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Decorating your kitchen with attractive kitchen linen is an inexpensive way for kitchen décor. They can go a long way to create a cohesive look for your kitchen – they can make your kitchen stand out. At the same time, they are very pocket-friendly. You probably never thought to add style to your kitchen by purchasing an apron or a dish towel, however, these simple things available in various designs at Ellementry can push your kitchen décor to the next level. 

Dish towels for cleaning and kitchen decoration purpose

When it comes to kitchen décor, kitchen towels and dish towels are the most overlooked items in many kitchens. But now we should start giving them the importance they deserve. 

You can liven up your kitchen with beautiful dish towels. These days, elegant pieces of dish towels are easily available online on websites like Ellementry. They are available at affordable rates with an extensive range and attractive designs. You should carefully choose dish towels for your kitchen. Before purchasing dish towels, keep the following points in your mind. 

  • Like everything else, quality is very important if you want to decorate your kitchen with dish towels or any other kitchen linen. It’s better to avoid buying cheaper, low-quality kitchen or dish towels. 
  • Cotton is believed to be one of the most comfortable, versatile, natural material to be used in the kitchen or other household items. Thus, it is recommended to select cotton towels. 
  • You should purchase dish towels that are made of extremely durable fabric and can work properly in difficult conditions over a longer period of time. 
  • You should choose long-lasting dish towels made with lint-free, eco-friendly material. Tightly woven fibres ensure fewer wrinkles in the fabric. 
  • Choose dishtowels with hemmed edges. Your dish towels should be well stitched and ultra-absorbent. They should dry quickly after every use. 
  • Make sure your dishtowels are machine washable and easy to dry. They should be designed well to last long in commercial-grade usage. 

Choices for dish towels

Today, you can get a wide variety of choices for dish towels. They are available in light-weight, medium-weight, and heavy-weight choices at Ellementry. Most buyers prefer classic fabric such as finely woven pure cotton fabric, but they are also available in other soft fabric options. They are great for cleaning and wiping. Some creative people also enjoy creating various DIY household décor stuff with dish towels. They give an extra edge to your kitchen and home. 

Dish towels are handy kitchen tools. If you wash your dishes yourself and dry them by your hand, dish towels are very useful for you. If you use 100% cotton dish towels in your kitchen, your life will become easier. You can make your dish cleaning and drying experience more efficient with them. 

Cotton towels are durable, skin-friendly, and it’s easy to use them in the kitchen. They are easy to wash and clean. You may feel that cotton towels are expensive, but they are very useful – they actually save your money in the long run. You can use cotton dish towels in many aspects of your life. You can use them for personal care, crafts, as well as for many household needs. 

Décor with dish towels

How well you decorate your kitchen with dish towels, totally depends on your imagination and creativity. You get multiple choices for dish towels, and some of those choices will perfectly match with your kitchen and your dining area. Placing them in your kitchen is also an art. You can place them at strategic locations throughout your kitchen. With strategic placement, they can enhance your kitchen’s overall appearance, and it’s also easy to locate them when you need to use them. 

Following are some decoration ideas. 

  • You can neatly stack your towels on a table, keep them in the kitchen drawer, or hang them over a door. You should purchase colourful towels because they make your kitchen look pleasant and colourful. 
  • Your dish towels are not just an ordinary kitchen tool. If you have some clever ideas, you can turn your dish towels into a creative kitchen décor and accent. 
  • You can also use dish towels for your craft projects. You can use blank dish towels as canvases. They are a perfect beginning point for all your creative ideas. Your kids will also enjoy crafting with your dish towels. You should encourage them to paint your dish towels or make decorative items with them. Dish towels give you and your kids an opportunity to unleash your creativity!! Following are some dish towel craft ideas.

  • You can block print your dish towels. You can also use your fabric markers to make them more colourful. You should involve your kids in making colourful dish towels.
  • Allow your kids to use dish towels as drawing books. They can draw images and paint your dish towels. This activity is as satisfying as colouring their books. Thus, your kids will enjoy a lot, and you’ll get a useful product – a colourful, designer dish towel.
  • You can write or embroider inspirational or emotional messages, fun quotes, famous phrases onto your dish towels. You can paraphrase famous lines of actors, authors, leaders, and other celebrities. You can’t even imagine how much fun you’ll have! A set of dishtowels with interesting phrases makes a great gift. You can customize a quote or colour combo for your dear ones.
  • You can make attractive handwritten recipe dish towels and preserve your own unique handwritten recipe. First, you need to print your recipe out on a heat transfer paper. Then, you have to iron that image out on your dishtowel according to the instructions from your paper’s brand. You need to carefully remove the transfer paper backing. Now, proudly display your precious recipe in your kitchen.
  • You can create a set of handwritten dish towels to be used as a kitchen décor item. You can also offer your handwritten towels as a special gift to your dear friends.
  • Embroidery or fabric paint is a way to make your dish towels more attractive. You can also trim them and change their shape to enhance their look.

All the great things begin with your kitchen. Your kitchen is the place where the magic happens on a daily basis. Like other areas of your house, your kitchen also needs regular cleaning, maintenance, and décor. Usually, our kitchen décor stays the same for years, and we don’t realize that our kitchen too needs to be pampered like us. We at Ellementry believe that our kitchen deserves to be decorated from time to time – it needs a makeover to look stylish and modern. 

Dish towels are a great choice for gifts. They are quick and stylish kitchen accessories. It is pretty easy to find plain coloured or designer dish towels. They are usually available in multi-packs. Most dish towels are gorgeous as well as functional. You should always buy dish towels that are a great blend of utility and style. Visit to know more about the available designs and options.

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