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What is your next get-together plan? No matter what it is, do not forget to let your dining table glow a little more with amazing napkin presentations! Can you feel the difference when you skip adding spice in your food? Yes, that’s exactly the difference you can feel in the absence of napkins on your dining table! If you are one of those who loves organizing a feast, why leave any stone unturned to rock your party? Considering napkins are mandatory and, our website Ellementry is here with a quality set of napkins. You can visit the website to buy napkins of your choice!

Apart from its utility, napkins folded perfectly on a table can enhance the charm of your table and party.  If you are a fresher to the art of napkin folding, worry not. It’s just a matter of interest and nothing complicated at all. Merely seeing the images might confuse you, but once you go through the process, it becomes easier. From a lotus fold to Christmas tree and everything in between, napkin folding ideas are a work of layman and not a pro. It’s amazing how a simple linen cloth piece can be turned into beautiful shapes. Just pour some creativity, ideas, and interest and whoa! Your napkin shape is all set! Get a set of 6 linen napkins at amazing prices at Ellementry. We have come up with some of the finest napkin folding ideas to ease your task of table arrangements!

5 best napkin folding ideas for any get together

If you arrange things according to the party theme, the evening shines a little more! The same goes for the napkins as well. Sort the napkin folding ideas as per your party plans to make its execution easier. Be it your kid’s birthday party or the most awaited Christmas party, we have included it all. Follow the procedure to do it effortlessly.


  • The eye-catching lotus fold-

Imagine decorating your kitty party’s eve with beautiful lotus napkin folds! If you want to leave your guests in awe, you must try this napkin folding idea! It is not just easy, it is very sober as well. An aura that is mandatory to maintain for ladies! For this, you need square napkin pieces, just as those shown on the website, Ellementry. Follow these steps to make a lotus bloom at your table!


  1. Place a square napkin on a clear surface
  2. Fold every corner towards the centre.
  3. Now turn it around so that the folded sides face the surface.
  4. Again, fold every corner towards the centre.
  5. You will see every corner divided diagonally due to folds from both sides.
  6. Now, pull the end of every corner towards the outside. Pull the edges of all the corners.
  7. Your eye-catching lotus fold is all set to bloom!

Place it on your napkin plate and let the guests ask you it's a folding secret!


  • Christmas tree napkin folding

Christmas is one of the most-awaited and exciting festivals of the year. At the same time, it is one of the celebrations where decoration is inevitable. Nobody wants to miss any scope of making their party more creative and beautiful. Then why to forget napkins in between? Let these small pieces of cloth make a big difference in your eating zone. Invite your people and leave them in amaze with this napkin folding idea!


  1. Half-fold a square napkin piece. Repeat it twice to make a small square.
  2. Start folding every corner upwards. Keep the second fold somewhat below the first one. The same goes for the next corner. Do not fold the last one.
  3. Turn it around.
  4. Create a diagonal line with your nail.
  5. Fold both the corners towards this diagonal line.
  6. Turn it around
  7. Now, tuck in the pointed edges towards the inside.
  8. Your Christmas napkin fold is ready to rock!

It will be best if you choose green or red napkins for this fold. You can buy napkins for this fold from Ellementry.


  • Watermelon napkin fold

Watermelon is a sign of summer and also of excitement. So, if you are planning to throw a party this summer, incorporate these cool napkin folding ideas. You can also make it a member of your kid’s birthday party. It looks attractive and very creative.


  1. Take red and green napkins
  2. Place both the napkins together with red facing your side.
  3. Start folding both napkins together diagonally by 1/3rd.
  4. Do it twice till the mid diagonal line.
  5. Turn it around.
  6. Fold both the ends of the broader side towards mid angle.
  7. Now fold in the outer green napkin inside.
  8. Turn it around.
  9. Draw the seeds on the red part and your watermelon napkin fold is all set.

It is one of the coolest Napkin folding ideas. Don’t miss out on it.


  • Crown napkin fold

This is one of the cutest napkin folding ideas that can lit your party! Whether it is your kid’s birthday party or any party including a competition programme, this is the best choice. The most suitable colour would be red. If you don’t have one, buy it now from Ellementry. Follow the steps to create a crown at your table!


  1. Diagonally half fold a square napkin.
  2. Bring both the pointed ends together.
  3. Fold the open pointed ends 2/3rd towards the bottom end.
  4. Half-fold it back in the opposite direction.
  5. Turn it around.
  6. Fold both sides diagonally so that one overlaps over the other
  7. Tuck in one end into the other.
  8. Turn it around and make it stand on the heavy end.
  9. Open both the sides folded diagonally.
  10. Your crown fold is ready!

Make your kid extremely happy by making this fold on his/her birthday party this time.


  • Simple folds attached with napkin rings

One of the easiest yet most adorable napkins folding ideas is attaching it with a ring. Yes, you can find amazing napkin rings on Ellementry that will increase the beauty of your napkins. Just take a piece of the napkin of any colour or size and fit in your favourite napkin ring.


  1. Take a piece of napkin and fold in half.
  2. Repeat the same process in the same direction twice.
  3. Fix it with your favourite napkin ring.
  4. Your sober napkin fold is all set.

Not just this one, you can fold a napkin piece in any way you want. Just fix it with a napkin ring to level-up it’s look. When you are short on time, this is one of the best options to count on. There are so many napkin rings available on Ellementry. Grab them soon!


  • Tuxedo glamour napkin fold

Apart from celebrating festivals and parties, there come times when you want your father to feel special. This is when you arrange a special dinner with a special napkin fold. Not just this, if your boss is going to visit you for dinner or you want to throw a party for your colleagues, include this napkin folding idea. It looks extremely professional and classy.


  1. Take a white napkin cloth and diagonally fold in half.
  2. From the broader end, roll the cloth to 1 inch.
  3. Turn it around
  4. Fold both the ends of the broader side towards the 3rd edge with one overlapping the other.
  5. Turn it around
  6. Fold the pointed edge by 1/4th
  7. Turn it around
  8. Fold both the side backwards till it looks like a perfect tuxedo!

Get the best white linen napkin piece for this fold. It’s easily available on Ellementry.

So, these are a few napkins folding ideas that can lighten and brighten your party. There are a lot more on the list and for any sort of napkins, you can always count on Ellementry. Visit the website today.

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