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If you think that placemats are still in style or not, then don’t worry, my friend, here we have prepared this article for you. With the help of this, you will get complete guidance regarding placemats for your dining table.

But before getting to know whether it is in trend or stylish or not, you must understand what placemats are, for what purpose it is used, etc. Along with this, here, you will also know what the perfect placemats for your dining table are. You can check Ellementry for the best linens for your house.

Do you know about placemats?

Placemats are a piece of cloth used on the dining table around the world. It is used by homeowners and renters mostly before serving dishes on the dining table. Today, it has become a symbol of royalty, or we can say it shows the life standard and etiquette among the people. Mostly, they are used in corporate meal hosts in business scenarios. Vent caterers, interior designers, real estate agents, and home decor content publishers commonly use them as well.

What is the purpose of placemats?

Placemats not only add style and grace to your dining table; in fact, they protect your dining table from strain, scratch, or damage. Your dining table is incomplete without placemats. Those who don’t the purpose of placemats must go through the points mentioned below.

  • It helps to keep the table clean and protects from unwanted stains or damages.
  • With the help of placemats, a guest may quickly know where they have to sit and don’t need more space to place any dish.
  • They please the eye of everyone and help to create a positive and cheerful aura around the table.
  • Moreover, people also use them as table decorators. For example, if you are going to host any party and want to make a table more beautiful and stylish, then you may use them as table mats.
  • They can also use as highlighters when you need to highlight a dining room table for a photo shoot.

How many types of placemats available in the market?

You can find them in different varieties with different ranges. Each placemat has a distinct purpose. You can find a wide range of placemats on our Ellementry website at affordable prices with high quality. 

  • Woven Placemats

Those who always look something unique and easy to clean, woven placemats are best for them. They come with many colours and designs like grey, black, and silver.

  • Linen Placemats

If you want to decorate your table, then linen placements may be the best option. They are very stylish, fashionable and doesn’t cost too much.

  • Placemats for Kids

If you have a kid, then it may be a challenge for you to select the right placemat that can be cleaned more naturally. Silicon placemats make your life easier as they are easy to wash, safe, functional, and look cute also.

  • Round Placemats

The round placemat is the perfect choice for those who have less space and want to make their dining table elegant. Because of round size, it makes your round dining table also attractive as well as gives a perfect look. Moreover, they are easy to wash, wipe out, and your table will shine as before.

  • Plastic Placemats

Many people don’t want to face trouble while washing their placemats. If you are one of those, then go with plastic placemats as they are a smart choice. You may find them in any shape such as round, rectangular, etc.

  • Wooden Placemats

Wooden placemats give a classy look to your dining table as they are unique and new in the market. They are eco-friendly and can go on your furniture too. 

  • Twig Tabletops

If you love wilderness theme, then you may add twig tabletops placemats to your dining table. They protect your meals from scratches and messes as well as can be used as decoration purposes.

  • Bamboo Placemats

For a high level of protection to the dining table, you can use bamboo placemats. These mats are available in many varieties such as western, Chinese, and many more. Those who want to enjoy their food without worry about odour and toxicity, bamboo placemats are the best option for them.

  • Cork Mats

Those who have not idea about their dining table material; they can buy cork mats without any tension. They are the mats that go with every type of material.

  • Vinyl Placemats

Vinyl is a very reliable and sturdy material. That’s why it is used to make placemats. They protect the dining table from heat, strains, and spills. It makes it easier to clean the dining table without any hassle. It’s waterproof quality add plus point for those who have children at their home.

  • Leather Placemats

Leather is the material that looks luxurious at any place. Leather placemats are mostly used for business lunches or conference rooms as they give a classy and professional look. They are waterproof, so you don’t need to worry if any liquid like water, juice, etc. spilling on it.

  • Paper Placemats

Paper placemats mostly used in restaurants, bars, hotels, catering, and other events where hospitality is a primary concern. They are not costly and sell in bulk primarily. Its design is beneficial to protect from wine, soups, sodas, sauces, and other types of spillable substances.

  • Jute Placemats

Jute placemats are made from highly sustainable and robust material yarn and woven. They are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. If you are going to host Christmas, Diwali, or any birthday party, then you may use Jute placemats to decorate your dining table. They are available in the market in many designs and varieties.

  • Cotton Placemats

Cotton cloth is highly absorbable and stylish too. They are easy to clean dust, strain, and wash. Mostly used in restaurants and hotels, referred to as table linens. You must check out the Ellementry's perfect natural fringe cotton placemats.

Are they still in Style?

Every placemat is in style as per its quality and design. They work as user suitability and never go out of style. There are limitless purposes of various placemats including decor, protection, vibrance, etc. At last, they are easy to clean and wash.

 Final words:

Placemats give a royal look and can be a talking point for your guests. There are countless choices available for placemats to buy in the market. We have also designed a perfect platform for you i.e. Ellementry where you can find huge varieties and different styles. We have top-notch design and highly affordable too. Visit Ellementry today.

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