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Linen Tablecloth Is The Best Way To Give Your Table An Opulent Look

Togetherness is where the table is! They say, if your morning is great, your entire day goes amazing. We guess that is the reason, a happy morning carries conversations around the table along with tea and endless laughter. With different time zones and different tastes in morning beverages, this is one common thing that goes beyond and above the geographical boundaries and religions across the globe. We believe, if the mornings are so special then why not give them the best of all - from taste to vision! 

We at Ellementry, believe that setting up a table is the foremost etiquette deliverable, regardless of the place. From cutlery to food, there are numerous elements that make an evening dinner or morning breakfast breathtaking. This also includes the designing of the table, and just a Linen tablecloth can add to the beauty of the overall decor of the table. 

Depending upon the decor of the ambience, food theme, occasion, etc a linen tablecloth can be used to give the food the leverage of being seen. You might have heard the famous saying- “A lot can happen over a cup of coffee.” If that is the case, then why not make it a perfect meet for everyone? 

Delivering an amazing dining experience is also paramount for romantic evenings. That is why, on Valentine’s Day, most restaurants, hotels, cafes, etc. are dressed up with the essence of love - right from the walls to the tables. 

A linen tablecloth, easily available at Ellementry, adds the magic of happiness and bliss to the family bonds. Another perk that comes with a linen tablecloth is that you can effortlessly get rid of the stains. Just one machine wash will take away your burden and ironing it while it is still wet will make it look new and bright. Washing and ironing it can easily fit in your daily chore list without much hassle. 

Your table has everything it needs for a perfect lunch or dinner. Perhaps, the clothes you used to decorate your table with, isn’t worth its cost; it is slippery, hard to touch, and doesn’t add an elegant touch to the overall appearance. Well, the linen tablecloth can save you from such an embarrassment. As it is soft and natural to touch and is made of non-slippery material, a little investment in the right thing goes a long way!   

We have all seen beautiful centrepieces decorating the tables at homes, restaurants, and cafes. This limits the tablespace and makes it look crowded. To avoid this fussiness, linen tablecloth is your best save. Why buy expensive centrepieces that come with the danger of either breakage or spilling when a pocket-friendly and the hassle-free solution is right there in front of you?

As the month of love, romance, and passion is just around the corner. Why waste time thinking what will add to the essence of Valentine’s Day decor? Here is a simple yet effective solution by Ellementry. Whether you are celebrating the most romantic day of the year at home or somewhere out; maybe, at a hotel, a restaurant, or a cafe using a linen tablecloth could add to the overall vibe of the day. 

We are also sure that most people think twice before buying a decoration piece for their house. They evaluate all the pros and cons that come with it.  Whether it will look good in the living room? Is it worth the cost? Will it complement the decor of the house? And so much more! However, when it comes to buying a tablecloth, we aren’t so picky. We buy what we see, and perhaps, sometimes, we only focus on the cost. 

Linen tablecloth is an integral part of the home decor. And if it does not add to the overall look of the dining room, then we guess, your food would not stand out much. That is why you need to examine everything around the table before buying the cloth - the colours of the walls and curtains, the setting of the table, the direction of the table, the length of the table, etc. For a royal or a classy effect, go for Ellementry’s natural or a white-coloured linen tablecloth that will never fail to catch eyes.

Most of the times, when someone important is visiting our house, we lay out the best and most expensive table cloth on the table. Well, this is another great example of why a linen tablecloth makes an impression. Henceforth, nothing better can make the dining room look complete than the linen tablecloth itself. And what is the need to decorate the table with a tablecloth?  Well, because impressions speak a lot. If you’re setting isn’t inviting enough then you’ve definitely lost your chance at making a first impression.

For this reason alone, we, at Ellementry admit that quality is priceless. What good can a product do if it does not delight our sensory organs? We pour in our passion for beauty and blend it with the magic of creating beautiful things. Our products not only make space in your kitchen and home but also make a new home somewhere in your heart. 

Our hard work does not pay-off well unless the audience does not say we bring uniqueness to homes. Our linen tablecloth is one such product that brightens your meals with family while you love serving food and your bliss to family members on a platter.  

Any fine dining restaurant will always have a great table setup. On the top-left corner of the napkin will be the bread plate, with the fork towards the left side of the napkin; just an inch away from the food plate. The food plate is placed in the centre of the napkin; and on the top-right corner of the napkin, the glass can be seen. Just next to the food plate, a knife and a spoon are placed respectively. The dessert or the soup spoon will be placed above the main food plate in the centre.  Imagine, with such a nice setup, how a linen tablecloth will enhance the overall look of the table!

No matter how expensive your dining table is, it is definitely incomplete without a linen tablecloth. Visit for some great options that you can get for linen tablecloths. Also, never miss the longevity it adds to your table and cloth itself.

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