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The kitchen is the prime part of everyone’s house. It’s not the place where the only food is cooked, but along with food, dreams and love are also cooked. So you need to plan out the crucial part of your house in a systematic way and such that the available space is used in an effective manner and always there is a right or wrong place to put up the things in proper order.

This confusion has led to the availability of different options for where to store food and, most importantly, how to store food. Despite having a plethora of options, people cannot decide what’s the best choice. By preserving items like potato and squash, you can maintain the taste and quality of food for longer, so it’s worth the confusion and wait to find the best. 

It is likely believed that storing food rightly can make it last longer. That might not be as easy as it sounds if you’re unclear about where different kinds of food stay fresh longest. Hence only a few brands help in making this possible. One such brand is Ellementry. We provide a variety of solutions to store food and keep it longer.

Ellementry brings you the right choice for your kitchen. Our extensive collection of storage items plays a vital role in uplifting the aesthetic value of the kitchen and overall presentation of the food served. For instance, the serve ware by Ellementry consists of beautiful and food-safe wooden, ceramic, and metal enamel bowls. 

Wooden Bowls

Serving as the most significant tradition, and whether it's festival or culture, a perfect serve ware is all you need. These beautiful bowls are handcrafted with wood, ceramic, and metal, designed one for each day. The wood used is teak, Liyah, and has a contemporary touch as well. You can use these to store some nuts, fruit items, candies, etc.

Steel Bowls

These multipurpose stainless steel bowls are the best choice for the kitchen. It gets confusing as to what is the best choice for the kitchen and what occasion is the most appropriate. This steel one available at Ellementry you can use for storing fruits.

Kitchen Shelves

A messy kitchen is one of the scariest nightmares. They say if the kitchen arena is organized, the house will automatically be organized. The kitchen shelf at Ellementry fits right in the picture. The sleek and slavery shelves are made of wood, which makes it unique in all prospects. 

Some basic rules for storing food

There’s a particular order to store foods in the fridge, on the shelves from top to bottom, for maximum food safety. By this technique the most biodegradable items on the bottom, and the less biodegradable on top. This is based on two principles. Commonly, a fridge is warmest at the top and coldest on the bottom, so most perishable will keep better on the bottom shelves. And especially, if something should spill or leak, the most dangerous items are near the bottom (usually meant to be cooked), so they will not contaminate less hazardous items (generally not prepared).

More types of bowls from Ellementry to store food

Steel bowls

When we think of buying bowls for the kitchen for multi-purposes then stainless steel bowls are the right choice. They are sophisticated are excellent at room temperature. Food items can be mixed properly in steel bowls and nevertheless damages the product in the long run. Fruits are best kept in steel bowls.

Wooden bowls

A wooden bowl is delicate and represents a piece of skill and art. These handcrafted wooden bowls are a beautiful addition to any table, especially when used to serve salads and fruits. Eventually, they require ultra care to maintain their quality and usefulness. The best thing about wooden bowls is they are solid and durable. Olive and teak wood is generally used in salad bowls. 

Ceramic bowls

If you are looking to add the modern touch on your dining table, use ceramic bowls. These bowls are compatible at room temperature and also works just fine in the refrigerator. Earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain are the three major types of ceramic bowls for your food. The ceramic bowls are designed for the people who love elegance and are looking for a certain ambience. 


Canisters are a type of hard plastic, ideally used in every household to store food items from cookies to candy or any other type of grains. The best thing about canisters is they are available in a variety of sizes depending upon the function and need.

Copper bowls

Copper bowls are never out of fashion. They give an antique look which people look forward to. If you leave some vegetables in the fridge, it could end up with chill injuries, which makes it go watery and mushy. The ideal location for its placement is the copper bowls. The fancy copper bowls are perfectly food-safe and one step towards a healthy lifestyle. Also, whipping eggs in a copper bowl makes a huge difference and is preferable. 

Glass bowls

The most common bowls which you can see in almost every household. Without worrying about washing and cleaning, these bowls are an ideal choice for all kinds of meals. Glass is beautiful in its own way and is an eye-catching element on your dinner table. Also, don’t forget it’s fragile and needs care and love.

Soup bowl

Soup is an everyday choice in most of the houses. The soup bowls available in different shapes and sizes are the perfect choice to have soup in. It is ideal for piping hot served soup and indeed sustainable and food safe as they do not contain toxins.

Bone-china bowls

An ideal choice for careless people. It sounds funny, but these bowls are actually made of animal bone. These ornate bowls are special and The glossy bowl is compatible with all kinds of food and vegetables. Its durability depends on your care. The stronger the care, the longer it lasts. 

Wine Cooler bowl

Throwing a party with a cool wine is a unique way to make your guests happy. Also, you don’t need to worry about its cooling when you have the ideal wine cooler bowl. The steel metal wine cooler is easy to carry around and keeps you and your evenings happy.

Pet bowls

A pet owner understands the importance of a pet bowl. Pet bowls are available in different materials but when it comes to safety and a healthy lifestyle for your pet, ceramic and steel material is preferred above any other. Some bowls come with their own stand preventing the food from spills. 

So, if strategically decided, everything has its right place depending upon their function and if storage is not taken seriously, it can be a big mess indeed. You must visit Ellementry today to buy these classy bowls.

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