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One of the oldest alcoholic beverages found on earth, wine has been enjoyed for millennia by connoisseurs. Once consumed by the royalty of ancient Egypt and Greece, the act of drinking wine has not decreased in importance as a part of the rituals of society. According to the traditions of wine-drinking, the glass in which wine is served is as important as the wine that is being served. A proper glass can make wines of lesser quality seem superior. At the same time, inappropriate drinkware may leave excellent wines lacking in taste. Finding the perfect glass to serve wine at a social event takes care and precision, as there are different types of wine glasses available for a specific kind of wine. Ellementry understands that for the socially conscious host who wishes to serve the best quality of beverages to his guests, choosing the perfect glass is the first step towards establishing a strong foothold in the drinkware culture. 

In search of the perfect glass to serve wine, one should always take note of the size of the bowl of the wine glasses. The bowl of wine glasses determines the amount of air that is in contact with the wine within the glass and also regulates the various aromas that may be discerned by the individual who partakes from such wine glasses. Red wines, which are usually quite aromatic, require a significant amount of air to breathe in, are better enjoyed in glasses that have a wider bowl. For those who wish to serve white wine or sparkling vintages, a glass with a narrower brim might be a better fit, to retain the coolness of the beverage as well as its effervescent quality. We at Ellementry are aware that for the aesthetically conscious host, wine glasses fashioned out of transparent glass is a choice where beauty meets practicality. In possession of a wide range of wine glasses with brims of different diameters, an individual may establish himself as a person with a good grasp of the drinkware culture.

Handmade wine glasses, crafted with dedication and purpose by artists, add a touch of authenticity to any occasion that calls for a celebration. In a world where people are allowed less and less time to relax, a beautiful handmade glass may be the perfect item that enables one to appreciate the finer things in life. As it is often the case with delicate beverages that need to be appreciated with conscious care, wine should be served at an optimal temperature to be enjoyed to its fullest extent. Usually served cool, the temperature of the wine often affects its taste. The temperature of a tasty beverage like wine is often altered through exposure to the smallest sources of heat, including the heat emanating from the fingers of the individual holding the glass. As a result, we at Ellementry believe that while choosing wine glasses, it is prudent to select a glass with a longer stem rather than one with a short stem, or a stemless glass. Bringing together form and function, the long-stemmed wine glasses not only add a touch of timeless grace to your décor but also contributes to the practical needs of retaining the coolness of the beverage. 

Choosing handmade wine glasses over machine-made ones is a step towards reviving a culture that is on the verge of extinction in the face of mindless mechanisation. Crafted out of materials that are durable as well as eco-friendly, these wine glasses are the perfect fusion of grace and functionality. Rooted in the long-standing tradition of wine-drinking, a wine glass that is invested with the labour of love adds deeper meaning to the social ritual. The choice of handmade glasses reflects the conscientiousness of the host and displays a greater desire for the preservation of the age-old techniques of production that are threatened in the modern world. Profound and inspiring, it is a choice indicative of the empathy of the individuals who prefer to retain the customs of the bygone years by adapting them to the unique needs of our contemporary world.

The choice of handmade wine glasses has several benefits over machine-made ones, including a better finish. While wine glasses produced in factories are usually thicker and have rolled edges, handmade glasses tend to be thinner and have a seamless finish. Thicker glasses adversely affect the taste of the wine in several ways: thickness in the rims of glasses inhibit the natural flow of the liquor from the glass to the mouth, and thus increases the sharpness and the acidity of the beverage. The thicker wine glasses are also responsible for a strange sensation in the mouth, and therefore are the cause of a degree unpleasantness while drinking wine. Handmade glasses, on the other hand, enable the smooth flow of the wine from the bowl to the palate, thereby ensuring a better taste. 

Unique and elegant, there are several types of handcrafted wine glasses available at Ellementry from which an individual may choose the one that addresses his specific demands in the best way possible. Along with the traditional wine glasses, there are also glasses made of metal that may infuse an unusual flavour into the general décor of your household. One of the more traditional articles that have been a part of the drinkware culture for several centuries, brass wine goblets are a modern rendition of the ancient wine goblets that were used by the royalty in Europe in the Middle Ages as well as the Early Modern Era. Opulent yet minimal, these glasses are more durable than their glass counterparts and are less likely to be damaged during busy parties where there is a significant amount of din and bustle. However, one must always keep in mind how metal can alter the taste of certain beverages before choosing a metal wine glass for a party. After carefully inspecting the types of wine being served, one should always serve the less acidic wines in metal cups. 

The drinkware culture of the modern world requires a thorough understanding of the centuries of traditions that are associated with the act of drinking wine, as well as proper knowledge of the multifarious ways in which the glasses in which wine is served may alter the taste of the wine that is being served. As more and more individuals tend towards an environmentally conscious choice for their homes, the selection of handmade wine glasses crafted from environment-friendly materials is a right step towards a sustainable future. Visit to get more information on wine glasses.

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