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Choose trivets as a safety measure in the kitchen as well as for aesthetics.

There was a time when traditional trivets got introduced in the market. Little did people know about its usage in the kitchen and its other applications? So, they never considered it to be a useful kitchen tool. 

Trivets are one of the essential components in the kitchen section as it gives 360 degrees protection when it comes to handling hot kitchen vessels and utensils

Trivets come as three-legged knobs that get fixed to the bottom of the fire oven or gas stove for its usage.

One must buy trivets from a place where various shapes and sizes depending upon the vessel’s configuration, are available. You can check out Ellementry's trivets for the best application.

With growing times, makers are ensuring trivets to fulfil both the parameters- safety as well as aesthetics. Beautifully designed trivets are providing better protection for the customers to handle their kitchen items.  

Ellementry ensures to satisfy its customers who wish to add a valuable component to the kitchen department by providing various forms of trivets.

Why does it become crucial to include trivets in the house?

There are various reasons as to why trivets must be present inside a kitchen. Trivets for safety is one of the prominent causes, but other factors must not get neglected as well. So, here are a few proofs which are as follows:

  • Stability: Trivets gives an extra firmness for the vessels to withstand without any specific damage. It means that once the utensils are kept in a trivet, it ensures to maintain equilibrium so that it doesn’t fall unnecessarily. 

  • Protection: Trivets also ensure to take care of you as cooking vessels are always tricky to handle and there might be a case where the eatables inside the container spill out which might cause some severe body damages such as scars, burns, and much more. It also provides protection for the dining table. When you put a hot vessel directly on your wooden table, it harms your table. The heat of a vessel affects any kind of table, but mainly the wooden table. Trivets ensure safety for your tables.

  • Aesthetics: When it comes to attractive colours and designs, trivets will not let you down. Trivets beautify the dining table area and make this kitchen look an adorable one.

  • Configuration: Trivets come with different vessel configurations to make it compatible with various utensils and electrical appliances used in the kitchen. 

  • Functionalities: Trivets provide various features to the customers, that includes a serving stand and a heat releasing machinery. All these functionalities ensure that it remains multi-functional equipment.   

What exactly are trivets made of and how it’s changing with designs? 

As trivets cover all the above cases, special care is given to the material so that it may not come out to be useless during operation.

Trivets are handy kitchen equipment is used for keeping something on it or releasing unnecessary heat from the bottom of the container or a vessel. 

Trivets made of heavy metal or cast iron are robust and unbreakable to a maximum extent. With time and the latest technological advancements, makers are emphasizing to ensure that both its operations and natural looks walk hand-in-hand. 

Nowadays, trivets are also made of silicone as the material is heat-resistant, lightweight, inexpensive, resilient, dishwasher safe, and much more. 

Though, modern silicone trivets don’t have legs at the bottom and used for placing it on the table for any particular meal sessions. 

Apart from this, the manufacturers are also taking care that trivets come out to be handy equipment with layouts, colours, and design so that customers get value for their money.   

Ellementry covers all the necessary aspects in trivets with luxurious quality materials that will provide customers with the layers of protection and satisfaction. 

Ultimate trivets to look for on Ellementry

Ellementry provides kitchen inventories and it is manufacturing world-class trivets. So, buy trivets which will dazzle your kitchen section and protect you and your dining table from various kind of damage.

  • Silver brass rectangle trivet: This Ellementry's brass trivet comes up with the minimal and clean design, and can withstand the countless test fire. 

It’s a perfect Trivet for the home grill and alfresco barbeques. A quality lacquer coating makes it a favourable item for kitchen work. It comes out as a rectangular-shaped trivet with four knobs at each side for dynamic stability.  

The Brass cleans easily with warm water, a soft sponge and mild soap. Then one can easily dry-off the water droplets with a paper towel or a soft cloth. Care must be taken not to clean Brass Trivet with a dishwasher as it may result in ruggedness. 

The product Silver Brass Rectangle Trivet is sustainable and follows all the food safety measures. 

  • Silver brass square trivet: This Ellementry's trivet also follows a minimal cleaning due to its exotic design and is reliable to constant test fires.

Its silver lacquering makes it a favourable trivet, and one can quickly cook stuff such as the home grill and alfresco barbeque. Its square-shaped configuration holds the vessels with much ease, and one can easily rely on its sustainability. 

One must ensure to take care of this trivet by properly rinsing it with lukewarm water or with a soft sponge or a mild soap. Then you can dry-off the trivet with a paper cloth or a soft cloth. 

Please ensure not to cleanse the product with a dishwasher as it may hamper the product. 

This trivet guarantees food safety at a much reasonable price and proves to be a long-lasting product as tested by professionals.  


With on-going trends, trivets are changing its functionality, which is coming out to be a boon as per kitchen inventories. 

Moreover, one must not hesitate to look for a perfect trivets product, that follows all the basic, as well as advanced features and that, can ensure reliability and durability.

One must also know the importance of having quality trivets in their kitchen without which it would seem like something is missing. Visit Ellementry to buy some of the most solid trivets.

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