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Chakla-belans have been and will always be a kitchen necessity. It doesn’t matter if you are in the mood for some kachoris or parathas or even some homemade pasta, we can barely make it through a day without rolling some dough. If you are new to cooking or are slightly curious about making these chakla belans last longer, we are here to help. At Ellementry have tried compiling all the necessary steps one needs to follow to make sure that their chakla-belan set stays as good as new for years!



Kitchen hygiene


You must make sure that the hygiene of your kitchen is top-notch. After all, the heart of the house needs a little bit more care than the rest. To keep your Chakla Belan last longer, make sure the kitchen is well-ventilated and dry. Damp areas in the kitchen are rarely a healthy place for storing chakla belan. Also, try to keep those cobwebs away from your belan. To keep your kitchen pest-free, occasional pest treatment is also recommended.



How to clean?


It goes without saying that your chakla-belan, like all other kitchen appliances, should be clean. Sometimes, we tend to make Rotis and just keep the chakla belan aside. But, accumulation of the atta in the tiny spaces of the chakla or belan can be a perfect invitation for the growth of bacteria or fungi. It can result in multiple diseases that “Ghar ka Khaana” should not cause. So, make sure to thoroughly clean the chakla belan after every cooking session involving rotis, parathas or kachoris. The methodology of cleaning the chakla belan might vary slightly depending on their material.

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Here are some tips that we have carefully curated for you below according to the different types of the chakla and belan available:



1. Wooden Chakla Belan

Wooden Chakla Belan


Wooden Chakla Belans are found in almost every Indian household. They can literally last forever with a little bit of regular care. Here are a few tips on how to make them last even longer-




    • The ideal way to clean wooden chakla belan is to wipe it clean with a damp cloth. However, if you have let some dough accumulate, you can scrub it slightly with regular detergent and water. You do not have to worry about the kind of detergent you use since most detergents are non-corrosive to wood; however, make sure you do not let the wood soak in the detergent. As long as the detergent helps clean the leftover atta attached to the belan, you are good to go.


    • Never leave the chakla-belan standing in water as wood can absorb water very quickly. Wet wood is known to be an ideal silent breeder of various germs.


    • Make sure the wooden chakla-belan is completely dry before you store it. A simple wipe with a clean towel should do the trick. You can keep it anywhere in the kitchen, but make sure the storage pace is not damp and is free of pests.


    • Try and avoid washing the wooden belan in the dishwasher as excessive heating may cause the wood to crack.


    • If your favourite wooden chakla-belan has some mould growth due to unfortunate circumstances, we would recommend replacing it, since there is no guarantee if you can reach the mould that might have grown inside the wood. Instead of using harmful chemicals, buy yourself a new one.


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2. Metal Chakla Belan


Metal products have become a favourite of many people because they are very easy to handle and require minimum care and attention. Still, here is how they can last you through an apocalypse too-




    • They have a non-porous and smooth surface. You do not have to worry about the dough getting into the surface. They are very easy to clean after use.


    • Most metal chakla belans are dishwasher safe. You can also use normal soap and water to clean them and use a clean, dry towel to wipe them after.


    • Due to the nonstick surface, ingredients do not really stick to the surface. But, in case they do, slight scrubbing and soap water should do the trick.


    • Like all other utensils, do not forget to keep them in a dry storage space that is hygienic.


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3. Marble Chakla Belan

Marble Chakla Belan


Marble adds a gorgeous look to the kitchen, and nobody can deny the physical beauty of a marble chakla-belan. If you couldn’t resist buying yourself one, read along to know how to take care of it.




    • Marble is known for its durability. So, cleaning them is a breeze.


    • It is also naturally non-sticky. It will not absorb any moisture, fats or odour from food. Clean it with soap water and wipe them dry.


    • Marble can crack when subjected to extreme temperature. We would advise against putting them into the dishwasher.



While the above ones are what people usually prefer while buying a chakla belan, they are also available in a lot of other materials as well. A lot of people prefer buying traditional and textured rolling pins in order to add to the aesthetics of their kitchen. You can simply wipe them off regularly with a dry cloth in order to prevent dirt accumulation. And while the general rules remain the same, do not forget to check the user’s manual for a care guide. After all, we can never be too sure when it comes to keeping our chakla belans clean.

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Ellementry has a good collection of handcrafted kitchenware, including a range of sustainably produced chakla-belan.


Ellementry offers a wide range of kitchen products which not only do well but also look good. The Chakla-Belans we provide is known for their durability, user-friendliness and aesthetics. To add to their merit, our Chakla Belans are accompanied by a Belan stand, which has become a fan favourite. Go ahead, browse through our website and get one for your kitchen right away!

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