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A sumptuous meal is laid out in front of you— a traditional lunch, consisting of your grandmother’s recipes. You pick up a morsel and close your eyes to savour it: everything tastes just as it used to when your grandmother lovingly prepared your meals in her kitchen. To her, the kitchen was a sacred space, a place where her love could find tangible forms of expression, be it simple daal or a complicated achaar. To replicate that indescribable taste of the labour of love, one must ensure that the workspace is viewed with similar reverence. In a utility kitchen where form and function go hand in hand, cooking becomes akin to art, as the designs of the space induce a feeling of joy and wellbeing. 

Utility kitchens follow the simple mantra that originated from an old proverb: “we eat what we are”. In an era terrorised by the menace of pollution, we at Ellementry believe that one can never be too careful about food safety. In order to provide a safe and secure environment at a household, replete with delicious food uncontaminated by the pollutants that are a by-product of industrialisation, one may resort to a utility kitchen where the designs promote a return to the traditional values. 

 An organised kitchen not only saves time but also makes it easier to maintain a clean and hygienic atmosphere. A utility kitchen which incorporates traditional values into modern life not only makes the provision for the preparation of food items in a safe environment, it also reflects a desire to preserve the age-old values of a culture that is on the brink of extinction. A well-designed kitchen with the assistance from Ellementry is indicative of the exquisite personal taste of the inhabitants of the household, as well as their predilection for elegance and sophistication even in the most mundane things in life. 

One of the most profound philosophies that govern an eco-friendly living space is making the best use of the resources available at hand. Instead of adding to the clutter of modern life, a holistic approach by Ellementry towards designing a utility kitchen proposes that one should utilise the available area in a way that does not interfere with the natural dimensions of the space. The age-old idea of mounting a rack on the kitchen wall always works like a charm. Ergonomically designed, a wall mount kitchen rack can store multiple containers and jars, thereby helping in uncluttering a kitchen space. Sleek and elegant, wooden racks ensure more significant floor space, allowing free movement within the area. Strong and durable, wooden racks are highly reliable and are also biodegradable. Besides increasing the functionality of a kitchen to a considerable extent, the racks are designed to add an old-world charm to your utility kitchen.  

For those who are invested in the culinary arts, a utility kitchen requires several versatile organising tools that do not act as hindrances to their creative processes. Individuals who wish for a beautiful kitchen that is also highly organised find the perfect solution to their unique requirements in beautiful shelves. Shelves can not only store several articles at the same time, but it also ensures easy access to those items. A shelf with hooks attached at the bottom can be used to hang pots and pans, while the space on the top can hold aesthetic glass or ceramic containers in which one can store different types of aromatic spices. Building storage tools out of biodegradable materials also ensure food safety within the kitchen space, away from the toxic fumes of artificial paints and polishes. 

One of the essential elements that may be borrowed from the kitchens of our ancestors is the usage of jars. In a utility kitchen, jars may be used to store miscellaneous ingredients like salt, sugar, turmeric, tea, coffee etc. Available in a variety of designs at Ellementry, handmade ceramic jars are available in a range of colours, each of them best-suited to fulfil the unique demands of an individual. Crafted with care, these jars often consist of tiny imperfections, which further adds to the uniqueness of the jars. One of a kind, these jars not only preserve the original flavours of the different food items, but they are also painted with food-safe dyes, which is a great alternative to plastic that may contain trace amounts of toxins. They may negatively impact the ecology of the planet.

 Another eco-friendly alternative to plastic containers is glass jars. Equally good at preserving the original flavour of an ingredient, glass jars are also easy to wash, not unlike their ceramic counterparts. Neatly labelled glass jars arranged on rows of shelves adds a touch of the aesthetic in the mundane kitchen space, transforming a utility kitchen into a zone where gastronomic delights are prepared for near and dear ones, served with generous helpings of affection. In a utility kitchen that is also environment-friendly, the décor represents the positive contribution of the inhabitants of the household towards the preservation of the balance of life on earth.

To infuse a utility kitchen with a dose of tradition, a reliable basket provides a great storage solution. Available in a wide variety of designs at Ellementry, wooden or metal baskets blend the objective with the aesthetic. Durable and useful, baskets are an amalgamation of elegance and purpose, which makes storing daily essentials, such as snacks, fruits or vegetables aesthetic as well as efficient. Simple yet effective, the baskets provide easy access to its contents, while allowing the vibrant colours of fruits and vegetables to flourish in their natural glory. Instead of plastic storage bins that are non-biodegradable, handcrafted baskets and storage bins provide environment-friendly solutions to issues of storage in a utility kitchen. As the simplistic designs of metal and wooden baskets comfortably blend with the décor and overall aesthetic of the kitchen space, it also compliments other organising tools in the kitchen.

Embracing the traditional methods of storage in a modern utility kitchen is one of the first steps towards reviving a culture based on respect for all life forms on earth. By replacing machine-made products with handcrafted items in an era of rapid industrialisation, one may begin an initiative that reduces pollution, thereby ensuring a better future for the generations to come. For more cool ideas, visit and check out the best available designs and offers.

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