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Indian Rotis or Fulkas are basically flatbreads made up of whole wheat. Indian women put in a lot of effort to keep it soft and warm especially when they pack it for lunch. The best way to do so is to keep warm rotis in the roti box. Today, we will share with you the ways in which you can keep your rotis warm and also, will suggest you rotis boxes to buy. Elementary is your one-stop for all kinds of box needs including the roti box. There is a large variety of roti boxes that can help you keep rotis warm.

Mango Wood Roti Box 

Wood rotis box is a good option when you are looking for rotis boxes to buy. It keeps rotis soft and warm. For the best one, you can check our Ellementry website. The Ellementry Mango wood roti box is a perfect piece to tuck your fulkas in. Add a piece of cloth and put some rotis in it.  Layering a cloth in it will help further to keep rotis warm and nice. This roti box is very pretty and comes with a beautifully hand-painted lid. It will not only solve the purpose of keeping your rotis warm but also enhance the beauty of your kitchen with its unique looks. You can match the lid print with your dinner set and see how the roti box and your dinner set compliment each other on your dining table during a party.

This roti box is very easy to maintain also as the most wonderful part is that wood is washable. All you need to do is wash it with mild detergent and avoid deep soaks. 

Terracotta Roti Box With Wooden Lid 

Storing the rotis in the terracotta roti box is another way to keep warm rotis in the roti box. It is an ideal option. Soak terracotta overnight and you are good to go. Make sure to make it dry before use. You can also wrap your rotis in aluminum foil first and then can add to this rotis box. This exclusive roti box, you can easily find on Ellementry website. 

Red Mango Wood Roti Box 

If you are a fan of the woodwork and have a lot of wooden furniture in your house including a dining table, kitchen cabinets, chairs, etc, then this one is for you. This Ellementry's res mango wood roti box will keep your rotis very soft and warm at the same time and will also blend well with the look of your kitchen and house theme. If you are looking for roti boxes to buy, this is perfect for you. Its handcrafted lid makes a statement and builds the look for your meals. 

Indigo Stamp Ceramic Roti Box With Wooden Lid

Ceramic is also good to go material when it comes to roti boxes to buy.  This indigo stamp ceramic roti box with wooden lid is only available at Ellementry website. It is food safe as per international standards. It is an old-style box with a modern twist. Just tuck your rotis in covered with a muslin cloth and enjoy the pre-cooked warm rotis. 

This piece of beauty has got a very beautiful color with a designer pattern. This makes it look very attractive. If the style is everything for you, then this one is perfect for you. 

Steel Lunch Box

Rotis can also be stored in a steel lunch box but it may demand some folds. If you don’t mind some folds in your rotis and looking for a compact option, then you can go for steel lunch boxes. This is a very old way to store rotis and very convenient to carry to the office or school for lunch.  They are also available in various designs and patterns as they are usually high in demand amongst people who have a habit of carrying their mid-day meals. They come in a perfect size and carry a lot of capacity to store different dishes. 


The casserole is the oldest rotis box which usually has a steel lining inside and plastic on the outside. They come in various colors and are with handles. People use it by adding a layer of muslin cloth to it. They have a lot of capacity to store rotis. It can store up to 30- 40 rotis and keep them warm and soft. It also comes in unique styles as it was the first roti box and has evolved over time.  

These are some of the ways by which you can keep your rotis warm. In case of emergency and no roti box at home, don’t worry! You can still keep your rotis warm. Just wrap your rotis in the muslin cloth, then cover it with aluminum foil. Put it on a steel plate and cover it with another steel plate. This way can be adopted in emergency situations but it’s always better to have a roti box for better results. So always keep your warm rotis in roti box to maintain its warmth for a longer duration and do not forget to visit our Ellementry website for a unique range of roti boxes to buy. After all, we care for your kitchen just like the way you do. 

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