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Gone are those days when cheese was popular in France only. These days a beautifully set cheese platter with a variety of cheese is not only in vogue but it is also placed in a party as a showstopper. If you haven’t placed a cheese platter at your house party yet, it’s time to plan it for your next party. It’s super easy yet attractive and a conversation starter for any get together. Today, we will help you with the ways to set up your cheese platter. Also, we will help you with cheese platters to buy. You must visit Ellementry to check out some of the best platters.

Before you start making your cheese platter, think about the following questions and make a list of that.

  • How many people you will be serving?

  • Are you serving it before or after dinner? (In France, cheese is served after dinner, just like a dessert but many people in different countries prefer serving it before with wine)

  • Is there any particular cheese or cheeses on your mind which you would like to definitely include in your platter?

Once you are done with the above questions, you can now determine the quantity and the quality or variety of the cheese you will be offering your guests.

You can keep between 1-2 ounces of cheese for every person. Choose 3-5 varieties of cheese. Don’t worry while choosing cheese variety as one good variety is enough to get a conversation started plus there are no wrongs when you are choosing cheese. You can pick a famous variety of cheese from France like La brie, La camembert, etc or if such varieties are not easily available, you can pick fresh mozzarella or herb coated goat cheese.

Following some basic guidelines before you get started is a good way to set up your cheese platter.

  • Go for a theme-based platter. Choose cheese from a particular region such as France, the U.S, Italy or Spain. It is an easier way to set up your cheese platter as it automatically narrows the field.

  • Choose cheese with different textures. This will not only look good on your platter but will add different flavors to your platter. Go for a creamy and soft cheese like brie or a firmer style cheese such as cheddar.

  • Choose a cheese made with each type of milk. For example, cow, goat and sheep milk.

Arrangement of cheese platter is an important step when you are looking for ways to set up your cheese platter.

  • The cheese to be arranged needs to be at room temperature. Make sure you take out cheese from the fridge a few hours before. Hardened cheese is anyway not going to taste good so it should always be served at room temperature.

  • Be creative with your board choice. It plays a big role when it comes to serving cheese. Your serving board or platter can be an as good conversation starter as the taste of cheese itself. Go for the bright colors for your platter if you want a modern cheese platter look but if you are doing it for the first time, you can be restricted to a traditional look with a wooden platter. We can help you with platters to buy which will grace your occasion. Check out our Ellementry website for very classy platters for your cheese.

  • For wooden style cheese platters, you can try our teak wooden platter or you can try teal metal enamel fusion platter for the modern look. This is one of the most beautiful platters to buy because of its lively color and finish. It will definitely add spark to your cheese decoration. Think about adding some blue cheese to it and see how it blends well with the platter’s look and finishes. You can buy this one from Ellementry.

  • When you start plating, leave the oozier cheeses in one piece for your guests to serve themselves. For hard cheeses, make chunks. Use paring knives to create chunks.

  • Never overcrowd your cheese platter. It spoils the look of a platter and also makes difficult to serve or pick a cheese of your choice.

  • Always keep a different knife with each cheese. Avoid using the same knife as if you do so they will start tasting like each other.

Choosing  Accompaniments

Some of the classic companions of the cheese in a cheese platter are honey, jams, olives, cured meat, figs, pears, dry fruits, and nuts, particularly Marcona Almonds. Runny food like jams or honey should be placed in small bowls.

Go for a combination of sweet and salty while setting up your platter. For example, blue cheese tends to be salty. It can be paired with something sweet like honey, caramel, chocolate, sweet jam tarts, dry fruits, etc.

Try pairing your cheese with crackers and bread for a variety. Go for baguette or water cracker, crostini, seed cracker, or miche.

Labelling the cheese in another thoughtfully way to set up your cheese platter. Cheese flags are sold by some stores. If you don’t find them in the market you can make them on your own using toothpicks and paper. Use your creative skills to decorate your platter.

These were some of the ways to set up your cheese platter thoughtfully. Try and incorporate all the above ideas to present a classy cheese platter in front of your guest and ready to get some compliments. Also, do not forget to check out Ellementry website for a wonderful range of platters that will add charm to your presentation of cheese.

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