wall but currently, you will be able to find independent lights with the readymade fitting with the brackets and the whole element is called a sconce. The major specialty of this type of light is, it can be operated independently. if you want to switch off the light for a particular place in your outdoor dining hall then you can do that with this type of light. 

  1. Colour Changing Mount Lights

Often, we see some color-changing mount lights all around us. These are the lights that are fitted in different places in a particular outdoor dining hall and each unit has a different color and also the color gets changed from time to time. So if you have thrown a party, then you can easily consider this type of light because you will have the choice of the color according to the mood of the party and the preference of the guests. The color will get changed in a particular interval which is also unique things in outdoor dining.

  1. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are quite common in nature these days because of its easy availability and also the reasonable price. Sometimes we think that fairy lights are not enough to decorate a grand party but that is not true at all. You can choose different colored fairy lights so that the magical feeling can light up the mood of all guests. It is a very simple but wonderful idea if you want some outdoor lighting at a reasonable rate in the market. These lights also look dreamy when put on trees. 

  1. Pendant Lights

Pendant lamps are quite famous these days because of its ease of use. you can hang it from anywhere in the ceiling and it will light up your outdoor dining space at once. There are so many nice looking pendant lamps that are there on Ellementry. These are natural-looking and also the quality is always assured. It won't take much space and the lighting intensity is quite high in general. So if you want to have an outdoor dining hall which will have sufficient light then and pendant lamp should be one of your choices for that as it will also work as a perfect showpiece.

  1. Hurricanes

Hurricanes are the epitome of retrospective lighting arrangements. If you are arranging for some reunion or some party in which the old days will be celebrated than hurricanes are a great choice for you. Even if you are arranging an event for your parents then you can choose a hurricane with the retrospective design. In earlier days this was the one and the only method to have a light in the room in some places but now it's commonly used in parties. It gives an elegant look to your outdoor lighting decoration and all the people who are your guests will praise you for sure.

  1. Flash Light

If you want a lot of lighting in your outdoor dining then a flashlight is a way to go. It is a big sized light that has a high intensity of light in it. So if you use flashlights then it will give a bright look to your outdoor dining area. You will get to see everything clean and clear with the help of high-intensity flashlights. So the people who prefer high-intensity lighting in their outdoor dining space, a flashlight is a very good choice for them. It also ensures that photos come out well.

  1. Table Lamps.

The concept of a table lamp is a bit traditional but if you can use some modern looking table lamps then it will enhance the look of your party. Especially during dinner time, the light won't be insufficient. If you really want to have some nice table lamps then you must check out the terracotta table lamp with shade from Ellementry. These are quite helpful when you have your dinner or do a particular job or task on the table such as cake cutting.

  1. String Lights

String Lights are the special kind of lights in which multiple bulbs are fitted in a single string. Sometimes the string lights are also called as festoon lights in which the lights are connected together with a string just like the festoons. If you decorate your outdoor dining area with some particular wall decoration then string lights will look really good to showcase the artistic texture of your wall. Sometimes people also use their photographs which bear some memories to hang them on the wall along with tiny lights all around them. This setting looks absolutely dreamy and perfect for all occasions.

  1. Lanterns

These are some sort of hurricanes but the whole design is much more artistic than normal hurricanes. These give a bit an ancient look to the outdoor lighting because the design resembles the ancient designs. Different colours for the frames and lights can be chosen in this case. So if you want to have monochrome outdoor lighting or a colourful one, then lanterns will be very effective for that. 

  1. Tea lights

Tea lights are small lights that are mostly used in large numbers to light up the entire place. They look like tiny stars twinkling from far. They are perfect for a traditional function or romantic dinner date. On Ellementry, you can also find tea light holders with marble base. If you don't want to use tea light as it is, you can use them with a tea light holder to give a unique look.

So these were some nice ideas about outdoor lighting for a perfect dinner. You have to be careful about the arrangement of these pieces so that it can make a nice decoration all over. You must visit Ellementry to buy outdoor decor items to enhance the mood of your party.

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