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A scented candle provides something more than just a pleasant smell to space, it functions as a piece of decor, and it contributes to providing a calming ambience in the room. Nowadays, a lot of scented wax candles have emerged in the market due to rising popularity and demand. 

This demand has led to a lot of different types of candles with various scents on the shelves. Yet, despite the full range of choices, people are confused as to what is the best choice for any particular space in their homes like a dining area or bathrooms or even bedrooms. 

Along with lots of different types of candles on the shelves, various brands on the market are providing cheap candles to ranges of luxury candles. Yet only a few brands produce high-quality wax products rather than low-quality candles that don't last even an hour. One such brand that provides quality wax candles is Ellementry, and they offer two types of wax candles, which are wax jars and wax bowls.

When given a plethora of options, it gets confusing as to what is the best choice and for what occasion is it most appropriate. This predicament happens especially in the case of choosing a scented candle for the house, and here is some information on both types of candles to provide insight into the right choice for any individual's space.

Wax filled bowl


Wax filled bowls

The wax is melted and blended with their respective scents and poured into open-top full bowls and allowed to set. The candles have a single wick in the centre that covers enough area while burning that it melts the wax evenly without creating a dent only in the centre. The bowl can keep the hot melted wax until the wick burns down slowly. Expert artisans handcraft the wax bowls.

What does it look like?

They come in many colours but mainly in colours, namely maroon, blue, and emerald green, so people can choose whichever is most suited to their aesthetic and the decor of the room. The bowl itself is a decagon shaped bowl that tapers into a smooth round base at the bottom, and it has a slightly mirrored finish on the outside that makes it look luxurious. You must check out these wax-filled bowls on Ellementry. 

Where can it be used?

These candles have a decorative outer bowl that makes it perfect for any formal occasions and can be used on the dining table for any dinner parties or candlelight dinners. This type of scented candles in a bowl can also be suitable for bedrooms or places that have heavy traffic because as the dish is open, there is a possibility that dust could start to settle on top of the wax if left for a long time without using it. 

The only maintenance aspect that is recommended is to wipe it clean with a damp cloth every once in a while. 

Components of the wax-filled bowl

The bowl itself contains glass that has been made more resistant so that it doesn't shatter when it is handled at high temperatures. The wax is formulated in a way that it immediately starts to disperse the smell when it is lit. All the colors of this type of candle have the same scent, unlike the upcoming model of the candle.

Wax filled jars 

The wax is formulated and combined with the specific scents and poured into a 280ml jar and allowed to set, after which the artisan closes it with a lid, and it's shipped off. These wax jars are also individual wick candles like the wax bowls. The jars can prevent any mess from the melted wax. An experienced artisan makes these handcrafted candles. 

What does it look like? 

They come in a few colours, blue and orange, and it has a sleek minimal design that would work well with most design aesthetics. The jar itself is a cylindrical glass jar with the respective colour in the glass. It has a classic design with a solid colour and a simple, minimalistic label that showcases the fragrance of the candle. On Ellementry you can check out vanilla and orange wax-filled jars for refreshing scents.

Where can it be used?

These wax-filled jars have an effortless look that would go well in any casual area like the bathroom or the coffee table. It comes with a lid so the wax is protected from the external elements, which is why it would be perfect in the restroom. The outer glass glows better when it's washed with a sponge and some warm water mixed with soap. 

Components of the wax-filled jar

The jar is made up of coloured glass in a cylindrical shape with thick walls to provide extra support. The wax jar has a wooden lid that prevents most of the smell from escaping when not in use. 

Each color has its scent like vanilla, orange blossom for the blue and orange jars respectively. The vanilla has a soft, luxurious aroma that creates a serene and peaceful setting. The orange blossom has a refreshing, tangy smell that contributes to lightening up space with its bright pop of colour and scent. 

Rundown of the article 

Both the wax-filled bowls and the wax-filled jars have their pros and cons. The bowl-type candle is perfect for more formal occasions, and as it's decorative and beautifully designed, it can be used as a  statement piece on any dining table or the entryway of the house. 

It provides a warm, welcoming aroma that is perfect for these locations; but, it needs to be wiped down regularly when not in use as it could collect dust due to its open top. 

On the other hand, the wax-filled jars have a simple, sleek look that perfect for casual occasions and areas like the bathroom or the coffee table. The lid provides protection against any moisture that might try to seep in. 

The jars also have a variety of scents, unlike the bowl types, like vanilla and orange blossom. To answer the question of which one is worth it, it is fitting to say that both of the candles are perfect for different purposes and depending on the person’s needs, they can pick the candle best suited for their space.

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