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Is there anything more frustrating than removing all the contents of the kitchen to find a single cooking ingredient that you need?

There are endless items in the kitchen, such as pots, pans, utensils, and accessories. This list is never-ending. It is indeed amazing how much stuff you keep in your kitchen cabinets. One cooking stint and a whole lot of things will be pulled out. If you use the right method of organization, you will be able to save time and a lot of energy. Here are some cabinet substitution ideas put together by Ellementry that will keep the entire space neat and clean. 

Food storage containers

A must-have in the kitchen, airtight food storage containers will help declutter the entire kitchen and will organize it most efficiently. The containers are transparent, so it is easier for you to look for the right ingredient. Additionally, they have a clip lock mechanism that guarantees freshness and is suitable for storing liquids as well. You can find these containers in amazing designs at Ellementry.

Pan organizer

No kitchen has only one type of pan. There are various types and sizes of pans used inside the kitchen and pans take up a lot of space inside the kitchen cabinet. If not placed right, taking out one pan could lead to an avalanche of all the pans. This is Ellementry’s pan organizer makes all the difference. You can arrange pans vertically or horizontally in the organizer and place it inside the cabinet or on the kitchen countertop. It will prevent the pans from scratching one another and will allow you to remove the pan without disturbing any others. 

Organizer for trays and boards

The best way to arrange your trays and boards is by placing them in an organizer. A steel organizer can easily hold about five cutting boards. You can hook the organizer on the cabinet door or mount it on the wall. It will add convenience and will remain away from the kitchen countertop.

Knife holder

If you use a knife block, it will become challenging to select one and pull it out without disturbing the rest. It is also tough to clean. A magnetic knife holder available at Ellementry will organize the knives clearly and practically. It also comes with several additional hooks that can make it easier for you to hang other utensils and make the most of the available space.

Utensil drawer

A kitchen remains incomplete without utensils, and you need to use the right place to store them. You will need your utensils every single day and an ideal substitute to kitchen cabinets is a separate utensil drawer. Designed for different types of utensils, the drawer available at Ellementry will allow you to customize the organization as per your needs and preferences. You will not have to dig through huge piles of mixed utensils every single day. You can place the organizer inside your drawer and take out utensils with ease.

Wall-mounted pot rack

Place all the pots from your kitchen in a wall-mounted pot rack instead of a kitchen cabinet. It will make your kitchen look more professional and will make it easier for you to use the pots. It will only be at an arm’s reach, and you will have a well- organized kitchen. Look for stylish and modern pot racks at Ellementry that add elegance to the kitchen.

Dish rack

Avoid placing all your cutlery in the kitchen cabinet. By any chance, if your hand hits a piece of cutlery, it could come rolling down and break into pieces. When you use a dish rack, you can ensure that all the dishes are stacked in the right manner. Once you start using a dish rack, you will realize how convenient it is for your kitchen. You can simply place the dishes in the rack after washing them and allow it to air dry. Certain dish racks also come with a cup rack.

Suspended shelves

Suspended shelves offered in several designs at Ellementry are an ideal substitute for kitchen cabinets. It gives a stunning look to the kitchen and will draw attention as it hangs from the ceiling. The shelves will provide an industrial feel to the kitchen and will change the appearance of your home. You can place mugs, glasses, and other kitchen accessories on the shelves. It will be easy and convenient for you to use and organize them. 

Slatted shelves

If your kitchen is all about functionality, invest in stainless steel slatted shelves. These bars are ideal for hooking up different cooking tools, and the shelf can serve as a drying rack. You can pair it with other stainless steel surfaces in the kitchen. If you are redoing your kitchen, you can deck out the entire cooking space in stainless steel so that the shelf will not look out of place. 

Can rack

As the name suggests, a can rack will make it easier for you to store as many as 36 cans in one place. If you need more space, you can stack the cans over one another. 

Rolling bar cart

If you want to feature a specific type of food or drink, you need a rolling bar cart. It is your answer to a kitchen cabinet and is portable and convenient. It is light in weight, organized and easy to use

Mug tree

Mugs are not stackable, and they take up a lot of space inside the kitchen cabinet. Buy a mug tree to save on space and to grab your favourite mug conveniently. Tea lover or a coffee enthusiast, mugs are a part of every kitchen, and a mug tree looks elegant and attractive. 

Wine rack

Wine enthusiasts need to look for a quality wine rack to arrange your wine. It makes no sense to put them inside the kitchen cabinet and then remove all the bottles when you are looking for a specific one. Even if you are not a wine enthusiast, you can use the rack to place bottles of water or other liquor bottles in an organized and attractive manner. 

Under-shelf baskets

If there are shelves in your kitchen, make the most of available space by using under the shelf baskets. The basket will slide right into the rack and will save a lot of space. You do not need a separate kitchen cabinet, and your kitchen will look much more organized. You can place light-weight kitchen supplies in the basket. It can be conveniently removed and placed back. 

Spice tins

Placing spice tins in the kitchen cabinet can create inconvenience. You might have to empty the entire drawer to get your hands on the right spice tin. Instead, you can easily stick magnetic spice tins on any surface like the side of your refrigerator. It will help save space and add convenience to your life. You can also attach name labels to find the right spice quickly.

These kitchen cabinet substitutes will not only help organize your kitchen but will also save on a lot of space. You will be able to locate items and get your hands on them conveniently. If you are thinking about buying kitchen accessories and tools, consider the ones mentioned here and transform your kitchen. Visit to get some great designs and ideas for kitchen substitutes.

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